Travel pillows are designed to provide comfort during trips by car, bus, train or plane.
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When traveling, it is very common to plan the date you arrive and when you come back home, but the actual time spent at the airport is usually left in the background. Anyone who has traveled for more than four hours to get to their destination knows that this is a mistake. It is very important to travel comfortably during your travels from one place to another. It is possible to find comfort even in small spaces like your airplane seat.

Unlike other pillows, travel pillows are meant to help you rest specifically during your travels, whether its by car, train, or plane. These products are usually very portable and light. These characteristics make travel pillows perfect for trips where you are given a limited weight to travel with and when traveling in a small space. They are usually very flexible, which makes these pillows easy to take with you on the go.

Key Facts

  • Travel pillows come in many sizes. They can be made out of different materials that will adapt to your needs depending on your situation. These pillows will provide you comfort and prevent injuries.
  • Currently, there are travel pillows on the market that offer support and comfort to certain parts of the body.
  • The size, shape, material, sturdiness, and quality are all criteria that you need to consider before making your purchase. In the shopping criteria section, we will analyze these characteristics one by one.

Our Selection: The Best Travel Pillows on the U.S. Market

Currently, there is a wide variety of travel pillows, you are bound to find one that suits your needs. These products provide comfort and can even prevent injuries caused by sleeping or resting in an incorrect posture for a long time. The following is a ranking of the best travel pillows on the U.S. market.

Best Classic Travel Pillow

The first item on our list is an “Amazon’s choice.” This is the original travel pillow that you are used to seeing on the plane, in movies, etc. This classic pillow will give you the neck support you need. This soft travel pillow comes with adjustable toggles and is black. The cover is removable.

Most Comfortable Travel Pillow

The second item on our list is a number one seller on Amazon and very popular with great ratings. This pillow is made out of memory foam. It will give you the best comfort and support. The cover is washable and sweat resistant. It comes in a blue and grey color of your choice. Relax and enjoy this pillow on your next long trip.

Best Malleable Travel Pillow

The third item on or list is also an “Amazon’s choice.” If you choose this pillow, you are sure to be satisfied with your purchase. You can shape this unique pillow into the form that gives you the best comfort. It is up to you! Use it in any way you want. This is a must-have for all frequent travelers. This model comes in blue and grey.

Best Breathable Travel Pillow

The fourth item on our list is another number one seller on Amazon. It comes in various colors: pink, navy blue, lake blue, black, and grey. Choose your favorite color! This pillow is also made out of memory foam and is made to give you the best comfort. This set comes with a sleeping mask and earplugs. A must for all travelers!

Best Chin Support Travel Pillow

The last option on our list is very popular among customers on Amazon. This pillow is made to give you support in your neck and chin. It will keep your head up while allowing you to get rest during your trip. This model comes in various colors.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Travel Pillows

Before buying your travel pillow, we need to answer a few questions that you may have about this product. Due to its popularity, currently, there are many travel pillows with different characteristics. Next, we will answer some of the most common questions from buyers like you.

It is possible to purchase travel pillows that offer support for specific parts of the body.

Travel pillows are made to provide comfort during your travels, whether it is by car, bus, train, or plane.
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Why should I get a travel pillow?

The reasons why you should buy a travel pillow are endless. Anyone who has traveled long distances knows how important it is to be able to rest or sleep during on the plane, in the car, etc. Also, sleeping or resting in a bad posture can lead to injury. The following is a list of three reasons why you should get a travel pillow.

  • Comfort: Seats on planes and buses can be very uncomfortable. Travel pillows will give you more comfort and allow you to get the rest that you deserve.
  • Injury prevention: Abrupt movements and bad sleeping posture can lead to injuring the muscles in your neck or back. An ergonomic travel pillow can prevent these injuries.
  • Rest: Resting or sleeping during large trips will always have positive effects on your body and health. A good travel pillow will allow you to sleep.

In what other situations can I use a travel pillow?

Although travel pillows, because of their name, seem like they are only meant for traveling, this is not the case. Many studies show that taking 10 to 20 minute-long naps increases productivity by 34%. A travel pillow can benefit you greatly if you are at work and want to take a short nap.

It is extremely relaxing to read a good book on the beach or at the park, but it can be a bit difficult to make yourself comfortable in these situations. If this is your problem, a travel pillow just might be your solution! Using a travel pillow in these situations will make it easier to make yourself feel comfortable. If you think about the possibilities, a travel pillow can be used in various ways.

