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Have you ever not been able to find a plug to charge your phone in your own home? These days, we have so many devices that require an electrical connection, and we are needing more and more plug sockets in our homes.

It might just be time to add more power sockets into your home, and for that, you will need a power strip. Many people will choose any model, without paying attention to the specifics. In this article, we will help you figure out which plug board you need in your home.

Key Facts

  • Make sure that the power strip has surge protection against over voltages, so it does not damage other devices connected to it
  • If you have children at home, we recommend choosing a power strip that is also child proof to avoid any injuries.
  • Not all power strips are the same. It is best to choose one depending on how you will use it. In the section “Buyer’s Guide,” we will help you discern between the many options out there.

Our Selection: The Best Power Strips

There is a variety of power strips, and they can be distinguished by their design, functions, technological advances they incorporate, and safety measures for children. In this section, we have put together a variety of power strips for you to choose from.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Power Strips

When thinking about buying a power strip, knowing the functionalities of each model will help you decide on the best option. In order to do this, you need to be aware of the different functions and what they provide. In this section, we will go over some of those features to help you make the best decision.

Hand holding electric plug, Multiple socket with connected plugs

Knowing the functionalities of each model will help you decide on the best option.
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Is it worth buying a high quality power strip?

To put it simply: yes. Over-voltages, short circuits, and even contact with fire are all problems that can arise with electronic devices. For this reason, it is best to invest in a good quality power strip that is certified, meaning it has passed all security checks and will prevent any injuries.

You should look for products that are recognized by accredited manufacturers, that offer safety guarantees. By doing this, you can make sure that your plugged-in devices are also safe. A low quality strip can short circuit and damage your electronics.

What type of power strip should I choose?

There are a few different factors that can help you make this decision. Firstly, you should ask yourself where you are going to put the power strip and what you need it to do. If it is for an office or a dining room, you may need one that can go unnoticed and will match the surrounding furniture.

If you are looking for a power strip with some advanced technical features, there are some options that incorporate innovations such as remote control, WiFi, power regulation, and many other features.

Benefits Description
Surge Protection Perfect for homes with children, as they have tabs that prevent electrical contact with children.

Protects against power surges.

Energy Saving The power strip has a switch that allows you to unplug it when you are not using it, which saves energy.

Some more advanced options reduce energy consumption even while it is being used.

Accessibility These can be placed on furniture, shelves, or walls by using fixings.

Some have a swivel plug that can be used in all directions.

Connections Many strips has USB connections, and some with WiFi.

What are retractable power strips?

Retractable strips are usually more narrow and elongated, as they are designed to be placed in a discrete space. These are commonly docked in office tables to go unnoticed in the work environment. Aesthetically, they are the best option, and can only be seen when connected to a device.

These types of strips can also be wider, although it is less common. If you are looking for maximum discretion when it comes to design, this is a good option. If you have a device that requires constant connection, then you should consider a more conventional power strip.

What if the voltage changes?

If you are worried about safety, or are using your power strip in a place that is prone to voltage changes, short circuits, lightning strikes, fire hazards, or other factors, we recommend that you use a power strip that has professional protection.

This is something to consider, since the electronic devices that you will have connected to your power strip can be damaged if one of the above circumstances occurs, and they may even become unusable. These types of strips also provide extra protection for the little ones at home.

Did you know that lightning has an electrical power of 1,000 and 10,000 million watts per second? With a current capacity ranging from 200,000 amps to 100 million volts for each bolt.

Should I buy a power strip with WiFi?

Currently, many of the new power strips on the market incorporate the option of being controlled by WiFi. Although this can be a tempting feature for the more technical savvy, you should consider whether it will be very useful to have this function in your power strip.

The basic idea is to be able to connect a mobile phone to your power strip via WiFi, and be able to control the different connections remotely. Some even incorporate Google Home or Amazon Alexa, as the one shown in our ranking.

Buyer’s Guide

When considering to buy a power strip, you should consider how often you will need to use it, how many plugs you will need, and if you want it to include any advanced features. In this section, we will go over some of the different aspects that you should consider before buying.


There are many strips out there with advanced designs that will compliment your home or office space. They can be vertical, cube-shaped, or other designs that differ from the typical elongated model.

One advantage of this type of power strip is that they can be adaptable to any space that you want to use it in. For example, it may be that each plug is flexible and can move in any direction. This is also an ideal design for tight spaces or when you have multiple devices to plug in.

overloaded power boards, close up

Multi-connection strips allow you to connect several devices in different ways.
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This is also an increasingly popular option for lovers of technology and digital innovations. Multi-connection power strips allow you to connect several devices in different ways. Among the most popular is the possibility of having USB connection to charge tablets and smartphones.

This way, by connecting devices to USB ports, you can free up other plugs for other devices. As a novelty, some USB multi-connection power strips include ports for fast charging, which is an advantage when you have little time.

Cable Length

This aspect can easily go unnoticed, but the truth is that a longer cable can make your life easier. Especially if you do not know exactly where you are going to put it, because a longer cable allows you to have more flexibility of options.

It is mainly useful when the plug that is on your wall is far away from the area where you want to use it, since having a cable that is 3 to 6 feet in length will help you get the most out of your space. This way, you will not have to worry about getting an extension cord for your devices.

Did you know that electric power cannot be stored in large quantities? For that reason, the precise amount that is necessary must be generated at all times.

Switch Options

Power strips with switches have been on the market for several years. Traditionally, they were designed to regulate the power and to save electricity, however new models have more advanced features.

This new technology has brought multi-switch strips that have different switches on each outlet, in addition to the general switch on the power strip itself, that lets you have even greater control and save more energy. This is also a good feature to protect children from electrocuting themselves.

Number of Plugs

The number of plugs that a strip has is another relevant aspect to consider when deciding between models. In this case, there are multiple options, from smaller power strips to larger ones, depending on what you need. First, think about how many devices you will need to connect to the power strip.

We recommend purchasing a power strip that has more plugs then you think you will need. With all the technology that is coming out, it is likely that you may acquire more devices that need to be plugged in. Everything from cell phones, TV’s, fans, lamps, and computers are just some of the common devices that you may need to plug into a power strip.


Before deciding which power strip to buy, think about how you are going to use it and how many devices you will need to connect to it. You should also consider whether or not you want it to be more technologically advanced.

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