Last updated: 16/10/2022

Originated by the aristocracy, Derby shoes are now a classic for every gentleman and should not be missing from any wardrobe. The shoes are versatile and also very comfortable. Chosen in the right colour, they can be worn by gentlemen every day.

More on this later. The Derby shoe is often confused with the Blücher or Oxford models for men.

However, these are all different from each other. The Derby shoe model is the basis for other men’s shoe models such as the Budapester. Learn more about this in our article.

The Best Mens Derby Shoes in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Men’s Derby shoes: the most important questions answered

Since the term derby shoes is not familiar to some gentlemen, we will provide some information below to offer an overview of this type of footwear.

What are Derby shoes for men?

Basically, derby shoes are a classic shoe model for men. The special features of the shoe are the open lacing and the derby shoe cut.

This outer vamp consists of the front and two quarters. These quarters start at the heel seam and are sewn onto the front leaf.

The origin of the shoe model lies with a count of the same name who had difficulty getting into boots. A shoemaker made shoes for the gentleman that the count found easier to get into.

What do you have to consider when choosing a size for Derby shoes for men?

Since the shoes are cut rather narrowly, gentlemen with wider feet should choose one size larger. It is best to wear the Derby shoes for some time to make sure that they do not pinch at any point.

When can Derby shoes for men be worn?

The occasion for which men can wear Derby shoes depends on a number of characteristics. For example, the make and sole material as well as the colour of the leather uppers are decisive.

  • In the office: Whether with jeans or a suit, men can definitely wear simple Derby shoes without much adornment in the office. This enhances the look and adds an elegant touch.
  • In everyday life: Combined with the classic everyday look, Derby shoes can enhance any boring look. Here, eye-catching embellishments can also perfect a plain look. In addition, the shoes are very comfortable and can therefore be worn by men for longer periods of time.
  • For festivities: For a birthday party, wedding or even a christening, Derby shoes can perfect a gentleman’s outfit with a suit. The colour of the shoes does not have to match that of the suit. However, the colours should not clash.

As you can see, Derby shoes are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. They are versatile and comfortable to wear.

What is the sole of Derby shoes for men made of?

The soles of Derby shoes are mostly made of leather. The leather becomes slightly roughened through repeated wear, which means that the shoes no longer slip as much.

This offers some advantages for men, whether on the dance floor or on the hurried way to the underground. There are also thicker and thinner soles for this shoe model.

Depending on your preference, you should choose the one that suits you better and goes well with your look.

Styling tips for men’s derby shoes: How to achieve the perfect derby shoe look

  1. Colour: Mostly, the shoes are available in dark brown or black. It looks particularly chic to combine a dark blue suit with brown Derby shoes. But unusual colours can also be very suitable for certain looks.
  2. Combination: Dare to combine your everyday look with Derby shoes. Whether you wear them with chinos or jeans, you will be positively noticed. Also on the job, whether in the bank or when visiting customers by combining them with a suit, you are equipped for every negotiation.
  3. Irrespective of the season: Summer as well as winter. Derby shoes are an all-round talent for men. In summer with turned-down trousers, the shoes look just as casual as with warm woollen trousers in winter. On holiday or at home, the Derby shoes can be worn at any time.

When buying the shoes, it is best to wear an outfit that you also wear frequently to see how you can combine the shoes. That way nothing can go wrong.


As you can see, the Derby shoes are a real all-rounder for men. In everyday life as well as on festive occasions, these shoes are always the right choice. If men pay attention to a few details, their outfit becomes a real eye-catcher and they are admired for their styling.

For courageous gentlemen, Derby shoes with eye-catching patterns are of course a special attraction. If the right things are also taken into account when buying, the shoe can be worn every day as a comfortable everyday shoe without looking boring.

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