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Breastfeeding Pillow
Topaz Gomez in Parents & Children

Breastfeeding pillows are products specifically designed to facilitate the breastfeeding process. They are available in different sizes, shapes and materials to make breastfeeding easier. The objective of a breastfeeding pillow is to make both mother and baby as comfortable as […]

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Teddy Bears
William Dixon in Toys

Teddy bears and other stuffed animals are adored by kids of all ages, although they are particularly appropriate for babies and toddlers. They come in a variety of shapes and colors which will delight young toddlers.  They are soft and […]

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Baby Activity Center
William Dixon in Toys

During their first years of life, children learn with every step they take. Therefore, educational games are essential for them to absorb information while having fun. Baby activity tables are specifically designed to meet these two goals. With these types […]

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Diaper Rash Cream
William Dixon in Parents & Children

The inevitable contact with diapers on the delicate skin of babies during their first months of life causes, on many occasions, redness or irritation. These types of reactions are known as diaper rash, and they are mostly treated with creams. […]

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Diaper Bag Backpack
William Dixon in Parents & Children

As you probably already understand if you are a parent, taking care of a baby can be complicated. It may seem like every time you leave the house you forget something: the bottle, the toys, the diapers, etc. Rest assured […]

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Best Child Leash
Ester Robinson in Kids

Yes, you heard us: child leashes. It may sound strange to some, but the truth is that lots of people in the US and other countries use this type of safety strap for their little ones. In fact, thanks to […]

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Gabriel Bierwirth in Parents & Children

Puzzles are a classic way to bring the family together. Many generations have spent time doing puzzles together and they are still very popular amongst adults and children. There seem to be more and more variations of these products, but […]

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Baby Shampoo
Gabriel Bierwirth in Parents & Children

Giving your baby a bath is probably one of the most precious moments of a newborn baby, filled with laughs, kisses, and hugs. At the same time, in a baby bathtub, your baby is relaxed and experiences new sensations, smells, […]

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Wooden Toys
Topaz Gomez in Toys

Wooden toys have stood the test of time so well because people just love them. Children now start playing with iPads and iPhones almost as soon as they are able to grasp the devices in their little hands, but for […]

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