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Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Technology

For most Americans, screens and screen time is a large part of daily life. Whether these are large screens like televisions and monitors, or smaller ones on watches and phones, we spend a lot of time with our media. If […]

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Antenna Amplifiers
Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Technology

Our homes, as well as in businesses such as bars, restaurants and hotels use televisions. New technology such as smart tv and platforms such as Netflix have made it easier than ever to watch our favorite shows. Media networks use […]

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Document Scanner
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A document scanner is an essential device for any office or workplace. It reduces the need for countless sheets of physical paper, allowing you to send things like invoices, receipts and contracts via email. Of course before you attach them […]

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The very first webcam on record dates back to 1991, just one year before the first commercial webcam appeared on the U.S. market. Many changes and advances have occurred since then: the development of the internet, the advent of internet […]

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Best Wireless Samsung Charger
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Wireless cell phone charging technology has taken the cell industry by storm, and it’s about to become the new standard against which all cell phone charging is measured.  Everyone who uses a smartphone will soon use a wireless charger. If […]

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