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Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world after water. We have a cuppa in the morning to wake up, and another to stay awake at night. It’s a must for many after a meal, and the perfect excuse to take a break from work. Few things are as delicious as enjoying an authentic Italian espresso.

Moka pots prepare espressos through water evaporation, and they will help you make the most of this delicious drink. Many people think it’s actually the best way to prepare coffee. This article will show you why you should have this kind of coffee maker at home, and you’ll also learn about the very best models available on the market.

Key Facts

  • Also known as Italian coffee makers, moka pots are your best option to truly enjoy the flavours of coffee. In this day and age, our kitchens are filled with small appliances; you can opt for a different kind of household. Leave all cables, capsules and other difficult instructions behind: nothing should complicate something as simple as having a cup of coffee.
  • Many people believe that that Italian coffee makers prepare the finest coffee. Some even say that no other method can make coffee taste quite the same.
  • You’ll find an endless number of models within a fairly wide price range on the market. And don’t forget: some models are truly affordable.

Our selecction: The best moka pots

We’ve compiled the very best Italian coffee makers on the market just for you. This section will help you find out which model is the most suitable for your family and yourself. You’ll also learn to choose the perfect accessories and to assess the different shopping criteria.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about moka pots

You now know which are the best models of Italian coffee makers available on the market. However, there are different aspects to take into consideration when making your final shopping decision. Here’s everything you should know about moka pots.

Couple or friends talking and drinking in a restaurant

Nothing beats an Italian espresso after a meal.(Source: Guillem: 40441523/

What is a moka pot exactly?

Also known as the Italian coffee maker, this appliance is designed to prepare the world-famous “espresso italiano”. While it is very different from the trendy American coffee, few coffees are as delicious as an authentic espresso. The coffee is processed through evaporation.

How do moka pots work?

You naturally have to know how a product works before buying it; it won’t be too hard in this case. You have to fill the tank at the bottom of your Italian coffee maker with water up to a safety mark. The funnel is placed on top with the ground coffee inside. The upper part is screwed back on, and you’re ready to go!

italian coffee maker

Moka pots date back to the year 1933. They were invented in Italy by Alfonso Bialetti.(Source: Pinkasevich: 114368305/

When your coffee maker is ready, place it on the stove at the right temperature. Here’s a quick little tip that will save you some hassle: don’t press the coffee too hard inside the funnel to avoid overflowing. Finally, don’t forget that the coffee rises to the top part of the moka pot when the water boils.

Your coffee will be ready to enjoy once the coffee maker starts making a gargling sound. Be aware that the drink will spoil if it boils once it has reached the coffee collector. As you can see, there’s nothing easier than making your own coffee as long as you follow a few simple precautions.

Make sure you tightly screw the top so that water cannot come out.

Can I use my moka pot on induction hobs?

The very first Italian coffee machines were only designed to work on gas stoves. However, they have evolved over the years and are now compatible with other stoves. Many buyers wonder whether their moka pot can be used on induction hobs, and the answer is yes, as you have seen above in our ranking.

If you have this kind of stove in your kitchen, make sure to get a suitable model. To be safe, we recommend you to check the manufacturing material of the coffee maker: ferromagnetic steel is what you’ll be looking for. You should also make sure that your stove can actually work with small diameter appliances.

What accessories do I need for my moka pot?

You won’t need much to enjoy an authentic Italian espresso, but the accessories featured in the table below can come in useful:

Accessory Function
Grinder For grinding your coffee
Espresso cup For a perfectly sized coffee
Individual thermos To have coffee on the go
Measuring spoon To dose your coffee

Moka pot or capsule coffee machine: which is better?

Capsule coffee makers are very trendy nowadays, and you’ll find hundreds of models on the market. Some of them can also prepare hot chocolate or infusions. But that doesn’t mean this type of coffee machines can’t coexist with an Italian moka pot in your home. Despite its simplicity, the latter offers certain additional advantages listed right here for you:

Characteristic Advantage
Capacity It can make coffee for several people at once
Consumption It requires less energy
Maintenance Its upkeep is very easy
Durability It tends to be more resistant to damages

How do I clean my moka pot?

