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Exercising is an important habit in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even though it is healthy to sweat, it doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite music while we do it. Whether it is to gain maximum concentration or distract yourself during a workout, it is essential to have proper headphones for exercise.

For some time now, headphones have become a key complement for sports enthusiasts. However, if you want to get the most out of them, they should be made specifically for exercise.  So that you don’t waste your time and can get the most out of your workout, we have prepared a selection of the best sports headphones of 2023.

Key Facts

  • Deciding if you prefer sports headphones with cables or Bluetooth is the first step.  Some people prefer to eliminate cables for comfort and greater freedom of movement.  Others prefer them because they don’t require charging, and so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out during your workout.
  • Battery life is a crucial factor: if you are considering buying Bluetooth headphones you should take into account its charging time.  A long-life battery needs little time to charge which is ideal. Keep in mind that models with the battery on the band can be quite uncomfortable.
  • There are different types of sports headphones.  The main difference is in the design.  You should choose the one that is most comfortable for you and best suits your needs as an athlete. It will depend on your preferences; if you want them with or without external grip, or with some type of tape that joins them.

Our Selection: The Best Wireless Sports Headphones

Although it can seem simple to choose a pair of sports headphones, it is normal to get confused because of the large variety of models available. In the same way that we care about our exercise clothes or accessories, we should take care in choosing the right headphones. Below we offer a selection of the best sports headphones currently on the market.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Wireless Sports Headphones

For many people music is an essential part of their weekly exercise routine. Enjoying your favorite songs can help you focus and maintain your pace.  To do this, you will need good sports headphones.  In this section, we answer the most frequent questions and concerns when it comes to finding the best sports headphones of 2023.

stretching young woman with earphones in the gym

Sports headphones with cables have the advantage that they don’t need to recharge the battery.
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Why do I need wireless sports headphones?

At first glance, it might seem that there is no difference between sports headphones and normal ones.  However, it is not so.  In the same way that you do not jog with work clothes, it is necessary to have specific headphones to exercise.  Although there is a great variety, it is important that they meet certain requirements.

Furthermore, whether they have cables or use Bluetooth technology, good sports headphones should be comfortable.  There is nothing more distracting than feeling an earphone fall out of your ear when exercising.  Therefore, good support is essential.  Its resistance against drops of water or sweat also makes a difference between sports headphones and traditional ones.

What is aptX technology of wireless sports headphones?

AptX technology is present in many sports headphones that have Bluetooth among their specifications.  It is a relatively recent technology and has been developed by the processor manufacturer, Qualcomm.  Its use has spread rapidly because it represents an improvement over previous systems.

Thanks to aptX, better audio quality transmitted via Bluetooth is possible.  Its operation is based on a compression algorithm that allows you to send and reproduce audios with their original quality.  This way, the so-called bottleneck effect, unpleasant for most ears, is avoided.

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What kind of sports headphones are there?

This is probably one of the most personal factors when choosing sports headphones. Today, there are cheap models with or without cables.  However, if we want something of higher-end, with Bluetooth, these models tend to be more expensive. Comfort is another crucial aspect; some people find the wires annoying during exercise.

On the other hand, sports headphones with wires are favored because they don’t require charge.  When connected to a device, they do not need another power source. However, it is a very personal decision.  We hope this table helps you visualize the pros and cons of each type of headset.

Type of headphones Advantages Disadvantages
Bluetooth headphones No cables.

More comfortable.

Audio streaming technology has evolved a lot in recent years.

Limited battery life.

High-end models tend to be more expensive.

It’s necessary to take into account the compatibility of the headphones with the devices which you want to connect to.

Headphones with a cable Are generally cheaper.

Compatible with all devices and have a minijack.

You don’t need to charge them.

They have cables.

Can be uncomfortable when exercising.

Waterproof or submersible sports headphones?

Water resistance is very important for good sports headphones.  In fact, most of them already include this feature. Even if you don’t exercise outdoors and are safe from the rain, they can get wet with sweat.  For this reason, it is essential that they are resistant to moisture.

However, your headphones do not need to be submersible if you don’t intend on swimming with them.  But, if you are, keep in mind that in addition to being submersible, the headphones must incorporate a player.  If not, you should separately purchase a device that is waterproof and plays music.

Do I need sports headphones with noise cancellation?

The answer to that question depends a lot on where you will be training. If you intend on exercising in the gym, you probably want to isolate yourself from the noise around you.  This way, you won’t have to listen to conversations around you, nor music from the speakers in the room.

