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Best Flippers 2021: Shoping Guide & Review
Avery Hilland in Fitness

Are you sick of having to rent flippers every time you go on vacation, or being unable to keep up with your partners in the swimming pool? Maybe you recently got some flippers that were too big, or are looking […]

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Best Swim Cap 2021: Shopping Guide & Review
Avery Hilland in Swimming

For fans of aquatic sports, there are some items that you should always use to improve your skills in the water. These items will make you feel like a real professional. Among these items, one that you cannot do without […]

Go to the article You need to find the right swimming goggles for your face, activity and age. 
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Best Swimming Goggles 2021: Shopping Guide & Review
Avery Hilland in Swimming

Swimming is one of the most well rounded sports.  Swimming engages almost all our body’s muscles integrating cardio, stretching and resistance training all into the same activity.  Another compelling attribute of swimming, in contrast to so many sports, is that […]

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