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Vitamin B12
Ava Kirk in Vitamins

Welcome to our guide on all things vitamin B12. Did you now that this nutrient is essential to the proper functioning of many processes in our bodies? Including allowing red blood cells and neurons to work under optimum conditions. Unfortunately, […]

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Ava Kirk in Proteins

Some people love to work out and spend lots of time in the gym, the pool or outside. Others hate even the idea of exercising and everything associated with it: exhaustion, muscle fatigue and injuries. If you are part of […]

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Ava Kirk in Weight management

Your eyes are not deceiving you; there is a new product that is quickly taking over the sweetener section of your supermarket: stevia. This superfood is an all-natural sweetener and great alternative to sugar. It is even great for people […]

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Vitamin D3 and K2
Natanael Morgan in Vitamins

If you are interested in taking supplements, you have probably heard about the current debate surrounding Vitamin D3.  The story is this: although this version of Vitamin D provides plenty of benefits for the health of bones and other tissues, […]

Go to the article Supplements containing BCAAs are popular with bodybuilders and athletes for boosting muscle growth and performance.
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Natanael Morgan in Amino acids

When embarking on any kind of weight loss plan, there is a tendency to lose muscle mass along with the fat. If you’re looking to tone up and lose weight, or grow and keep lean muscle mass, you should know […]

Go to the article Xylitol will help you keep your teeth healthy.
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Natanael Morgan in Superfoods

These days people are more aware than ever of the dangers associated with refined sugar. This is why there has been a surge in the range of alternative products used to sweeten foods, that aren’t damaging to your health – […]

Go to the article People who do strength training require more protein than people who don’t. 
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Vegetable Protein
Natanael Morgan in Proteins

Nowadays there is a growing concern for the natural world, and the well-being and rights of animals. Many people have rejected animal products and have begun to look for more sustainable sources of food. But is it possible to have […]

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Natanael Morgan in Minerals

Firstly, let’s define what electrolytes are and why athletes and people who exercise must consume them regularly. Electrolytes are mineral salts essential for cell development, generally found in our blood, urine and other bodily fluids. The most common electrolytes are […]

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Folic Acid
Natanael Morgan in Vitamins

Discussions about folic acid are often linked to pregnancy and lactation. This supplement is routinely used as the “prenatal vitamin”, but do you know why? In this article, we will answer all your questions about this nutrient: how it was […]

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