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There are many reasons to go on a trip! Whether it is for leisure, business, family or friends visit or pure tourism, it is important to be able to be yourself, and carry with you what you love. It helps you keep your essence wherever you go and, of course, be who you are in a different place.

But packing up means choosing what you can take with you and knowing how to carry it so that it arrives unscathed at your destination. Jewelry belongs to that small group of accessories that do not occupy too much physical space, but a great emotional space. In the words of Flaubert: art is in the details!

Key Facts

  • Think about how you will use a case. More importantly, the type of trip it will be: will it be exposed to blows in a backpack that will travel the world, or will it be protected in a suitcase to a beach resort? Also, how much do you intend to bring? Knowing your needs is the best way to deal with any purchase.
  • Versatility. That is the word that most travelers should keep in mind when purchasing any accessory for their trip. You can store jewelry of different sizes in travel cases, but also delicate electronic devices, cosmetics, or even medications.
  • Do not skimp on its importance. A travel jewelry case  is an affordable asset, but it will make a difference in the safety of your belongings, which is equivalent to your peace of mind. For a reasonable price you will have access to a large number of options that will ensure that your jewelry arrives intact at your destination. Keep your identity and personality wherever you go!

Our Selection of the Best Travel Jewelry Cases on the U.S. Market

The variety of travel jewelry cases is as wide as the range of jewelry that you can take with you, but also those that you can get from other exotic places. Hence, there are many factors to consider when looking for an option. In this section, we will show you the ones that seem the most interesting in the market!

Highest Rated Travel Jewelry Case

With 4.8 out of 5 stars, this is the highest rated travel jewelry case in our ranking! This case by Bagsmart is compact, and folds into a stylish pouch that is easy to pack away. There are special compartments for earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. This bag also comes in several different colors and designs, so you can pick the one that suits you best. The bag also secures, so you can be sure that none of your jewelry will fall out and break while in your suitcase.

Best Jewelry Case With Zippered Compartments

No need to worry about your jewelry being knocked around and breaking, because this case secures all of your items in convenient zippered pouches. This case by Conair is great for travel, as it acts as a barrier to keep your items from rubbing up against one another and damaging them. It also rolls up into a small pouch, so it can be easily carried in your bag. The hanger hook lets you suspend your collection from doors and mirrors for easy visibility and access.

Best Jewelry Case With Mirror

Ever want to see how your jewelry looks, just as you would at home? With this case by Vlando, you can easily admire your jewelry with the large mirror that is included. It also features several different sized compartments, so you can store all of your jewelry safely, and be sure that it will not get scratched or damaged.

The beautiful blue color is a great addition to any collection, and will look great in your suitcase. The case zippers shut, so your jewelry will also stay in place during your trips. If you are looking for a great case with a mirror, then this is a great option for you.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Travel Jewelry Cases

Our list is a clear reflection of the wide variety of travel jewelry cases you can find. It is not only up to your preferences, but also the type of jewelry you have, the ones you can buy, the destinations you go to. It can be difficult to make a decision. To make it easier, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

girl with a jewerly

If you want to guarantee the quality of your jewelry while traveling, a jewelry case will be very useful.
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What are the main uses of a travel jewelry case?

Obviously, its main use is to store and protect your jewelry when you travel, and they can serve to organize them to your liking when you do not have your traditional jewelry box. Ideally, its design will be a complement to your luggage and your jewelry.

Some people use them as pillboxes, while others use them as a cosmetic bag or a hiding place to hide your cash. In this table we explain the reasons why you should have a travel jewelry box:

Advantages Disadvantages
Ensure the integrity of your jewelry . Increase the weight of your suitcase.
Have a basic travel item which you can give different uses. They can trigger the alarm of the security controls with the metals.
Keep your jewelry organized.  
Makes it easy to transport your jewelry.  
Has many functions and uses.  

What are travel jewelry cases made of?

The manufacturing and design of travel jewelry cases is very popular, which floods the market with many options. The material is important because it is what guarantees the protection and care of your jewelry. It is common that the outer casings are made of resistant materials and the inner ones are made of soft fabrics.

Leather: both synthetic and natural, it is one of the most common materials for outer casings. They embellish the outer appearance of the travel jewelry box. In addition, it is resistant to water and scratches.

Keep in mind that synthetic materials prevent the use of materials from animals.You should consider these types of materials, since the appearance and functionality can be equally appropriate without resorting to harming animals.

girl with rings

Travel jewelry cases will help you better organize your jewelry.
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Plastic: there is a wide variety of plastic used in these types of items, with many different shapes, textures and functionalities. This material will always be, in one way or another, integrated into your jewelry box. In some cases, as the main cover, which can be good to ensure maximum protection against moisture, if you think it will be exposed.

It is also useful as a coating of pockets and internal cubicles, since it allows to keep the jewels fastened (as if it were a small bag) and, at the same time, to know where they are located with the naked eye. However, it should be noted that sometimes it causes condensation.

Rubber: it is one of the most common materials for the internal details of travel jewelry cases. Its flexibility allows the fasteners to adapt to the different types and sizes of jewelry that you are going to take with you. In addition, they are also often used to line the edges and cushion possible blows.

