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Your cat requires a quality, balanced diet to stay healthy and happy. Having a cat as a pet is a big responsibility. Your cat needs all kinds of accessories, and cat food is not only the most obvious, but the most important. A cat cannot eat human food because you and your cat are not equal and each of you has different nutritional needs. Therefore, you should buy food for your cat that is made especially for them and you should not be overly concerned about cost, as most wet cat foods are well within an affordable range.

In this guide we will help you learn more about your cat’s nutritional needs, and we will focus on wet food, which is the type of food that these finicky eaters usually prefer. In the following paragraphs, we will help you understand many of your cat’s daily habits, too. We want to help you get to know your cat’s needs better so you can buy the ideal food for your particular furry feline.

Key Facts

  • Cats get most of their hydration through their food. Some cats drink very little water and maintain the instinctive idea that water must be obtained from prey. Wet food can help fulfill this function.
  • There is a wide variety of flavors and textures on the wet cat food market from which you can choose, based on your pet’s preferences. The most important thing to remember is that the food you choose should contain the ingredients that will provide your cat with complete nutrition.
  • These wonderful animals usually prefer wet food over dry food. It has a stronger aroma than dry food and cats usually come running from all over the house when they hear the wet food cans being opened. The combination of both wet and dry food, however, is essential for your let’s nutrition. Wet food should not be used as not a reward or treat, but as a complementary food.

Our Selection: The Best Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food is a type of cat food that is becoming very popular due to its characteristics. Making a good choice when you shopping for cat food is very important. To help you choose the product that suits your cat best, we present this list of popular wet foods and some of their different characteristics.

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Wet Cat Food

Before deciding if wet food is what your cat needs, let’s review these essential products. We will help you to get to know your pet, their body, their habits and their nutritional needs better. Cats are very habitual creatures, so the product they like will be their preferred food from then on, as a rule.

What essential nutrients should wet cat food contain?

A cat can not eat human food or dog food because there are very important nutrients that your cat’s body requires which are not found in other diets. Below we discuss the various nutrients in cat food that cannot be missing from your cat’s daily diet in order for them stay healthy:

  • Vitamins A, D, E and B. These nutrients should come from animal fat in your cat’s diet. They are essential sources of energy for a cat’s body.
  • Taurine. This is an amino acid that must be present in any diet for cats. It supports the cardiac function and vision of these amazing animals.
  • L-Carnitine. Promotes the use of body fat.
  • Arginine. This is another important amino acid, abundant in animal protein and which helps in the elimination of nitrogen and in the urea cycle–very important for cats.
  • Calcium and Phosphate. These are essential for healthy teeth and bones in cats.
  • Ash. This is the term used to refer to the ‘waste’ left after ‘burning’ feed in order to generate minerals. Cats by nature eat corpses and the bones thereof, which contain minerals. Ash also contains these substances.

wet food cat-1

Some of the most common textures of cat food are: mousse, pate, and stew.
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Should a cat eat only wet food?

Normally, experts recommend that dry food is supplemented with wet cat food in order for your cat to take advantage of the benefits of both foods. Many wet cat food products do not have all the necessary nutrients. You should consult the labels carefully.

Therefore, the answer is “no,” since wet food usually provides less protein to cats than dry food does and it should not be forgotten that protein is essential for the small body of a cat. There are even scientists who believe that a diet based only on wet food can lead the animal to suffer from thyroid problems

Keep in mind that from the point of view of energy, an indoor cat needs only about 20 calories per pound of body weight, per day and an outdoor cat needs only about 35 calories per pound of body weight, per day, according to veterinary data.

What happens if my pet’s wet cat food doesn’t contain enough protein?

Cats are carnivorous animals. In essence, they are hunters, so even if they are indoor cats, they require the nutrients for which their body is designed. This means that felines need a large amount of protein that is of animal origin. If you do not give your cat the protein they need, their muscle mass can become weakened, with the consequences that brings.

In addition, low protein levels or low-quality protein in a cat’s diet can weaken their immune system and this can affect the cat’s skin, hair and bones as well as their digestive, cardiac and respiratory systems. If the animal’s diet is deficient in protein, the growth of the cat could be altered. To fulfill their function, proteins must also contain essential amino acids.

wet cat food-2

The way cats get hydration is mainly through their food.
(Source: Alena Ozerova: 58467675/

Should I use wet cat food as a reward?

Although cats often like wet food much more than dry food, it is not a treat, but rather a complementary part of a total diet. However,  you can use it like a healthy reward, when you are training your cat to do things such as use their harness, getting into their carrier, sleeping in thier bed or taking any medicine they need but do not like.

Did you know that cats like scratching objects because it is a way for them to relax? On top of that, it stimulates their circulation.

Can I prevent my cat from becoming obese by using wet cat food?

You are the one who determines the amount of food you give to your pet and you choose the quality of their food. If you want to keep your cat in good shape and make sure they do not suffer from obesity, you should give them quality food that includes fiber and other nutrients in the amounts recommend by experts. Wet food will help you do this, as these products are specifically made to maintain the health of your pet.

Should wet cat food contain some sugar?

Sugar functions to sweeten products and give them a better flavor, including most of the foods that humans consume, even if they are mainly salty. Therefore, sugar is not needed by cats and can lead to problems such as tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. Some cat foods include beets, which sweeten the food and provide higher fiber content, which is not fattening, helps digestion and eliminates some pathogenic bacteria.  If your cat has a “sweet fang,” try one of these beet-containing products.

wet cat food-3

It is recommended that you supplement wet cat food with dry cat food.
(Source: Andrea Obzerova: 58467675/

Buyer’s Guide

When you shop for food for your cat, it is important to evaluate many factors. We have already discussed the importance of making a well-informed decision. Food is the basis of your cat’s health. Below you will find the most important criteria that should be considered when you choose a wet cat food.


Different textures are available within the wet cat food market. Cats are finicky animals in their customs and tastes. Therefore, manufacturers have created different types of wet food so that even the most demanding kitty palates find what they want. The most common textures in this sector are the following:

  • Mousse. Soft paste made of different blended ingredients. It is practically unnecessary for cats to chew this form of food.
  • In sauce. This form is pieces of meat in sauce. It allows the cat to chew its food and enjoy the sauce.
  • Stew. This type is less common, but there are manufacturers that offer stews, that is to say that there is broth of various thickness, accompanied by chunks of food.
  • Pate. It is similar to the aforementioned mousse, only slightly more consistent and more solid. Sometimes it comes with chunks of food and at other times all ingredients are blended.


Manufacturers name their flavors based on some meat or some fish, and sometimes even vegetables, whichever flavor dominates the flavor. Among the most common flavors are chicken, turkey, beef salmon, or tuna. To choose a flavor, you should be guided by the tastes of your pet. As long as the product has good quality, any flavor will work.


Overall, nutritional value is the most important feature of the wet cat food you select for your cat.  With so many options on the market, you will surely be able to find a wet cat food that has the complete nutrition your cat needs, along with the flavor and texture they love, at a price with which you are comfortable.

Did you know that cats are capable of emitting up to 100 different sounds?


The wet cat food you choose for your cat is essential to their well-being and health. Today, the market for cat food of all kinds has evolved quite a lot and professionals recommend that dry food is interspersed with wet cat food so that your cat’s diet is varied and optimal. There are many different textures and flavors that will appeal to your cat. Use what you have learned here to find the best choice for your cat!

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