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Sex is always more pleasurable with a lot of lubrication: the more, the better! Intimate lubricant works together with your body’s natural lubricant and will give you more intense sensations. There are lubricants of different flavors, scents, and even effects for those that want to experiment more in the bedroom.

Intimate lubricant is very useful and can be used in various different situations. However, not everyone knows all of the things lube can do. We want to help you choose the best product so that you can enjoy your sex life to the maximum. In this article, we will show you the different types of lube, how they work, and what you can use them for.

Key Facts

  • Using lube during sex is not just for people with sensitive skin. Experimenting with lube can be an exciting adventure. Lube makes sex or masturbation feel more pleasurable.
  • The most important criteria when buying lube is the base ingredient. To find the best product, you should consider how you are going to use it and the sensitivity of your skin.
  • Lube usually has effects that intensify your pleasure at the point of penetration. Some can give you a hot, cold, or tingling sensation. There are lubricants of many flavors and smells.

Our Selection: The Best Lube

Every day there are more and more different types of lube on the market. Although many people prefer a neutral lube with a natural texture, there are other exciting formulas for those who wish to experiment more in their sex life with new sensations. In our ranking, we have included lubes with different base ingredients, effects, and scents.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Lube

The use of intimate lubricant is very common and normal. Lube is a must for a healthy and pleasurable sex life. However, many people consider the use of lube as a taboo. This is why many people do not know that they should use this item in their sex life. In the following section, we will answer some of the most common questions from buyers like you.

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Using lube is a great way to make sex more comfortable for people that have sensitive or dry skin.
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What is lube exactly?

Basically, lube is a substance that reduces the friction that takes place during sexual activities. They make things a lot more comfortable and lubricate the skin to give you much more pleasurable sensations during sex or masturbation. They often come in a liquid or gel form.
This product is a must for any bedroom.

You can use lube when you have sex with your partner or when you masturbate with or without sex toys. Lube is made out of ingredients that are easy on sensitive skin and are meant for your intimate areas. There is flavored and scented lube on the market and even lube that is meant to slow down, speed up, or give you a better orgasm.

What is lube made out of?

There are many different types of formulas that make lube. Lube usually differs depending on its base ingredient. This will determine its texture, how you can use it, and its compatibility with other items, like condoms or dildos, for example. The main base ingredients are water, oil, and silicone. There are lubricants that mix two or more of these elements.

Base Ingredient Pros Cons
Water This is the most versatile type of lube. You can use water-based lube during any type of penetration and with condoms. It does not leave stains on clothing. The texture of this lube can become very sticky and may require more than one application. You cannot use this type of lube in the shower or bathtub.
Oil This type of lube will give you a very soft and sensual sensation. It is great for erotic massages. This type of lube can break condoms. It is also harder to wash off.
Silicone The texture of this type of lube is soft and silky, great for people who have sensitive skin. You can use this lube with any type of condom. You should not use this type of lube with any sex toys that is also made out of silicone, because it will wear out the toy. They are harder to rinse off.

Why do I need to use lube?

The female body produces natural lubricant during sexual activity, like vaginal and cervical fluids. Hormonal changes or certain medications can cause women to produce less natural fluids. This can result in uncomfortable or painful sex. Lube is an excellent way to avoid this problem.

Lube is not only for people who suffer from the problems listed above. Many people use this product to make penetration faster and more comfortable. You can also use lube to masturbate with or without sex toys. Lube is especially important when it comes to anal sex.

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Modern lube is much more than just a substance that fights friction.
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It is important to put the idea that lube is taboo behind us. The fact that you use lube does not mean that your partner does not turn you on or is not good in bed. This product intensifies the sensations you have during sex and can help you have a much better time in bed. You can even use lube for erotic massages.

Is lube safe?

Lube is specifically designed to be used on the intimate parts of the body. This means that you can use it on the parts of your body that are more sensitive. Most water-based lube can even be consumed orally. If you are going to use a silicone-based lube, remember that you cannot use this type of lube with latex condoms.

It is important to check for any allergic reactions.

We recommend that you put a little bit of your new lube on your arm before using it for the first time. Wait a few minutes and make sure that you don’t have any allergic reaction. If you feel a burning sensation on your genitals when you use the lube, wash it off with plenty of water.

Even though lube is very safe, you should use it with caution. After using your lube, wash your genitals with water. Leave your lube in a cool part of the house away from the sun and out of the reach of children. After opening a bottle of lube, we recommend that you only use it for three months.

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Lube is a great product for anyone who is looking to improve their sex life.
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Is there natural or organic lube on the market?

Of course! There seems to be more and more natural lube on the market. These products are made with organic ingredients. They usually come from plants that contain calming, soft, and refreshing properties, like ginseng or ginkgo biloba. This type of lube usually does not use synthetic ingredients. Some even have very nice flavors and scents.

Some people even use natural oils, like coconut oil, as lube. We do not recommend this, as coconut oil is not made under the same hygienic standards as lube that is specifically made for intimate parts of the body. If you want a natural lubricant, look for one that is made specifically for sexual activities.

Shopping Criteria

Different lube will give you a different experience. There is lube for different uses, situations. There is also a variety of ingredients that are used to make lube. Many people have to try out many different types until they find the perfect lube. To save your time, we have made a list of shopping criteria to help you choose the perfect lube for you!

Base Ingredient

When picking out your lube, the base ingredient is the most important factor. Water-based lube is very flexible, but you cannot use this type of lube in the shower or bath. Oil-based lube is very sensual, but you cannot use this type with latex condoms. Silicone-based lube is great for people with sensitive skin, but they break down sex toys.


You should get a lube that can be used in a variety of different sexual activities. Some types of lube are made for anal and vaginal sex. There are also types that have scents or flavors for oral sex. Some are made for erotic massages during for-play.

Skin Sensitivity

Using lube is a great way to make sex more comfortable for people that have sensitive or dry skin. If you have very sensitive skin and are worried about irritation, a silicone-based lube is the option for you. If you are prone to allergies, try out a water-based lube. Remember to always test the lube on a small part of the skin on your arm before using it on more sensitive areas.


Modern lube is much more than just a substance that fights friction. If you are adventurous in the bedroom, we recommend that you look for lubrication that intensifies sensation during sex or masturbation. You will feel a lot more pleasure. Some types of lube will give you a hot, cold, or tingly effect. Lube can speed up or slow down the arrival to orgasm.

Natural Ingredients

If you are interested in a type of lube that is made out of organic or environmentally friendly ingredients, look for a product with natural extracts. There are different extracts that come from plants like guarana, ginseng, or ginkgo biloba. These types of extracts have invigorating properties, sensual aromas, and will allow you to experience even more intense sensations.


Intimate lubricant is great for anyone who wants to enjoy his or her sex life to the maximum. Lube is much more than a balm that helps lubricates areas that do not have enough natural lubrication during sex: it is an amazing product that will help intensify your pleasure and give you new sensations. Use it with your partner or during masturbation with or without sex toys.

There is a huge variety of lube to choose from on the market. They are made out of various ingredients and will give you and your partners exciting effects. Some types of lube have great scents and flavors, others have sensual textures for erotic massages. Get your lube today. We hope our guide has helped you find the perfect product that will best adapt to your needs.

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