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Impact Wrench
Lisa Marlin in Tools

It may be that impact wrenches are not the most common tools, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not useful. These tools have become very handy for DIY-lovers, but even more so for professional mechanics, who work continuously with nuts […]

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Impact Driver
Jacob O'Connor in Tools

Impact drivers are powerful tools that allow you to work with many types of materials and walls. With such tools, you’ll be able to create holes in all sorts of surfaces and carry out difficult jobs with ease and minimum […]

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Hammer Drill
Lisa Marlin in Tools

No doubt this is not the first time that you’ve had the need to use a drill for DIY tasks or repairs in your home. There’s probably been more than one occasion that the drill was not strong enough to […]

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Rebecca Campbell in Tools

No handyman and true DIY aficionado can go without an electric drill. For choosing the best one, you couldn’t have come to a better place. If you’d like more information about electric drills – or if you want some pointers on […]

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Claw Hammer
Rebecca Campbell in Tools

Most homes across America have at least one hammer lying around. One of the most common types of hammers, and those used most often by carpenters are claw hammers. This is a tool that has not really changed much over […]

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