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Weightlifting Belt
Avery Hilland in Fitness

Like most sports, weightlifting and its derived modalities are activities that require the use of specific equipment. In our guide, we want to focus on one of the fundamental accessories you’ll need to practice this discipline: the weightlifting belt. This […]

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Weight Bench
Avery Hilland in Fitness

If you like to train at home and have decided to set up your very own gym, having a weight bench is absolutely essential. This accessory will allow you to exercise a wide variety of muscular groups for full-body workouts […]

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Gym Gloves
Avery Hilland in Fitness

If you’re the type to spend long hours in the gym every week, you’re probably looking for the very best gear to train properly. This is why you need a pair of good gym gloves for all your workouts. They […]

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