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Wearing a tie is a classic way to convey a certain elegance through your style. It presents a flair that will allow you to feel more confident and even more powerful. Keep in mind that politicians and CEO’s have gotten used to wearing them for a reason. If you want your style and presence to stand out and make a statement, a proper necktie will certainly help.

Don’t forget that there different types of ties and they are meant for different occasions. In order to achieve the look and polish you want, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the different types of products in order to choose the most appropriate tie for your taste and the occasion.

Key Facts

  • Size matters. For some occasions, one style and size may be better than another.
  • Incorporating a tie will always make you look more polished and elegant.
  • If you want a tie that lasts, you will want to pay close attention to the materials with which its made.

Our Selection: The Best Ties for Men

In this section, we have collected the top men’s ties currently available to you. We have included a brief description of their main characteristics in order to help you compare them. We hope the information in this ranking will help you better understand your needs and the makings of a good men’s tie.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about men’s ties

Before buying a tie, it is essential that you know all the main aspects of this product. Next, we will explain them to you so that you have a clearer idea of what you need to know about neckties for men. In addition, we will answer the most frequently asked questions of customers.

Elaboración de nudo de corbata

As a general rule for all tie knots, the widest part of your tie should hang roughly at the same height as the upper edge of your leather belt.
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What is a men’s tie exactly?

A tie is a long piece of clothing, usually by men, for decorative and aesthetic purposes. It is placed around the neck, under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat. In most cases, it’s a strip made out of silk, or other quality materials. In some industries and schools, the use of ties is mandatory. However, in more casual work settings, such as IT companies, ties are not a requirement. We should note that even though ties were originally a product for men, today, women also wear them.

What sizes of neck ties are there?

Neckties come in all sorts of sizes, depending on the brand, design, occasion and the height of the person wearing it, one size will be better than another. As a general rule, however, there are three types of necktie sizes, check out the table below to learn more:

Types Size
Standard The most used necktie worldwide is the traditional tie size.
It measures at about 6-7 cm wide.
It usually goes well with all kinds of suits, but especially with the more classic styles.
It’s an ideal size for formal events.
Skinny These are considered a symbol of a modern fashion sense.
These ties are not as common, and they are often worn by men who don’t want to conform to a classic look.
Their use is also reserved for more casual events. These ties are around 4-6 cm wide.
They are also a great option for more slender complexions. They look best when worn with slim fit suits that have narrow flaps.
Wide These ties are between 8-10 cm wide.
The size of these ties has them occupy most of the torso area, for this reason, they are best suited for men with a strong complexion.
If you don’t have a wider frame, these ties will look a bit excessive and outdated.

What are the main fabrics used to make men’s ties?

Today, you can find ties made of a wide selection of fabrics. It is important to note that not all materials are made equal. The durability and long-term appearance of the tie will be largely determined by the quality of the fabrics it is made of. In the table below, we briefly elaborate on the most common men’s tie materials:

Material Characteristics
Silk It is the most classic fabric for ties.
Within silk ties, you’ll find different categories, according to their quality and how much silk is actually in their composition.
These ties are always a great choice and they can be worn with any suit.
Wool It has a rough texture, especially when compared to silk ties.
Avoid wearing them at night, the texture loses a lot of its beauty and it makes them look sloppy.
Instead, opt to wear them with thicker suits when lower temperatures require their use.
Knit Much like wool ties, knit ties should be worn exclusively during the daytime, and when the occasion calls for high formality.
These ties are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and they convey a playful style which makes them great for the summer season.

How many tie knots are there?

It may not seem like it, but you can actually get quite creative with neckties. These accessories can be tied in many different ways, and the knot you choose will depend on the type of shirt and other garments you wear with it. Just like the style of the tie, one knot may always suit you better than the other. This next table explains the main tie knots:

Knot Characteristics
Four-in-hand knot This is the most simple and easy to tie knot.
It can be used to tie any style of tie. Its use is very versatile and is recommended for shirts with narrow necks.
Start by placing the tie around the neck and cross the broad end of the tie in front of the narrow end.
Fold the broad end behind the narrow end and bring it forward on the opposite side, pass it across the front horizontally, and fold behind the narrow end again.
Bring it over the top of the knot from behind, tuck it behind the horizontal pass, and pull the knot snug.
Slide the knot up the narrow end of the tie until it’s neat against the collar.
Windsor This is one of the most formal tie knots and it is often reserved for ceremonies such as weddings.
This method produces a wide symmetrical triangular knot, which does not work well with every type of suit or shirt.
For example, shirts must have a wide, trimmed neck in order for this type of knot to work well.
In addition, the tie has to be of classic silk, wide and with a lot of fabric to be able to properly tie the knot.
Half-Windsor The half-Windsor knot, also known as the single Windsor knot, is a way of tying a necktie which produces a neat, triangular knot.
This knot is very popular and is used most in daily life since it’s not as striking and imposing as the full Windsor.
To tie it you’ll need a long tie that is not too wide, this is important so that the knot doesn’t turn out too thick.
Other knots The three that we have mentioned above are the most popular necktie knots.
Nonetheless, it is always good to know that there are other types that are equally valid.
For instance, there’s the double knot where you do two front laps to gain width.
The Shelby or pratt knot, which is very similar to the Windsor, or even a bow tie can be a good option.

