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Food shopping can be a bit of a tedious task which is why many people these days do a bulk shop on a monthly basis reducing our time spent in the supermarket. The only issue here is that you need enough space to be able to store large quantities of food and left overs created along the way.

Most homes will have a fridge with a freezer compartment but often this is too small which is why people are opting to buy a separate upright freezer. They offer a large amount of storage space to keep frozen food or leftovers you don’t want to throw away.

First things first

  • Upright freezers are appliances designed to store the frozen foods you buy. You can also freeze other foods, either cooked or raw.
  • There are two main sizes of upright freezers available on the market. The under the counter size which are the same size as refrigerators, or the upright tall freezer.
  • These appliances offer different ways and capacities to store frozen food. This is why you should know their most important features.
  • On the UK market, the price range of these devices is very wide. Make sure to analyse all their characteristics if you want to make the best possible purchase.

The best Upright Freezers on the UK market

In this section, we will present the best upright freezers that you will find on the market today. Each has its own unique characteristics. Therefore we will cover each product’s features in detail so you can get to know them. This will help you to make the best decision.

Past Product Reviews

White Knight F170H Upright Tall Freezer 159 Litres

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Das Problem mit diesem Produkt wurde gemeldet. Danke!

The White Knight freestanding upright freezer has a generous 159 litre (net) capacity and stands 1435mm tall.  It is a 4 star freezer offering a freezing capacity of 8kg/24hours. There are 6 ‘ice blue’ transparent drawers, an ice cube tray and a reversible door. There is a matching fridge if you are looking for both items for your home.

It has an A+ energy efficiency and the typical annual energy usage is 217kWh. In the event of a power cut, it offers safe storage time of 16 hours. it also comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Russell Hobbs RHUCFZ3W White Under Counter

This white Russell Hobbs under counter freezer is perfect if you’re in need of extra cold storage but are tight on space. With its compact size, and modern white design, this under counter freezer can fit neatly under your kitchen counter.

It has an impressive 68 litre capacity and three separate drawers, allowing you to group foods to suit your requirements. It is rated an impressive A+ for energy efficiency, being sure to keep energy bills down whilst adding extra freezer space in your home.

IceKing 48cm Under Counter Freezer

This 62 litre under counter freezer from IceKing has three easy-access freezer compartments for your favourite food items. It’s 48cm wide which is ideal when space is at a minimum and is the perfect addition to your home. It also boasts 4* freezing and has an A+ energy rating saving you energy and money.

It’s easy to use, has an adjustable thermostat and a reversible door. The feet are also adjustable making it perfect for uneven floors. Iceking also has a matching fridge should you require both household appliances.

Igenix IG355B Freestanding Under Counter Freezer

At this moment the product mentioned is not available from the supplier. That is why we have replaced it with another one with similar characteristics. Report a problem.

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The freestanding under the counter fridge from Igenix is available in black and white with a matching fridge available should you require both items.

It has an 86 litre capacity and a width of 55cm, it is designed to fit under the counter.  It has 3 large drawers for plenty of storage, a reversible door and a great energy rating of A+ helping to keep your energy bills down

Russell Hobbs Freestanding 142cm Tall Freezer

This tall Russell Hobbs freezer is plain black and comes with highly practical features. The door is reversible with the handle situated towards the top of the appliance. It has an impressive 157 litre total freezing capacity, offering you enough space for a full weeks’ worth of food and more.

The storage space consists of 3 freezer drawers and 2 flaps all of which are see through for convenience. It has an energy rating of A+ and energy consumption of 213kwh/year. The noise level in indicated as 42dB. It has an adjustable thermostat and is easily moveable with 2 adjustable feet for uneven floors and 2 castors.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about upright freezers

Upright freezers come with a wide range of interesting characteristics that you’ll want to know about. This will help you understand the differences between different models available out there. In the next section, we’ll go into some of those key aspects. Once you’ve got them down, you’ll be able to make an informed purchasing decision.

