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Puzzles are a classic way to bring the family together. Many generations have spent time doing puzzles together and they are still very popular amongst adults and children. There seem to be more and more variations of these products, but the original puzzle has never lost its charm. This is not surprising, as puzzles are very entertaining and train your brain.

Putting a puzzle together is an excellent activity for adults and children of all ages, as this activity not only benefits children but is an amazing way to improve the memory of adults. We have written this shopping guide and review for you to choose the best puzzle for you and your family.

Key Facts

  • Puzzles are excellent toys as they are challenging, fun, and you can put them together over and over again. They are great for bringing the family together.
  • Putting puzzles together provides innumerable benefits for adults and children as well. These benefits include physical, emotional, and cognitive development in children and stimulate spatial intelligence and fight against memory loss in adults.
  • Along with the theme and design, you should also consider the level of difficulty, shape, and size when looking for the perfect puzzle.

Our Selection: The Best Puzzles on the U.S. Market

There are so many puzzles on your market that you will definitely find the perfect one for you and your family. In the following section, we have selected our favorite puzzles on the U.S. market to help you with your purchase.

Best Dinosaur Puzzle for Kids

This is the perfect puzzle if you have children that like dinosaurs. It only has 60 pieces, so it is easier to put together than a puzzle for adults. It will help your children develop their thinking skills and learn about dinosaurs at the same time. This is a perfect gift for young children.

Best Disney Puzzles

This puzzle set comes with four puzzles for you to put together with your friends or family. It is perfect for any Disney lover, as all four puzzles have Disney designs. These puzzles have 500 pieces and are 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide. 

Best 500 Piece Puzzle

This 500 piece puzzle is great for any game night with friends. This puzzle is meant for older children or adults as it has more pieces. This brand boasts that every piece is unique, unlike other puzzles.

Best 1,000 Piece Puzzle

The last product on our list is also the hardest; it has 1,000 pieces. This puzzle will take you longer to put together than the others. The finished size of this puzzle is 26.75 inches wide and 19.75 inches tall and pictures a caban on the lake.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Puzzles

Puzzles continue to evolve and stray away from the original idea of what a puzzle is, but these variations of puzzles still have the same benefits as the original model for adults and children alike. In the following section, we will answer some of the most common questions about these entertaining items from buyers like you.

Floor puzzles are very big and flexible. They are a great way to introduce young children to these fun and beneficial toys.
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What is a puzzle exactly?

A puzzle is a board game that comes in many, usually flat pieces that you have to put together. Every single piece makes up a bigger image. This activity puts your ability and patience to test as putting it together can take hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the level of difficulty.

Traditional puzzles are usually made out of wood, although the majority of modern puzzles are made out of cardboard, are rectangular, and vary in size. These days, there are many different variations of the original idea of this game, like 3D, moving, or light-up puzzles.

How old do you have to be to play with a puzzle?

Simple puzzles can be played with by children younger than two years old, and, after this age, they can start playing with more complicated types of puzzles as they get comfortable with the process of putting it together. If your child is around this age, you should buy puzzles with bigger pieces.

The older your child gets, the more pieces the puzzle can have. This will help keep your child interested in the game. For example, five-year-old children can put together puzzles with between 50 and 100 pieces. Preteens can put together complex puzzles with up to 1,000 pieces. Teenagers that love puzzles can challenge themselves with puzzles that have thousands and thousands of pieces.

Many parents love to give their children puzzles.
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What benefits come with putting a puzzle together?

Because puzzles have so many benefits, many parents love to give their kids puzzles along with other educational toys. Even simple puzzles can be beneficial to little ones as they grow. They contribute to physical, emotional, and social development.

  • Physical development: For children, puzzles are an excellent way to stimulate hand-eye coordination. It also promotes fine motor skills, which will help your kid when he or she begins to write.
  • Cognitive development: Even the simplest of puzzles can help your child recognize shapes and forms. They also improve memory and promote problem-solving skills.
  • Emotional and social development: When you put together a puzzle, it takes a lot of planning and patience, and, if done in a group, your child will learn to work together in a team.

