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In the field of design, drawing, and other related disciplines, being as accurate as possible is fundamental. This is why all your instruments need to be in perfect order; sharp pencils, clean rulers, and a quality eraser are your basics. But did you know that you could make everything much easier?

The stylus allows you to draw and write as if you were doing it with your hands. You can also navigate online, read your emails, or play video games faster and more efficiently. Whether you’re an industry professional or simply want to make the most of your touch devices, you will significantly benefit from having your own stylus. Are you ready to learn more about these accessories?

Key Facts

  • The stylus is an instrument shaped like a traditional pen or pencil that allows you to write or draw on your tactile devices as if they were paper. It also helps to navigate more efficiently.
  • A capacitive screen only works with other objects that have capacitance, a quality possessed by the human body. Most current devices integrate this type of touch screen.
  • Don’t forget to consider the right criteria before making your purchase. These include comfort, size, and weight, as well as compatibility with your mobile devices. For many, aesthetics is also a determining factor.

Our Selection: The Best Styluses

In the following section, you will discover our very own selection of the best styluses currently available out there. We have analyzed a wide range of products, visited specialized sites, and taken into account user reviews and ratings. In the description below each product, you can learn more about it and its specific characteristics. Let’s go!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Styluses

Are you still a little lost regarding styluses, their uses, and how to get the best out of them? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you solve any doubts you might have. In the following section, we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding these accessories. That way, you can make an informed decision.


You can find a wide range of models on the market, but they all have their own functionalities.
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What is a stylus exactly?

Resembling traditional pens or pencils in shape, this little accessory helps up manipulate tactile devices. Its main purpose is to trace or write as if it were a pen, or to operate as a cursor.
It can work differently depending on the type of stylus you have.

This incredibly handy gadget allows you to carry out the same tasks as a writing or drawing tool digitally. In fact, the stylus replaces your fingers when interacting with tactile devices, offering you a range of advantages listed below.

It is the perfect complement for people working in the world of design, architecture, or art. You can create incredible sketches, drawings, and designs with its precision and ability to change gradient and colors. However, it is also useful for taking notes in class or merely browsing the web on your device.

  • Environmentally friendly, as it helps you to save paper
  • Greater accuracy when interacting on screens
  • Your drawings will be clean and smudge-free
  • You can interact with your screen while wearing gloves
  • Less weight since you don”t need to carry a notebook with pens
  • Your devices won”t show fingerprints
  • Greater hygiene for your devices
  • You can sign documents digitally
  • You can lose it
  • A low-quality stylus can potentially scratch your screen

What types of styluses are there?

There are three main types on the market: the traditional capacitive styluses and digital pens, which can be either passive or active. The first ones are accessories designed to interact with the screen by means of a pressure system. The last two operate on flat surfaces tailored to this use.

  • Capacitive styluses: They feature a pressure system and are compatible with virtually any device.
  • Digital active pens: Their electrical power comes from batteries. They are a little heavier, with some using power systems. However, they always require a battery or a connection via cable.
  • Digital passive pens: They integrate an electromagnetic induction system. Unfortunately, they are only compatible with devices with electrical mesh.


The stylus you choose must fit your hand so you can hold it as comfortably as possible.
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How do styluses work?

It all depends on the type you purchase. In the case of capacitive styluses, which we focus on in this article, their operation is achieved through wireless signals. These signals are produced by the different electrical components and are translated into information based on pressure and angle. This information is first transmitted to the controller, then to the smart device.

What is a capacitive stylus?

The most frequently used styluses are called capacitive. This basically means that they have capacitance properties and, therefore, can work on capacitive screens. These screens are the most commonly found in devices such as tablets or smartphones.

