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Are you ready to release your adrenaline, let go of stress or simply relax? These are some of the reasons you should start practicing one of the oldest sports in History. Going off on a punching bag can help you get away almost as much as your favorite summer holiday.

You will likely want to get training once you find out that you can do great boxing workouts right from the comfort of your own home. This is one of the main benefits of a punching bag. You get access to a great cardio and strength workout right in your house, without having to go to a busy gym or rec-center.

Key Facts

  • Punching bags are ideal for boxing without wasting time and money on gyms or other training centers.
  • You’ll find two main types of bags: those hanging from the ceiling or wall (currently the most in demand) and free-standing bags.
  • This type of fitness product is great for busy people, or those for whom heading to the gym is difficult. You’ll also be interested if you want to improve your technique at home.

Ranking: The best punching bags

Here is our selection of the best punching bags you can find on the market. The following section was designed to teach you what you need to find which model is the right one for you or your loved ones. You will also learn all about the different shapes, coating materials and types so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about punching bags

You’ll find many types of punching bags on the market. This affordable product is easy to install and allows you to practice boxing at home. However, many variants and levels are present within the sport of boxing, and this is why we answer below the most frequently asked questions from users.


Boxing is perfect to evacuate stress and tensions.
(Source: Diaz: 24381996/

What is a punching bag exactly?

Punching bags are also commonly referred to as boxing bags, and are a necessary tool for training most martial arts. It is possible to injure your hands while using this apparatus, so there are some precautions to take to keep yourself healthy and injury free. You should always make sure your hands are properly wrapped, and you are using the proper gloves for the bag.

Did you know that filling your punching bag with sand is not recommended? Opt for another material such as cotton or foam rubber, and only put a bit of sand at the bottom to provide greater stability.

What types of punching bags are available out there?

We’ve already mentioned the two main types of punching bags: hanging and free-standing bags. This comparative table will show you the differences between the two. This can be very helpful in making your decision, so pay attention!

Type Hanging Free-standing
Advantage Takes up less space at home when in use Easy to transport and store when not in use
Movement More realistic. You work better on coordination and rhythm of blows Moves much more, which can be uncomfortable
Weight Its weight is more balanced. It is better suited for working on your technique It can sway quite a bit with kicks

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a punching bag?

Your physical and mental health can always benefit from exercising, and sports like boxing are an excellent alternative if you want to stay in shape and burn off some energy.The following table exposes some of the benefits and drawbacks you should keep in mind when buying your punching bag:

  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Burns calories within short periods of time
  • Works out your core, legs and arms
  • Difficult to move
  • Can lead to hand and knuckle injuries if not hit properly

Why does boxing release stress and tension?

Slipping on some gloves and punching away at your boxing bag is very enriching for both your mind and body. The movements of your workout keep you focused and allow you to escape, contributing to the release of tensions from your daily life.


Punching bags come in all different colors and coating materials.
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What are the health benefits of using a punching bag?

As previously mentioned, boxing is a great way to release tension and experience a nice endorphin rush, but that’s not all a punching bag is designed for. Boxing is a great way to improve your cardio and, therefore, your health. It has helped many people lose weight and build muscle mass. Now that you know how beneficial boxing can be for you, it’s time to dive a bit deeper into what this sport has to offer.

  • You burn calories at a good rate. High intensity cardio exercises make your body burn calories and fat at a quicker pace. This great option is perfect to lose weight and define your muscles, so don’t forget to work out at a high enough pace.
  • Your legs work out too. A correct posture is key when you’re hitting the punching bag. This translates by a solid guard position and semi-flexed legs, which will also make you exercise your lower body. Many people don’t actually know that boxing is a great workout for your legs.
  • Strong abs. Combining exercises with the punching bag makes you work on your cardiovascular capacities and your abdominal belt at the same time. This helps maintain a firm core throughout your workout. You’ll also be strengthening your lower belly and obliques when doing lateral punching exercises.

What should I keep in mind when starting on my punching bag?

You know this: warm-up is essential for any sport. We suggest you begin with some active stretching, then move on to jumps, a jog, or some push-ups and sit-ups. Christian Ledesma Saraiva, a personal trainer and nutrition expert, says: “This activity gets your whole body moving.”

