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Sex Toy For Women
Rachel Nelson in Lifestyle & Fashion

Taboos are a thing of the past: women are using sex toys more and more.  This is not surprising, as they greatly contribute to a happy and healthy sex life. They give you a lot of pleasure with little effort […]

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Rachel Nelson in Lifestyle & Fashion

Sex is always more pleasurable with a lot of lubrication: the more, the better! Intimate lubricant works together with your body’s natural lubricant and will give you more intense sensations. There are lubricants of different flavors, scents, and even effects […]

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Rachel Nelson in Lifestyle & Fashion

Not all bodies are the same, and neither are all condoms. When it comes to condoms, there are many different types and sizes. Choosing the right condom isn’t as easy as it seems, so it is important that you learn […]

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Men's Masturbator
Rachel Nelson in Lifestyle & Fashion

In a world where more taboos are being torn down every day, masturbation is no longer the controversial topic it once was. Masturbation is a physical act and a human need to satisfy one’s sexual desire, and practicing this activity […]

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