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Shopping trolleys are large shopping bags on a frame with wheels that make it easier to transport shopping. Whereas in the past they were often referred to as “pensioners’ cars”, today the shopping trolley has long since become a trendy shopping companion for everyone.

Especially in big cities, where shopping usually has to be transported by train, on foot or by bicycle, the shopping trolley is a good alternative to conventional bags.

With numerous different designs, colours and materials, there is a large selection of different shopping trolleys. To help you find the right shopping trolley for your personal needs, we have compared different shopping trolleys and show you what you should look out for when buying one.


  • Shopping trolleys are available in different sizes, designs and materials as well as with different additional functions, so that every individual need is met.
  • The use of a shopping trolley is not limited to age. The shopping trolley is becoming increasingly popular, especially in large cities where residents often switch to public transport.
  • For a comfortable transport of the shopping with a trolley, the selection of the right wheels plays a decisive role when buying a shopping trolley. There are different types of wheels for different surfaces.

The Best Shopping Trolley: Our Picks

In the following paragraphs you will find different versions of the shopping trolley, each with its own advantages. There is a shopping trolley for every taste and every need. In the second step, you can easily order your shopping trolley online.

Buying and evaluation criteria for shopping trolleys

To make it easier for you to find the right model for you, we have summarised the most important criteria for buying a shopping trolley. These criteria include the following 5 points:

So that you know exactly what to look for in the individual points, we will go into each of the aspects mentioned below. By considering these criteria, you can make a well-informed decision.


Shopping trolleys come in different sizes. From small bags with a capacity of 35 litres to large shopping companions with a capacity of 75 litres, you can choose from a wide range of sizes.

If you only go shopping once a week, a large capacity bag is best. But if you go to the supermarket several times a week, a smaller volume will suffice for transporting smaller quantities.


The weight of shopping trolleys varies between different models from 1 kg to 4 kg. The weight plays an important role in the stability of the shopping trolley and should be chosen according to your own buying habits.

If you want to transport rather heavy things with the shopping trolley, then it should not be too light. However, make sure that the shopping trolley does not become an additional burden when transporting your shopping.


The shopping trolley bag comes in many different materials. Shopping trolleys can be made of plastic, rattan, polyester, old canvas or even old truck tarpaulins.

If you want your trolley to be waterproof, it is best to use plastic, polyester or truck tarpaulin. For unique designs, you can use used canvas or truck tarpaulins, as each piece is unique. If you prefer a classic look, a shopping trolley made of rattan is the right choice.


There are different types of wheels for shopping trolleys. These range from small (approx. 15 cm diameter) or large plastic wheels (approx. 30 cm diameter) to pneumatic tyres or stair climbers. The latter consist of three plastic wheels in the so-called 3+3 wheel system.

If you only want to use the trolley on level ground and for short distances, small plastic wheels are sufficient. If you plan to transport your shopping by bicycle, larger plastic wheels or pneumatic tyres are a good choice. If you live on the fifth floor and don’t have a lift, you should use a stair climber.

Height adjustability

Many shopping trolleys are equipped with height-adjustable handles so that both short and tall people can use the same trolley comfortably. Different trolleys also have different levels of handle height adjustability.

If you want to use the shopping trolley together with your partner despite the difference in size, then the height adjustability of the handle is a function that enables easy transport for both of you. Make sure that there is enough room for adjustment.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about shopping trolleys answered in detail

In this section, we would like to provide you with additional information on the subject of shopping trolleys. We answer the most frequently asked questions about buying a suitable shopping trolley:

Who is a shopping trolley suitable for?

A shopping trolley is suitable for anyone who wants to carry their shopping easily. The shopping trolley is particularly popular with senior citizens, as they do not have to use as much strength to carry their shopping. But the shopping trolley can also be an attractive alternative to conventional shopping baskets for younger people.

Shopping trolleys are well suited for easily transporting shopping in the big city by public transport (Image source: Markus Spiske / Pexels)

A shopping trolley is a convenient alternative, especially in big cities where shopping often has to be transported by public transport or carried up numerous flights of stairs in a high-rise building without a lift.

What types of shopping trolleys are there?

Shopping trolleys come in many different variations. For people who do a week’s shopping, there are large bags. For those who only need to do some quick shopping after work, there are shopping trolleys with a small capacity.

Depending on your needs, you can also buy a shopping trolley with the right additional equipment. An integrated seat even makes the journey home on a crowded train bearable.

Different castors for straight or uneven surfaces as well as for easy pulling of the trolley over steps can be chosen to suit your own way home. 2-in-1 shopping trolleys also offer the option of using the frame and the bag separately.

In addition to the numerous additional functional options, the shopping trolley can be designed in a wide variety of colours, shapes and materials, so there is something for every taste.

How can you transport a shopping trolley by bike?

In order to be able to transport the shopping trolley safely by bicycle, a coupling must be attached to the luggage carrier of the bicycle. Here, the shopping trolley can simply be attached and you can also negotiate bends with your shopping trolley on your bicycle without any problems.

The coupling for the bicycle can either be purchased separately or directly in a set together with the shopping trolley. This way, you can either order an additional hitch for an already purchased trolley or buy a sidemount for the bicycle from the start if you mainly transport your shopping this way.


Shopping trolleys are a great option for easily transporting heavy shopping. Many additional functionalities make it possible for you to find a shopping trolley that exactly meets your expectations and is optimal for your needs.

Moreover, shopping trolleys are available in many different designs and materials, so that they are not only functional but also stylish in everyday life. When deciding which trolley to buy, your personal shopping habits on the one hand and your personal design preferences on the other play a decisive role.

(Cover photo: Victoriano Izquierdo / Unsplash)