Christian SaraivaPersonal Trainer and Nutrition Expert
“Boxing burns a lot of calories. It also contributes to an overall improvement in the functioning of your cardiovascular and respiratory system.”

What is the best exercise routine for my bag?

You should always try to keep a tight abdomen and firm chest during your workouts. When it comes to your exercise routine, you can start by throwing punches into the air in front an invisible opponent.

This common boxing exercise is called shadowing. You’ll be working very intensely on your abdomen, arms, chest and back. And it doesn’t stop there: you also need a great mobility of the waist, legs, ankles and buttocks for boxing, which will help tone up your body faster.

What should I eat for boxing?

You should always be striving to have a healthy diet, as this strongly influences your capacity of handling physical exercise. Watch your diet and eat healthily, and you’ll improve your cardio and stamina for when you need to hit that bag.

Eating five meals a day, always staying hydrated and avoiding carbohydrates “because they are fat” are myths you shouldn’t believe, or they will eventually impact your body. Food is your body’s fuel and you’ll need a healthy and inclusive diet to bring quality and intensity into your training. Focusing on your nutrition is one way to improve even faster.

Shopping Criteria

You’ll find a wide range of punching bags on the market, and we strongly encourage you to compare different models before make your purchase. We’ve designed this section to show you some of the key criteria to consider before you settle for a specific product. We hope this will help you choose the best punching bag for your needs.

Type of punching bag

Different types of punching bag comes with certain benefits and disadvantages, and you should always keep in mind what you expect your bag to deliver when you are using it. You also need to consider how big a bag is and how much space you have to accommodate it. Finally, take into consideration the unique design of the bag, including the materials and the aesthetic, to get the punching bag that makes the most sense for you.

Here are the different types of bags available:

  • Pear-shaped bag: Ideal to improve hitting speed.
  • Speed bag: Designed to improve your reflexes.
  • Banana bag: Specifically designed for Muay Thai.
  • Free-standing: Best for practicing punches and kicks in small spaces.
  • Hanging bag: More comfortable and firmer, it improves your technique.


The recommended weight for your punching bag is approximately half of your own body weight. Bags of 20 kilos are mostly used by children and smaller women, while bags of around 35 kilos are recommended for people who weigh over 80 kilos. Bags of 45 kilos are ideal for athletes weighing 80 kilos and over.


Boxing used to be considered a sport for men, but many women practice boxing or kickboxing today.
(Source: Diaz: 24381996/


You will quickly find out that different punching bags are optimal for different martial arts disciplines. Some are best suited for boxing, while others are tailored for kickboxing and/or Muay Thai. The firmness and height you’ll need will be defined by the type of martial art or sport you practice. Think carefully about your needs before making your purchase.

Did you know that leaving a punching bag hanging all the time is not recommended? Take it down and roll it to level its filling from time to time, because the stuffing will compact itself at the bottom and it will become harder than the top.

Experience and power

You might have already have considerable background boxing knowledge before buying your bag. You might already have good punching technique, and a heavier bag that doesn’t move around as much when struck probably makes more sense for you. MMA bags often move around more than boxing bags, which could be inconvenient, based on your needs, so take that into consideration as well.

Filling material

Here are some common fillings used in punching bags: sand, water, crushed fibers and compressed fabric. It is not rare to see models mixing a couple of different fillers, which can also include an extra layer of foam inside. We suggest you buy a pre-filled bag to save yourself some hassle, but you can also use old clothes or rags if standard fillers aren’t an option for you.

Coating material

The different coating materials you’ll find on the market are specific to different exercises or sports. Leather bags offer the best quality and have a longer useful life. Here is a list of the most common coating materials available on the market:

  • Faux-leather: More affordable than leather, they imitate its feel.
  • Canvas: Despite being of poorer quality, these models are more suitable for outdoor use because they are water resistant.
  • Leather: They provide a more realistic hitting experience and won’t damage your hands or knuckles if you decide not to wear gloves.


Maintaining your health is of the utmost importance, which is why sports and physical activity should be an integral part of your life and exercise routine. It can be hard to get adequate exercise in, but buying exercise equipment you can use on your own, in your home, without having to go out can make a major difference.

We hope that you’ve learnt all the interesting features of punching bags and how they can help you stay in shape, especially when it comes to the colder months of the year. The numerous functionalities and affordable price of this product make it very attractive, but make sure you choose the most suitable punching bag for your needs.

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