Keep in mind that it is usually very resistant. But it is not appropriate to abuse its elasticity. This can cause it to give in and lose efficiency. Take care of your jewelry box as you would take care of your own jewels, since after all, it will be crucial for them to remain in good condition.

travel jewelry

Travel jewelry cases can be made of plastic, rubber or PVC.
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PVC: more rigid than traditional plastic, it is the material that is used to assemble the internal structure of travel jewelry cases. It may seem like a cheap option, but it is ideal in order to achieve the ideal rigidity that protects your jewelry and the lightness that a trip requires. It is a common material within the consumer goods industry.

However, you usually cannot see it. It is usually embellished with leather coverings or other synthetic materials that make its appearance more pleasant. On the inside, likewise, it usually has pads and other more friendly covers that come in contact with  the jewelry, so that they do not rub or strike against this rigid material.

How should the interior of my travel jewelry case be?

The interior of your jewelry box is something to be considered, since there are many materials that are dedicated to keeping your most loved items safe. They vary, above all, depending on the different price ranges, since we can go from leather to other synthetic materials.

Delicate fabrics such as velvet or silk is best, as well as the aforementioned rubber bands, zippers and plastic covers that can be isolated from humidity. In some you can even find mirrors.

Is it appropriate to carry a travel jewelry case in your carry-on bag?

Of course. We recommend, given the small size, that in this case you store it in your carry-on. However, since the carry-on is also usually exposed to bumps, if you have space, there are small-sized travel jewelry cases that can fit perfectly in suitcases.

But it is not all a matter of space. You may also be nervous about the baggage checks. There is nothing to worry about. Surely if they ask you to open it, it is only to make sure you aren’t carrying any sharp objects and that all passengers travel safely. But travel jewelry cases are very common at any airport.

Jada Pinkett SmithAmerican actress
“If I did what I wanted, I would wear jewelry, a great pair of shoes and nothing else”.

What type of jewelry can I put in a travel jewelry case?

As we said above, the use of travel jewelry cases is very versatile. You can even use them, if you like, for small electronic devices that you need to transport safely. Therefore, there is no doubt that they are also designed to carry any type of jewelry.

From necklaces, earrings, bracelets or chains. You will find specialized travel jewelry cases for each. But more often you will find versatile jewelry cases, whose internal layout you can change to suit the size and needs of your personal collection. When buying it, just think about what you will use it for and estimate if it fits.

Are there any substitutes for travel jewelry cases?

Of course there are! You can use other types of containers or pouches, but we believe that, for the low price, it is worth investing in a travel jewelry box and guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your jewelry. The saying goes: “In the end, cheap is expensive.”

Travel jewelry cases are designed to withstand the ups and downs to which they can be exposed to in your final destination. Thus, it is possible that the travel jewelry box allows other uses, but it is hardly replaceable when it comes to storing your most precious jewels.

traveling on a plane

There are many types of travel jewelry cases, we recommend you choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.
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Shopping Criteria

So far, we have clarified the main doubts related to travel jewelry cases. But to opt for one or the other, it is also important that you pay attention to the following criteria. This way you can choose the best one for your trip. Add a touch of functionality and class to your trip!


You should think about what type of suitcase you will use and how many jewels you are taking to buy a travel jewelry case that aligns with this. Economizing space can involve cost savings, but it is also a matter of comfort.


This quality concerns whether it is a rigid or flexible jewelry box. If you plan to travel in your car, a flexible one (leather) may be more comfortable, but if your luggage will be thrown around a lot, you may need a more resistant one, with a PVC base. Think also about the type of jewelry you have.

Gustave FlaubertFrench Writer
“The art is in the details”.


Although throughout this article we have gone over practical areas, it is sometimes necessary to remember that the design is also something to consider. Especially if you are going to spend a long period at your destination, the jewelry case can be that place you go to to inspire your clothing and to arrange, and perhaps exhibit, your jewels.


Some jewelry cases go one step further. So, for example, in our ranking of best travel jewelers of 2019, we have opted for a mirror that allows you to see how each jewel looks. It is simple but very practical, just as zips, pockets or movable cubicles can be.

Woman traveling in Piran town

Travel jewelry cases make it easy for you to transport your jewelry from one place to another.
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As we have discussed throughout this article, versatility can be an added value when choosing an essential element of your trip. We assume that this is the ideal product to store your jewelry, but it can also be useful for makeup or for carrying another delicate and small objects.


It never hurts to say it again: art is in the details. Those details that can define your unique identity and personality. And if that is important in you where you live, how much more will it be when you have to present yourself in a new place, that is, when you are traveling. Carrying your jewelry with you will give you the security you need.

For the competitive prices on the market, travel jewelry cases offer the security that your jewelry also needs, which will result in peace of mind for you. It is a good thing to have for any type of trip; both the most adventurous, and the most luxurious.

If we have helped you make the purchase of a travel jewelry box, do not hesitate to leave a comment or share the article on your social networks!

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