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Green Screen
Brett Holmes in Technology

Special effects appeared very shortly after the birth of cinema. In fact, the first effects were used only a couple of years after the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumière brothers. One of the pioneers of special effects is […]

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Samsung Tablet
Brett Holmes in Gadgets

Today, Samsung is the world’s leading manufacturer of technology and electronics. In fact, their tablets were the very first to improve Apple’s iPad. This is why it’s no wonder that their Galaxy Tabs are so highly rated by consumers and critics […]

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Portable Projector
Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Technology

Thanks to video streaming services like Netflix, creating a cinematic experience in your home is easier than ever before. With so much content, it is possible to watch a different movie or TV series every single day. The only downside […]

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Digital Alarm Clock
Brett Holmes in Gadgets

At some point in your life, you have probably used an alarm clock. Let’s face it, most people use some form of an alarm clock whether it is hard for them to get up or not. Everyone wants to go […]

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Streaming Device
Brett Holmes in Technology

Who would have thought that we would live in a world where we have so many digital services available at the touch of a button? As if that were not enough, we also have streaming. Whether you use platforms like […]

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Brett Holmes in Technology

The personal computer (PC) has changed significantly since the first-ever computer was released: the Z1, developed by Konrad Zuse in 1936. Nowadays, personal computers are truly powerful machines with extraordinary computing power and a multitude of applications in almost every […]

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40-Inch TV
Thibault Perinet in Technology

Despite advances in technology, television remains a powerful means of communication. Nowadays, 40-inch models are widely used in meeting rooms and shops. Their size and price are ideal for people looking for a functional product without investing too much. We […]

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Live Gamer
Brett Holmes in Technology

In today’s digital era, it is no longer a surprise to see famous gamers share a live game session or well-known YouTubers analyzing the most popular titles on their YouTube channels. Professionals or fans, many of them use live video […]

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Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Gadgets

In the field of design, drawing, and other related disciplines, being as accurate as possible is fundamental. This is why all your instruments need to be in perfect order; sharp pencils, clean rulers, and a quality eraser are your basics. […]

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