Young woman or housekeeper defrosts the refrigerator and wipes in clean

Having a vertical freezer at home provides extra food storage space.
(Source: Kzenon: 23511508/

What are upright freezers and how do they work?

The freezer appliance is designed to keep different foods frozen. A freezer works by drawing the heat out of the freezer compartment which is achieved using a gaseous refrigerant that becomes very hot until it moves through the coils and cools off. The cooling off causes the gas to turn into a liquid.

A freezer is generally purchased to complement a refrigerator and are most frequently used by families that want or need to store larger quantities of food at home.

A continuous process that occurs inside upright freezers keeps food below 0 degrees.

Are upright or chest freezers better?

If you’re looking to buy a freezer, you may have also come across a chest freezer and so you’re probably wondering whether to opt for an upright or a chest freezer. When comparing freezers as such, there’s not a significant difference but here’s a quick explanation of their main characteristics to help:

  • Chest freezer:The main difference is that you access the food from the top. They offer a large storage capacity, but it might be difficult to reach products placed at the bottom. One advantage is that you can freeze large foods. It consumes less energy than upright freezers.
  • Upright freezer:You’ll access your food more easily. The larger models offer the same space as chest freezers. Note that they are generally more expensive. They take up less space and can be placed in the kitchen.

Are upright freezers or American fridges better?

Whilst these appliances look great, they are generally very expensive and you need a lot of space to accommodate them and keep in mind that they generally do not offer the same freezing capacity as a large upright freezer. This means that these appliances don’t actually provide the same storage solution. One advantage of American fridges is that you can quickly store food in it (even if it’s still in a pot). In freezers, you should always store cold food in plastic containers or bags.

American fridges also have a double-door access so as well as taking into account the size of the actual product, you will also need to take into consideration its location within your kitchen, the advantage of the upright freezers is that they can be placed elsewhere in the kitchen, or even in other rooms. Most kitchens are in new houses these days are designed to house standard refrigerators.

Freezer refrigerator with various frozen foods

Upright freezers are used to freeze and store all kinds of food.
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What are the different parts of an upright freezer?

Below you will find some technical information to enhance your understanding of each of the components that make up your upright freezer, and the role of each one. You can then understand how these appliances work, which is always a plus when the time comes to buy your own. The following table will tell you all you need to know:

Component Functions
Compressor It’s designed to increase the gas pressure from the evaporator, and then compress it. The compressor then turns it back to a liquid state so it can circulate through the freezer.
Expansion valve Its role is to bring enough refrigerant to the evaporator depending on its needs. It needs to reduce the pressure and temperature of the liquid to achieve this.
Coils The refrigerant liquid circulates through these coiled capillary tubes. They are used as the link between the compressor and the expansion valve.
Thermostat This elements is in charge of maintaining the right temperature in the freezer. Once the temperature is suitable, the thermostat and the refrigerant path stop until the temperature rises again.
Refrigerant It is used to cool the freezer. Two liquids are used: Freon and ammonia. Both of these substances are very dangerous, and you should never directly handle them.

What other elements are found in an upright freezer?

These appliances also include other elements. These external parts are essential for the proper functioning of upright freezers. They are just as important as the components we discussed above. Here’s another quick table to help you identify them:

Element Functions
Internal light This part is essential for you to see the contents of your freezer.
Drain Its main role is to eliminate water when you defrost the appliance.
Alarm It warns you if you leave the door open or if the light dies.
Controls They are designed to manage the different functions of your appliance.

How can I optimise my upright freezer?

There are a few things you can do to make your upright freezer work better. You’ll definitely want to make the most of this new investment for your kitchen. This is why it is essential that you consider all the factors that we’ll discuss in the list below.

