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Sheet Metal Screws
Rebecca Campbell in Tools

We most often use sheet metal screws on sheet metal surfaces and similar materials. They are also used in roofing and the installation of metal and PVC windows. These screws can be applied over an existing hole or require prior use […]

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MIG Welder
Rebecca Campbell in Tools

Soldering isn’t necessarily something you would have ever thought of doing, especially on your own. However, if you have decided to learn or already have some knowledge but don’t know which machine and process to start with, the following guide […]

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Drill Chuck
Rebecca Campbell in Tools

Are you tired of changing tools constantly just because your drill doesn’t work with large bits? Few things in life are more annoying than having to get a new tool every other month to complete a single task. If you […]

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Rebecca Campbell in Tools

You can use me to reach the highest of places. I take lovers to the balconies of their loved ones, and I am bad luck if you pass under me. What am I? A ladder, naturally! You will need this […]

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Robot Lawn Mower
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Robots have arrived and they are here to stay and to change our lives. They are still not quite as advanced the ones made famous in the scifi novels of Isaac Asimov. However, they are already making lots of peoples […]

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Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Jigsaws are power tools designed to make precise cuts in different types of materials. They can be used to cut wood, aluminium, plastic, vinyl, steel or ceramic. Generally, these are practical and very versatile portable tools. In recent years, their […]

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Thibault Perinet in Tools

Carrying a complete toolkit everywhere with you isn’t very comfortable. But sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you really wish you had a wrench, screwdriver, tweezers, at hand. This is exactly the type of situation for which multi-tools […]

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Hole Saw
Rebecca Campbell in Tools

Have you ever had the need to make a perfectly circular cut into a hard surface like marble or ceramic? Luckily, there’s a tool for just that: the hole saw. This unique device can quickly make a hole in nearly […]

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Table Saw
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

A table saw is an essential power tool for any workshop. They are perfect for cutting and polishing wood, as well as soft materials such as plastic, brass or aluminum metal sheets. These tools are available in a wide selection […]

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