The size, shape, material, rigidity and quality together are criteria to consider before making your purchase.

The size of your travel pillow, depending on how you will transport the pillow and what you will use it for, is very important.
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What types of travel pillows are there on the market?

The type of travel pillow you should choose depends greatly on your needs and how you will travel: by plane, bus, car, etc. First of all, you need to think about preventing any injuries. Second of all, you need to think about how much space you have available during your trip. The following is a list of the most common types of travel pillows.

  • Inflatable: This type of travel pillow uses the least amount of space. It has a valve that you can pull out and use to blow air into the pillow.
  • Compressible: This type of travel pillow is made out of foam that expands up to five times its original size once you take it out of its cover.
  • Sturdy: The shape and size of this type of travel pillow cannot be changed. They take up more space in your luggage but are much firmer than other types.
  • Insulating: This type of travel pillow reduces surrounding noises. They are perfect for people who have trouble getting to sleep.

What are travel pillows made out of?

Your pillow will have certain benefits and will be able to be used in different ways depending on the materials that it is made out of. The outer part of the pillow is usually made out of nylon, cotton fibers, polyester, or even bamboo. The last two materials are most often found in hypoallergenic pillows.

In some cases, travel pillows have a sturdy, internal structure hidden in the tissue. These structures offer more support for your head and neck. They are very ergonomic and made out of hard plastic, which is very sturdy and durable.

Bad posture during the journey in question could lead to injuries.

Some pillows are meant for neck support and others that support the whole torso.
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Some travel pillows have a cover made out of wool or flannel. These materials provide comfort to the neck. These types of travel pillows are especially recommended during the winter or for long plane flights or bus rides where the air conditioning might be very cold. This type of pillow will keep your upper body warm.

Can I wash my travel pillow?

Travel pillow are usually made of washable material, like polyester or cotton. However, it is important to follow the travel pillow’s washing instructions found on the tag, especially if you have a pillow made of foam. Foam travel pillows are usually more delicate.

There are also some travel pillows with removable covers. Since your travel pillow will touch your face, it is important to keep it clean to avoid bad smells, or the accumulation of unwanted guests, like mites. Don’t forget that a dirty pillow can attract these types of pests.

Shopping Criteria

Now that we have answered some of the most common questions about travel pillows, you can begin to choose which type you want. However, it is also very important to go over the characteristics that your pillow should have, like the size, materials, design, sturdiness, and quality. The following is a list and explanation of each of these criteria.


The size of your travel pillow is very important. The size you choose will depend on where and how you use the pillow. The standard size of travel pillows is 30 x 40 cm. However, inflatable travel pillows are even smaller. You should remember that, because of what most travel pillows are made of, you can usually make them fit into small spaces.


The material of the stuffing and the fabric are also very important. Foam travel pillows are sturdier than inflatable pillows. If you buy a travel pillow made out of bamboo, it will be more breathable and hypoallergenic. These characteristics are usually not as common in other pillows.


Many types of travel pillows focus on neck support and others focus on support for the entire torso. You should decide what part of your body you want to support the most before choosing a design. This depends on if you are traveling by train, bus, or car, how long you will be in the vehicle, and your physical condition.


If you buy a sturdy travel pillow, you will not be able to make it smaller or bigger, like you can with other types of pillows. Being able to shape the travel pillow with your hands will give you more possibilities and sleeping positions. For example, inflatable pillows can be blown up and you can modify the sturdiness of the pillow. Foam pillows usually adapt to the shape of your neck.


The materials and design will determine the quality of your travel pillow. You should keep in mind your preferences and if you are traveling by plane, train, or bus when choosing your travel pillow.

Sometimes it is necessary to give up one characteristic to focus on another more important characteristic. This way, we can focus on our needs.


Travel pillows do not just make us comfortable. They also prevent injuries. Travel pillows are not only a luxury, but they will also make your trips more enjoyable and leave you feeling great when you arrive at your destination. You should choose the travel pillow that best adapts to your needs.

In this article, we have provided you with the information that you need and you will now be able to choose your travel pillow wisely. You now know that you should go over the shopping criteria to purchase the perfect travel pillow. The size, material, and design of the pillow are all elements that you need to keep in mind.

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