What types of puzzles are there?

Although we all love classic puzzles, there are a lot of different types to choose from. The following are the different types of puzzles on the market.

Type of Puzzle Características
Flat puzzles These are the classic puzzles that we all think of. They are usually made out of cardboard and are not very expensive. Some models are made out of wood.
3D puzzles This type of puzzle will really help you improve your spatial intelligence. The pieces are usually made out of sturdy plastic. Some 3D puzzles even move or light up.
Floor puzzle This type of puzzle has very large and flexible pieces and is great for small children.

Can I play with a puzzle in a group?

Putting a puzzle together is something you can do alone or with a group of friends or family. The more complex the puzzle, the more people you can invite to put it together. This is a great way to promote working with a team..

There currently exists a variety of different types of puzzles.
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Are there puzzles for adults?

Of course, there are! Many adults enjoy putting together a good puzzle. If you are looking for a product for yourself, get a more complex puzzle that has 2,000 pieces or more. There are even puzzle with more than 10,000 pieces! There are many puzzles made specifically for adults. You can find very advanced puzzles with detailed designs. They are great for a night with friends or to do by yourself.

Puzzles are not just for children. Many adults enjoy putting puzzles together.
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Keep in mind that puzzles are not just for small children. They are great for improving your spatial intelligence and can even help prevent dementia and Alzheimers. If you or a loved one already suffers from one of these, these products can even slow down the effects of the disease.

Can I recycle a puzzle?

You can, depending on the material that your puzzle is made out of. The majority are made of wood or cardboard, which are both recyclable. However, there are some made out of durable plastic that should last for a long time.

It is always better to reuse a puzzle. Remember, if you buy a good quality puzzle, you will be able to put it together and take it apart many times. Your puzzle should last you years!

Simple puzzles can be used by children younger than two years old. (Fuente: Woennyy: 27751330/

Many puzzle fans frame their puzzles after assembling them. This is a great option if you get tired of putting it together over and over again. Instead of throwing the puzzle away, you can display your favorite puzzles on the walls of your home.

Shopping Criteria

Many people believe that the image on the puzzle is the most important part of the decision when purchasing one of these items. However, this is not true. Although the image is important, there are other criteria that you should keep in mind when buying the perfect puzzle. We have made a list of these important criteria to help you with your choice.


There is a puzzle for every theme that you can imagine. For children, these items can come with educational images that can help them learn more, and, for adults, there are puzzles that have interesting pictures of famous landscapes, landmarks, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Traditional puzzles are usually made out of wood, although the majority of modern puzzles are made out of cardboard.
(Source: -Vadim Guzhva: 74804502/


When deciding which puzzle to buy, don’t forget to check how big it is. Sometimes, a puzzle can come in a small box, but, once you put it together, it can be a lot bigger. Make sure that you have the space to put the puzzle together.


A well-designed puzzle can be a great decoration in your home after you put it together. If this sounds like a good idea to you, get a puzzle that matches with your home. There are even puzzles that have pictures of famous art on them.


Classic rectangular puzzles are always very fun, but there are many other shapes to choose from. You might want a 3D puzzle, as they put your spatial intelligence to the test.

Puzzles are classic board games.
(Source: Auremar: 46099282/


Puzzles are classic way to have fun with friends and family. Children and adults of all ages love putting together puzzles because they put your patience to test and improve your problem-solving skills. They also help you pay attention to small details. Puzzles are great fun for game nights and a great way to get together with your kids.

There is a variety of different puzzles on the market. They vary in their level of difficulty, themes, and sizes. We hope that this article has helped you choose the best puzzle for you and your family whether you are buying one for your children, game nights, or just for yourself. We hope you find the best puzzle.

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