They are very easy to use, they can even be controlled from the mobile.
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Robots have arrived and they are here to stay and to change our lives. They are still not quite as advanced the ones made famous in the scifi novels of Isaac Asimov. However, they are already making lots of peoples lives easier everyday. If you are tired of mowing your lawn, or you simply don’t have time to do it, a robot lawn mower will help you keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

There days there is a wide variety of models available on the market that can be adapted to the needs of different users. There are some that have rain detection systems or anti-theft protection. Other models are designed to work over particularly challenging terrain, while others are only suitable for working in a small area without any steep slopes.

Key Facts

  • Robotic lawn mowers offer a wide-range of advantages, both in terms of comfort and economics, and even from an environmental point of view. They are also super easy to use, and can even be controlled using your mobile phone.
  • Most robot lawn mowers operate within a specified area, that is marked out by low voltage perimeter cables that must be installed before use.
  • The first factor you need to consider when purchasing a robot lawn mower is the size of your lawn where you are going to be using it. Then you can start thinking about other features such as the device control, cutting options and battery life.

Our Selection: The Best Robot Lawn Mowers on the US Market

To give you an overview of the range of robot lawn mowers currently available on the market, in this section we present you with the four best robot lawn mowers currently available on the market, in four different categories. All these products offer great value for money, have positive customer reviews, and are made by respected manufacturers.

Most Economical Robot Lawn Mower

If you want a quality robot lawn mower for the lowest possible price, take a look at this product from WORX. This fully automated robotic lawnmower learns about your lawn and suggests a schedule based on your lawn size. It’s easy to install and set up in just a few simple steps. The cut-to-edge feature allows blades to mow closer to your lawn’s border, leaving less area to trim.

Best Low-Noise Robot Lawn Mower

This robot lawn mower is quiet enough to cut your grass at night while you are asleep. Guided by hidden boundary wires, Automower knows how to smartly maneuver around your yard and when to return to the charging station for a battery recharge. This mower tackles yards up to .4 acres, slopes up to 17 degrees and cuts grass up to 3.6 inches tall.

This is the most popular robot lawn mower on the market right now. Maintain your grass with the touch of a button with the Automower Connect app, or with the command of your voice using an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. The Husqvarna 315X is your fully automated, robotic battery-operated solution that cuts grass day or night, rain or shine. Get your weekends back and maintain a perfect lawn 24/7.

Best Robot Lawn Mower for Challenging Conditions

Welcome to an entirely new lawn mowing experience with the Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower. Designed to provide the easiest, most convenient and least time-consuming mow ever, the RS630 is lawn-friendly, user-friendly, and family-friendly with its various number of features. This model is designed for lawns up to 3/4 acre and is programmed to drive to individual zones in your yard and cut on slopes up to 20 degrees.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Robot Lawn Mowers

If you are considering buying a robot lawn mower, it is essential that you have have a solid understanding of how these devices work, and their main characteristics. So you can find out everything you need to know, in this section we answer the most frequently asked questions about robot lawn mowers.

Robot lawn mowers are electronic devices with a battery powered motor that cut grass autonomously.

If you have a small lawn, that is mainly flat, a robot lawn mower is the perfect way to cut your grass.
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What are robot lawn mowers exactly?

Robot lawn mowers are electronic devices with a battery powered motor that cut grass autonomously. Most commonly, they operate within a predetermined area bounded by low voltage cables that must be installed before use. They also usually have collision sensors to avoid hitting objects, people or animals in their path.

What are the advantages of robot lawn mowers?

Owning a robot lawn mower allows you to save time, energy and even money. These autonomous devices are very easy to program, safe to use and more environmentally friendly than a traditional gasoline lawn mower. In the following table, you can have a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of owning a robot for mowing your lawn

  • They work autonomously, which will give you more time to be with friends and family on weekends
  • They are very easy to use, some models can even be controlled using your mobile phone
  • They let you enjoy a perfectly mowed lawn at all times
  • Most models are fully programmable
  • They are usually powered by electricity, so they reduce the cost of the upkeep of your lawn
  • They are very safe and will automatically shut off and stop cutting if they are lifted or tipped over
  • They do require an initial installation process
  • They require a financial investment
  • It is necessary to replace the blades from time to time

Is it worth buying a robot lawn mower?

If your lawn is fairly small and has a mainly flat surface, without any steep slopes, it is definitely worth purchasing a robot lawn mower, even a low cost model would be sufficient. For more challenging conditions, such as steep terrain, a complicated lawn configuration or large areas, it is very important that you find a suitable option.

With proper installation the advantages far outweigh the negatives. Over the long term, it will save you a considerable amount of time, and also give you economic savings. The electric motor also is much more environmentally friendly, than using a traditional mower that runs on gas.

Two types of robotic lawnmowers can be distinguished mainly, those that require a perimeter cable to delimit the work area and those that do not require it

A robotic lawn mower operates autonomously, according to a predetermined pattern.
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What types of robot lawn mowers are currently available on the market?