Cleaning your Italian coffee maker with an abrasive product will damage the material, so avoid this at all costs. Start by thoroughly rinsing it to remove any coffee residue – you can occasionally use soap. Dry carefully all parts with a clean cloth to prevent the appearance of the dreaded mould.

Once your moka pot is nice and clean, store it disassembled to help the joint last longer. As part of the cleaning process, it is important that you check that the valve is free of any dirt. While newer models can be washed in the dishwasher, we recommend you to always clean it manually.

What are the different parts of a moka pot?

Italian coffee makers are usually composed of nine different parts, each of which plays a key role in the preparation of your favourite drink. Let’s look at these parts and their specific purposes:

  • Lid. It is used to prevent coffee from coming out of the coffee maker. It can be lifted to check if all the water has risen.
  • Knob. It is placed on the lid and used to lift the latter without burning yourself.
  • Coffee collector. This is the upper body of the coffee maker. Its function is to collect the coffee once prepared.
  • Handle. Made from a heat insulating material, it lets you hold the coffee maker without burning yourself.
  • Gasket. It separates the filter from the funnel. Generally made of rubber or silicone, it needs to be changed from time to time.
  • Funnel. This is where the ground coffee is placed. The water rises from the bottom.
  • Heating vessel. It is used to hold the water to prepare the coffee.
  • Pressure release valve. Located in the heating vessel, its function is to release pressure. You should make sure not to put too much water into the tank for it to work properly.
  • Filter. It is located between the collector and the funnel, and serves to prevent the ground coffee from mixing with the drink.

moka pot

A good espresso will give you all the energy you need to take on the day.(Source: Andreadonetti: 17474582/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of moka pots?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Italian coffee makers:

  • Excellent taste
  • Affordable
  • They take up little space
  • They can only make one type of coffee
  • The gasket needs to be changed from time to time

Shopping Criteria

There are many things you should keep in mind before buying your very own Italian coffee maker. This will help you choose the moka pot that best suits your specific needs. Here is our review of the most important shopping criteria:


When you’re calculating the capacity of your coffee machine, don’t forget that each cup measures 100 millilitres. If you tend to drink quite a bit of coffee, don’t be shy: two cups per person won’t be too much. If you want your coffee maker to quench everybody’s thirst at once, take into account the members of your household and multiply it by 2. In other words, we recommend you make 8 coffee cups if you are four people for breakfast.


There are other specific characteristics that you should take into account besides capacity. The type of stove you have is one such characteristic: as mentioned previously, not all Italian coffee makers are compatible with induction hobs. Dishwasher-safe models can also come in vert handy. Check all other features that may be important to you to make your life easier on the long run.

cooking espresso coffee with italian cafetera at home

Certain moka pots present very elegant and modern designs.(Source: Trebizan: 29305656/


While most Italian coffee machines share a similar traditional design, you’ll also find wonderful alternatives. The classic pots come with a silver tone, but you can find models with different colours or even prints. However, don’t forget that it may be harder to keep these Moka pots in perfect condition.


It is essential for you to check whether your chosen model complies with safety regulations. Italian coffee makers present certain risks, as an accident may happen if the pressure rises and cannot be evacuated properly. The best thing you can do is make sure that your moka pot is correctly sealed when in use.


The material with which your moka pot is designed will affect the quality of the coffee. Most models are made from stainless steel or aluminium, and the former is usually better as it is a higher quality metal. Certain coffee machines are also chromed with copper or other materials, which increases the quality of their materials.

Stainless steel is chemically inert, and therefore ideal for cooking.


Designed to prepare the best possible coffee, moka pots create a unique and special taste. All lovers of the world’s most popular drink should have one of these. However, make sure you consider all aspects of this product when buying your one. Analyse thoroughly the different characteristics of your coffee maker to ensure you are successful in your purchase.

A traditional Italian moka pot will quickly become your best ally if you need to prepare several espressos at a time. Using it is truly easy as ABC! Clean the coffee maker well every time you use it to keep it in good condition. Don’t forget to dry it thoroughly to avoid humidity problems, and keep an eye on the wear of the gasket.

We hope you found this guide very interesting, so don’t hesitate to share it on your social media or leave us a comment in the section below!

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