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Folding Ladder
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Sometimes when we do routine things around the home or in the workshop, we don’t realize that they are potentially dangerous. For example, when you want to lift something down from a high shelf, you might just use a chair […]

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Table Saw
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

A table saw is an essential power tool for any workshop. They are perfect for cutting and polishing wood, as well as soft materials such as plastic, brass or aluminum metal sheets. These tools are available in a wide selection […]

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Jacob O'Connor in Tools

A good toolbox can easily become your best coworker, especially if you’re looking to add more organization into your life. Having the proper toolbox will help you keep all sorts of things tidy and accessible, there is truly nothing like […]

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Impact Driver
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Impact drivers are powerful tools that allow you to work with many types of materials and walls. With such tools, you’ll be able to create holes in all sorts of surfaces and carry out difficult jobs with ease and minimum […]

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Jacob O'Connor in Tools

When decorating your home there are many factors that you should consider. You must carefully choose the furniture, the color of the walls and the decorative items. As for the decorative items, one of the most important features and one […]

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Portable Air Compressor
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

A portable air compressor is a very handy tool to take along, whenever you go on a road trip. The tires of your car will likely lose pressure after traveling lots of miles, or you could have to deal with […]

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Circular Saw
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Circular saws are vital to any workshop. If you need a new tool for your professional work or DIY projects, you have come to the right place.  Here is a complete comparative guide to help you choose among the best […]

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Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Jigsaws are power tools designed to make precise cuts in different types of materials. They can be used to cut wood, aluminium, plastic, vinyl, steel or ceramic. Generally, these are practical and very versatile portable tools. In recent years, their […]

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Belt Sander
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Belt sanders have become an indispensable tool for do-it-yourselfers, homeowners and professional handymen. They make tasks such as filing, roughing, sanding or flattening so much easier and faster. In general, they are mainly used for working with wood, but they […]

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