In what occasions do men wear ties?

As we’ve mentioned a few times throughout this guide, men’s ties can be worn on many different occasions. For instance, work and corporate environments often call for the use of neckties. If you work at a traditional office, it is probably best to opt for a classic or standard design. If you have ties with less conventional or eye-catching designs, it is best you leave those for leisure events.

Weddings and formal events, the use of a tie is almost mandatory. For these types of events, make sure to choose a tie that allows you to express yourself while matching the suit and the occasion. Furthermore, it is recommended to wear white or light-toned shirts if it’s a daytime ceremony or event; if on the other hand, it’s in the evening or night, dark colors are best.

close up of man in shirt adjusting tie on neck

The context that requires the most use of ties are work and corporate environments.
(Source: Dolgachov: 37056215/

For most leisure events it won’t be superfluous to wear a tie. In these cases, almost anything is allowed. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to choosing a product that allows you to express yourself. If you don’t want to wear a suit, you can wear knitted versions that match jeans and shirts. Bowties have also become popular alternatives to dress casually and without suits.

What are some interesting facts about men’s ties?

The necktie that we know today originated in Europe and it traces back to Croatian mercenaries serving in France during the Thirty Years War, they wore traditional small, knotted neckerchiefs which aroused the interest of Parisiens. This is when the new article of clothing started a fashion craze in Europe, both men and women wore pieces of fabric around their necks.

And thus, the necktie was born, the name comes from the Italian word corvatta or cravatta, which is derived from Croatian etymology. Ties as we know them today, come from the uniforms for clubs and colleges, such as those worn by members of Oxford University around 1880. Today, ties continue to be worn around the world, most commonly as a complement to the shirt and suit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a men’s tie?

We have briefly summarized the main advantages and few disadvantages of men’s ties:

  • Conveys power
  • Style
  • Elegance
  • Class
  • Confidence
  • Good ties are expensive
  • NBot every style is appropriate for all clothes and occasions

Purchase Criteria

Whenever you find yourself shopping for a men’s tie, it’s super important that you consider a number of relevant criteria. This section includes some key factors to keep in mind before you make a final purchase. Keeping this information in your mind, is the best way to make sure you choose the best product for the occasion and your needs.


To get a quality tie, we recommend opting for one that is made of silk. This material is very resistant to dirt and wrinkles, so it gives long life to the tie while keeping you looking sharp every time. Moreover, silk ties are soft and shiny and a great compliment to any style. Last but not least, this material is also capable of absorbing moisture efficiently, making it difficult for it to feel and look wet. All these things combined, make these ties crowd favorites.

Two cheerful business men shaking hands and smiling while standing indoors

At most weddings and formal events, wearing a tie is part of good etiquette.
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This is another aspect to keep in mind if you’re looking for a men’s tie that is appropriate for a formal event. A good suit will often include other accessories other than the necktie, you can add a handkerchief, cufflinks or a silver clip to your look for best presentation. The combination of these accessories, along with the tie will give you the best possible formal presentation.


The style of the tie you choose is very important in order for it to look good with what you’re wearing. For instance, the length has to reach up to the waist or a little above – never go shorter. Moreover, the knot should perfectly cover the buttons of the shirt and be centered between the shirt collar buttons, if the shirt has them.

Another fundamental aspect to take into account is the dimple in the tie. This is a fold that happens in the tie’s fabric near the knot. It adds more depth to the tie and the outfit as a whole, it is the final touch that can make all the difference in turning the tie from a simple piece of material into a power statement. When adding a dimple, it must be centered and look natural.

A tie dimple is created in the final stages of tying your tie when tightening the knot. The wide end of your tie is squeezed, close to the knot, causing the material to pucker and create a small dimple that lies just beneath the knot when the tie is complete.


The color of the tie is also an essential factor to consider before purchasing the product. For example, red is known to convey power. That is why a lot of politicians wear it. Purples, on the other hand, are ideal for business meetings because they emit self-confidence and help create lasting first impressions.

Discussing something and smiling while getting out from elevator

The style and knot of the tie are important aspects to consider when trying to be formal.
(Source: Gstockstudio: 31386290/


Experts have noted that a men’s tie is one of the garments that most characterizes the personality of the person wearing it. It is said that a “modern man should be allowed an accessory that allows him to reveal his vision of the world, to point out his presence in it: the tie”. In short, the ties you wear send a message to the world and they define what you are and what you want.

There is no one tie fits all, depending on your personality, mood, and the image you want to convey, you’ll need one style or another in different occasions.


Whether you’re suiting up for the office or laying out a look for the evening, a tie allows you to pull together the disparate elements of your wardrobe with a touch of texture or complementary color. In short, men’s ties are an ideal garment if you are looking for a touch of unique and personal style. In addition, it is a product that conveys elegance, confidence, and style.

There must be something to them if you find that the most powerful men in the world always wear them. Remember that looking your most formal will almost always involve topping off your ensemble with a necktie. These accessories are truly one of the options you have at your disposal for self-expression. Plus, you’ll always be able to find good quality at competitive prices.

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