The main distinction between the two main types of robot lawn mowers is based on whether or not they require the use of a perimeter cable to delimit the work area. If a unit does not require this installation process, they will be easier to setup. However, these days more than 90% of current models of robot lawn mowers do use this type of system.

Jack MaFounder of Alibaba

“In 30 years, a robot will likely be on the cover of Time Magazine as the best CEO”.

How do robot lawn mowers work?

Robot lawn mowers are fully automated and work within a predetermined zone. This is made possible by the use of a series of low voltage wires that delimit the working area. These cables are completely safe and can usually be buried, so that they are not accidentally tripped over.

Do I need to be careful using a robot lawn mower?

The majority of robot lawn mowers are waterproof, which means they can cut grass in the rain without any issues. However, they do require some basic maintenance tasks. Periodically check to make sure there are no obstructions or dirt accumulated under the unit. If your mower begins to cut less evenly or efficiently, it is probably time to replace the blades.

With robotic lawnmowers they are all advantages, both in comfort and economic, and even from the environmental point of view.

Most robot lawn mowers are waterproof, so they can be operated in the rain.
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Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a new robot lawn mower, it is important that you take several important factors into account. In order to find the option that best suits your needs from the wide-range of models currently available on the market, just keep the following criteria in mind when making your purchase.

The Size of Your Lawn

The characteristics of your lawn where you are a going to be using your new robot lawn mower, is the most important factor to keep in mind when making your purchase. It is important to consider not only the overall size, but also whether the terrain is flat or has steep slopes. The robot’s capacity is usually calculated for flat and uniform terrain.

If your lawn is quite large or has more challenging terrain, you need to find a unit with a greater capacity. In the case of terrain with steep slopes, you will need a more powerful robot that has good traction. Some of the latest models are capable of working on slopes with a gradient of up to 50%.

Cutting Options

Most robot lawn mowers can cut grass at several different levels. The first specification you should check is the maximum cutting height. If the grass on your lawn is above that value, you will need to mow it with a traditional lawnmower first. It is also important that you never cut your grass too short, as it can leave brown or bare-looking patches on your lawn.

Some of the more high-end robot lawn mowers have a feature that crushes and spreads out the blades of cut grass. This not only allows smoother operation, but it is also a great way to turn cut grass into an eco-friendly natural fertilizer for the soil. Or else you can easily clean up the cut grass using a leaf blower.


Most blades used by robot lawn mowers are fairly inexpensive and are not too complicated to replace. However, you should still check what type of blades the unit uses and how often they need to be replaced. Double-edged blades offer cleaner cutting and a lower energy consumption. Other commonly used types of blades are tempered and thin blades.

If you have children or pets that are often playing out on the grass of your lawn, you need to find a robot with retractable blades or that has a protective cover over the blade. Another option is a model that has a safety system that will automatically shut the unit off, if it detects any movement or it is accidentally overturned.

Battery Life

This is a an important factor if you have a very large garden. Some robots can function continuously for up to two hours, which should be enough for the average user. It is also a good idea to check how long the battery takes to fully recharge.

Control and Connectivity

The vast majority of robot lawn mowers are fully programmable, and most of them can also be controlled using a remote. If you choose a robot with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to control it using your mobile phone. Another great feature is an anti-theft system, allowing you to leave your robot running while you are indoors.

The most common types of anti-theft systems utilize a PIN for activation or an alarm. Rain detectors will stop the robot from cutting as soon as it starts to rain, and reactivate again after it has stopped. Even though many models of robot lawn mowers can work in rainy conditions, it’s actually not the best idea as wet grass cuts more unevenly.

Noise Level

Choosing a robot with the lowest possible noise levels will give you and your neighbors more piece of mind every time you want to mow your lawn. This is particularly true if you want the robot to operate at night, when even the smallest amount of noise is much more annoying. However, generally speaking a robot that is quieter will be less powerful, so you need to find a balance between low noise levels and adequate power for your requirements.

Noise level is measured in decibels (dB). The average noise level of a road is around 90 dB, and sound of the wind in the trees is roughly 25 dB. Anything under 60 dB is low enough to not be overly annoying, but there are some great units that operate much more quietly, although they are less powerful. However, if you only need the robot to cut a small area that is fairly flat, one of these quieter models is definitely the best option.


Owning a robot lawn mower will free you from the annoying task of mowing your lawn, and give you more time to spend doing what you love. Some of the best models currently available on the market are even capable of operating in challenging conditions such as over steep terrain or in the rain. They also feature safety and security systems to prevent accidents and theft.

It is not surprising that these gadgets are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. The first thing you should take into account when choosing a robot lawn mower is the dimensions and configuration of your lawn where it will be operated. Other factors such as battery life and control options are also important to consider.

We hope this shopping guide helped make your purchase process easier. If you enjoyed reading this article, please leave us a comment below and be sure to share it with your friends and family!

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