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Baby Shampoo
Gabriel Bierwirth in Parents & Children

Giving your baby a bath is probably one of the most precious moments of a newborn baby, filled with laughs, kisses, and hugs. At the same time, in a baby bathtub, your baby is relaxed and experiences new sensations, smells, […]

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Wooden Toys
Topaz Gomez in Toys

Wooden toys have stood the test of time so well because people just love them. Children now start playing with iPads and iPhones almost as soon as they are able to grasp the devices in their little hands, but for […]

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Baby Blanket
William Dixon in Parents & Children

From the time they are born, well into their toddlerhood, baby blankets are great items that will accompany your baby and keep him warm, comfortable and cozy, while in their crib, on your arms or on the go. In the […]

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Kid's Suitcase
Topaz Gomez in Kids

Getting kids ready to go on vacation takes a lot of work. In addition to just their clothing, you’ll also need to consider toys, shoes, food, toiletries, and other things to make them happy and comfortable. In order to make […]

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Baby Bouncer
Ester Robinson in Parents & Children

All parents know that there is nothing better for calming, relaxing and distracting your baby than easy, rhythmic movement. Surely many of you have experienced fatigue from carrying a baby in your arms for a long time, especially when they […]

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Board Game
Tevaughn Brown in Parents & Children

Board games are the ultimate classic toy. They have been around since time immemorial and have become an essential part of childhood experiences worldwide. We are lucky enough to now live in their golden age, where board games are more […]

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Montessori Bed
William Dixon in Kids

In the past, the Montessori method was only known by educators, but now more and more parents are becoming familiar with this remarkable approach. It is not surprising therefore that this method is now having an impact in the area […]

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Baby Bib
William Dixon in Parents & Children

Bibs have saved the clothing of babies since time immemorial. Therefore, it is not surprising that we find bibs in absolutely every home with a baby. However, over time, these useful items have evolved a lot, both in their form […]

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William Dixon in Parents & Children

Your newborn baby has been in your tummy for nine months. This means that your little one is used to a warm, comfortable place. Of course, it will be difficult to offer your baby something as comfortable as your womb, […]

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