However, if you plan to go jogging around town, you need to be careful with this function.  Noise cancellation attenuates external sounds through a signal that the integrated microphones pick up.  Isolating yourself from street noise can be dangerous, especially if you somewhere with lots of traffic.

Concentrated sportswoman doing plank exercises

Listening to music, a podcast or listening to a phone call are all compatible activities with exercise. 
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Which is more convenient, sports headphones with or without support?

This is a personal choice, like the decision of whether to choose a wireless model or one with cables.  Some people prefer the security that comes with having a grip system around the ear.  Others prefer the freedom provided by a more minimalist design.  The same goes for the tape or strap that connects the headphones.

If you opt for a model with a strap, try to find a light one.  Otherwise, it could bother you when you’re working out.  However, a model without any type of support must fit perfectly to your ear to prevent it from falling.  This is not a trivial decision, as it can greatly affect your comfort.  Support or no support; that is the question.

Headphones with support Headphones without support
Fit better to the ear.

Are less likely to fall.

More ergonomic.

Allow more freedom.

May fall out of your ear if they do not fit well.

More elegant.

Shopping Criteria

Listen to music or a podcast, or answer a call.  These are some of the things you can do when exercising.  If you can’t leave without your ready playlist, you probably need music to train.  Below, we leave you with a selection of the best sports headphones on the market with some factors you should consider.


Beyond an aesthetic issue, the design of sports headphones is important for several reasons.  It depends, among other things, of the size and weight of the device; in brief, your comfort.  Not hindering mobility is a factor of great importance.  If you have a wire to connect it to a player, you must have a clamp to hold it tight.

Similarly, if you wear a fastening band, you should ensure that it is made of resistant material to prevent its deterioration.  It’s also a good idea to avoid having a battery located in this band, since it means extra weight.  On the other hand, having buttons to control the volume or skip tracks is a nice bonus.


Water resistance is a very important aspect of some good quality wireless headphones.
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Compatibility With Other Devices

If you opt for wireless sports headphones, with Bluetooth technology, you should pay attention to compatibility.  In order to use them, it is necessary to link the headphones with the player.  Most are compatible with any device with Bluetooth. However, it is worth checking out the manufacturer’s specifications before choosing one.

However, if you prefer headphones with wire connection, compatibility goes into the background.  The vast majority of audio players have a mini-jack connection. This is the type of connector that sports wired headphones use.  It is very unlikely that you will have compatibility problems (unless you are an iPhone user).

Sound Quality

Exercising should not entail giving up on sound quality.  The best sports headphones on the market take this aspect into account.  Bluetooth technology has improved greatly in recent years, allowing audio to be transmitted and received more faithfully than the original.

Additionally, thanks to aptX technology, manufacturers have managed to significantly improve sound quality.  Without a doubt, something that is greatly appreciated for not distracting you during your training.  Sports headphones with good bass tones are also ideal.  This way, with the help of music, it will be easier for you to keep up the pace while working out.

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Nothing is more annoying than when your headphones run out of battery.  This means that you would have to complete your training without music.  So that a technical issue does not interrupt your peak of energy, it would be convenient to acquire headphones with the greatest possible autonomy.  There are all kinds: five hours, eight, even twelve, or more.

Of course, there are also headphones with lower autonomy but they are less recommended. The longer it takes to uncharge, the less time it will need to charge and the better will be its lifespan.  Some include a portable charging base which can be practical if your device loses charge when you least expect it.

Wireless Sports Headphones-4-auricularesdeportivos3

For many people, music is an essential component of weekly exercise.
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The time it takes to charge wireless sports headphones is also important. The duration varies greatly from one model to another, going from an hour and a half to sixteen.  We would like to remind you that if you prefer headphones with wires, you don’t have to worry about this aspect.


Many sports headphones available today offer this extra among its features.  It is increasingly rare that there is not a hands-free feature.  However, once again, nothing is absolute, but in the manufacturer’s specifications, it should be noted.  It is a good habit to look at all the details before buying.

Hands-free is a great feature, so that not even the most important (or untimely) call can interrupt your training.  Picking up the phone while you run or lift weights will help you not lose your pace.  On the contrary, if you want to disconnect completely while exercising, you do not need to pay attention to this feature.


As we said in the beginning, exercising is fundamental in building a healthy lifestyle.  Wireless headphones have become an essential complement for every good athlete, whether amateur or professional.  Being able to disconnect from the noise of your environment and play music that motivates you is a great stimulus.

Don’t forget to consider certain aspects, such as the type of materials of your wireless sports headphones.  It is important that they are resistant to water and sweat.  In addition, you must decide if you want them with wires or Bluetooth. Do not neglect the battery life, and remember to choose ones with the best possible sound quality.

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