  • Temperature:Try to keep your freezer’s temperature around -18°C. This will give you a better performance and a lower energy consumption.
  • Position:Leave a small space between your freezer and the wall to avoid blocking the ventilation slits. Keep your upright freezer away from any heat source.
  • Energy:Do not keep the door open too long or you will lose heat and energy.
  • Maintenance:Never place hot food in your freezer, and avoid overfilling it. Defrost your freezer regularly when the ice layer is greater than 3 millimetres.
Journal of Food Composition and AnalysisPublished in 2017
“Frozen foods keep all their nutrients.”

What freezing technology do upright freezers use?

Just like any other freezer, upright models use different technologies to freeze the food placed inside. Knowing what these technologies are will come in handy when you have to choose between different upright freezers. Three main types of freezing exist:

  • No frost:This is when no frost or ice is created inside the freezer. Its main advantage is that you never have to defrost your appliance.
  • Low frost:In this case, the ice forms a thin layer of frost in the freezer. It is still easy to clean.
  • Static:This is the most traditional technology. Small pieces of ice form on the walls of the appliance. You’ll need to defrost it before cleaning.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of upright freezers?

By now you should feel well informed about upright freezers and will understand that it is a better option than other types, such as the American-style fridges or a chest freezer. But we’re still going to share some of the advantages and disadvantages of these household appliances in our last section, so let’s have a look.

  • They give you extra storage in your kitchen
  • They”re a simple way to freeze your food at home
  • You can find affordable options
  • Some models require very little maintenance
  • Bonus: ice cream lovers will never run out of their favourite dessert
  • You have to find space in your kitchen to fit the freezer
  • Certain options can be quite expensive
  • They increase your electricity bill

Shopping Criteria

Below we have created a shopping guide which we consider are the most important aspects that you’ll have to consider when buying your upright freezer. These shopping criteria will undoubtedly help you choose the model that best fits your needs. These factors are the following:


This could potentially be the most important criterion for you. As we mentioned earlier, you can find two types of upright freezers. Some models are designed to be placed under the countertop and measure around 80 centimetres in height. The other models measure approximately 180 centimetres, a size similar to that of standard fridges.

When considering storage space, the second option is clearly the more advantageous one. These styles are great for families and storing large amounts of food, so if space is not an issue, we would certainly encourage you to purchase this model, keep in mind though where you might place it in your kitchen, where it can be accessed easily.

Plastic bags with deep frozen vegetables in refrigerator

Reversible doors are particularly useful features for your upright freezer.
(Source: Belchonock: 106124370/

Energy consumption

The energy consumption of your freezer is another key aspect. Simply remember that a freezer cannot stop working like other types of appliances. Their energy ratings range between A+ and A+++, with the most efficient ones having a A+++ classification. Opt for this option and you’ll be saving on your electricity bills.

Freezing technologies

We’ve already talked about the three different types of freezing technologies. In that regard, you are encouraged to go for no frost models, as you won’t have any ice building up inside your upright freezer. This will prevent you from having to defrost it, making it much easier to clean. Keep this in mind when you purchase your appliance.

Reversible doors

Reversible doors are particularly useful features for your upright freezer. They will allow you to place the appliance anywhere you like in the kitchen. If you eventually decide to change its location, you won’t have any problem doing so. You might regret it later on if you don’t buy a model with a reversible door.


Also called undercooling, this system allows the food to freeze quickly. Freezers with this feature are much more efficient than those who don’t. It is particularly useful to better preserve the properties of the frozen food. That way, it will lose fewer nutrients, such as vitamins or minerals. This is definitely an interesting function to have.


Upright freezers give you extra storage space, whether you buy frozen food or want to freeze food you’ve prepared. Remember that the size is a key criteria to consider when making your purchase: it needs to be right for your family. You should also evaluate its energy consumption to avoid overspending.

The freezing technique of your model is another aspect you shouldn’t overlook. As you know, no frost is the most efficient, as it prevents ice from forming and makes it easier for you to clean the freezer. Quick freezing technology is also very useful to better preserve the food’s nutrients. Finally, you should always try to get the best value for money possible.

Did you find our shopping guide on upright freezers interesting? If so, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below, and share our article on your social media.

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