In addition, you can find resistive screens that work by means of a pressure system. Styluses can also operate these devices. However, they don’t need any capacitance since you simply have to press the screen. In the following table, you can view the main characteristics of each type of screen:

Capacitive screen Resistive screen
Operation Objects with capacitance produce changes in the electrical current. The union of two layers of conductive plastic creates changes in the electrical current.
Composition Glass panel covered with a conductor Several layers
Use Fingertips.
Capacitive stylus.
Any other object with capacitance.
Any type of stylus.
Features Detection of simultaneous strokes.
Greater control.
No pressure required.
Faster response.
Lesser precision.
No detection of multiple strokes or movements.
Higher resistance to dust and water.
It requires pressure.
Increased feeling of slowness.
Decreased brightness.
Less resistance to scratches.
Price More expensive More affordable

How should I use my stylus?

Using a stylus is incredibly easy. At most, you will have to turn it on at the touch of a button if your model comes with a battery. In any case, here are some things that you should keep in mind to make the most of your new accessory:

  • Make sure that both the screen and the tip of the stylus are clean before use. Otherwise, it will reduce the sensitivity, and therefore the proper operation, of the device. This can also damage the screen.
  • Replace the tip of your stylus as soon as it is damaged to avoid scratching the screen.
  • If you opt for a Bluetooth-enabled stylus, simply pair it with your electronic device as you would do with any other.


Comfort is all about the size and weight of the stylus.
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Shopping Criteria

While you will find hundreds of different models on the market, each stylus has its own set of functionalities. Not all will be useful for the tasks you want to perform. This is why it is essential that you evaluate how you want to use it before you can make your purchase. In the following section, we will look at other factors that will influence your final decision:


This criterion is fundamental. The stylus you choose should fit your hand so that you can use it as comfortably as possible. It is particularly important if you spend hours drawing or writing with it, as it will prevent your hand from becoming tired. Comfort is mostly determined by the size and weight of the stylus, which we will look at in the next paragraph.

Size & Weight

Your stylus shouldn’t be too big or too small, nor too heavy if you want it to be truly comfortable. These criteria are naturally general guidelines, as it also depends on the size of the device you want to use it with. Larger styluses, for instance, are more uncomfortable to use with a cell phone.

It is also important that the pen fits the size of your hand. Regarding the weight, we recommend that it is not too heavy so that you don’t get tired of holding it. Every individual has their own tastes and preferences, so there is no set recipe for finding the perfect stylus.


One of the reasons why you may have decided to get your own stylus is in order to be more precise. Accuracy will mainly vary depending on the tip of the stylus, and more particularly its thickness. You will find some models that are more specifically designed to offer increased precision.

In fact, the level of accuracy you need should be influenced by your personal needs. If you want to use your stylus to draw, you will have to opt for a very precise model; art naturally requires greater care. If you want to choose and change from time to time, go for a stylus that comes with different tips.


As we discussed earlier, you can’t buy just any stylus and expect it to be compatible with the device you use. Certain models will only work with their own brand or with the digitizer tablet they come with. Don’t overlook this criterion, as you could end up with a product that is no use to you.

However, and despite some exceptions, the vast majority of models on the market are compatible with most operating systems and most touchscreen devices. This is why you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a stylus that you can use. In any case, check the specifications of the product before buying it.


While this factor isn’t actually related to the performance of the accessory, many of us like our products to boast an elegant design. While most styluses come in classic colors (white, gray, and black), some manufacturers now offer a wide range of finishes – including matte and metallic.

There is no doubt that you will be able to find the perfect stylus for your needs in terms of functionality, but you can also buy a model that fits your tablet or cell phone. If you use it for work, an elegant and tasteful will give you a professional image. Technology and design don’t have to be at odds.


As you can see, the world of styluses is as vast as their uses. These little accessories offer a wide range of advantages both in professional and casual situations. You will have to take into consideration a series of key criteria when making your choice. Aspects such as comfort, precision, and design are fundamental.

These tools allow us to make the most of the possibilities offered by our touchscreen devices. With your stylus, you can create art, write, design, or operate your electronic device more efficiently. So, what are you waiting for to get your own?

Did you find our shopping guide on styluses helpful and informative? If that’s the case, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below. You can also share this article on your social media!

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