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Folding Ladder
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Sometimes when we do routine things around the home or in the workshop, we don’t realize that they are potentially dangerous. For example, when you want to lift something down from a high shelf, you might just use a chair […]

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Angle Grinder
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

An angle grinder is a very useful power tool that is perfect for cutting pieces of wood, metal or ceramics. It can even perform other tasks such as sanding and sharpening tools. While these tools have always been popular with […]

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Jacob O'Connor in Tools

If you have a good pair of pliers you can master any task: from cutting and stripping a cable, holding two pieces of material together so that they adhere or fixing a tap. These popular tools are very simple, but […]

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Karcher Pressure Washer
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Karcher is the world’s most famous brand of manufacturers of pressure washers. Its different models of high-pressure outdoor cleaners have been a big hit with consumers over the last few decades, making them the most widely used home and garden […]

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Leaf Blower
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

We know that fall has arrived when milder temperatures start to set in and we notice the leaves are beginning to turn red. Unfortunately, this can mean the fall of thousands and thousands of leaves, especially in residential areas. The […]

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Robot Lawn Mower
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Robots have arrived and they are here to stay and to change our lives. They are still not quite as advanced the ones made famous in the scifi novels of Isaac Asimov. However, they are already making lots of peoples […]

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Table Saw
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

A table saw is an essential power tool for any workshop. They are perfect for cutting and polishing wood, as well as soft materials such as plastic, brass or aluminum metal sheets. These tools are available in a wide selection […]

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Jacob O'Connor in Tools

A good toolbox can easily become your best coworker, especially if you’re looking to add more organization into your life. Having the proper toolbox will help you keep all sorts of things tidy and accessible, there is truly nothing like […]

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Impact Driver
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Impact drivers are powerful tools that allow you to work with many types of materials and walls. With such tools, you’ll be able to create holes in all sorts of surfaces and carry out difficult jobs with ease and minimum […]

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