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Who doesn’t want to have moist, luscious lips? This is an essential part of modern beauty, and for this reason, there is a wealth of products available that will help you achieve the plump lips you desire. These lip-care products include lip scrubs, lip balms, and lip treatment products, among others.

Changes in temperature, excessive use of lipstick, or the type of beverages you consume can all contribute to needing a good lip scrub. Whether it’s the first time you’ve used this product or if you’re already an expert in using lip scrubs, we’ll cover here the key aspects to having beautiful, healthy lips all day long.

Key Facts

  • The women of ancient Mesopotamia made their own lipsticks and lip scrubs from crushed plants and minerals which they carefully applied to the delicate area of their lips.
  • Our lips are like small sponges: if they lack moisture, they will become dry, which you can see in the form of visible dead skin cells. It is therefore important to exfoliate them once or twice per week before using a good lip balm.
  • You should drink half a gallon or eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day in order to maintain healthy lips. Always carry a bottle of water with you and be careful to drink more water during hot weather.

Our Selection: The Best Lip Scrubs

While reading this article, you may have already run your tongue over your lips and noticed some cracking or flaking. These are actually dead skin cells which should be removed. To help you do this in the best way for you, we’ve put together a list of the best products and their key qualities.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Lip Scrubs

If you want to know more about lip scrubs, don’t worry: you’re not alone. Most people have heard about these handy products at one time or another, but are not sure of their ingredients, how often to use them, and if you should wash them off with water. We’re going to cover these issues and more so that you will be able to find the lip scrub which is best suited to your lifestyle and skin type.

Exfoliating your lips is an essential part of your beauty routine. (Photo: Анастасия Бежекенева / 123rf)

What is a lip scrub exactly?

Lip scrubs are beauty products that clean the lips, removing dead skin cells. When used regularly, they have distinct benefits, such as rejuvenating the lips, and making them smooth and moist. By removing the dead skin cells from the lips, lip scrubs allow the fresh new skin to come through. Our skin and lips need continuous maintenance, and a lip exfoliator is a key part of this.

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“Beauty is power, and your smile is your sword.”

What are the benefits of using a lip scrub?

  • Removal of dead skin cells: This is one of the key functions of a lip scrub, and it helps to keep the lips smooth and healthy. This also promotes the growth of new skin cells and reduces the appearance of chapped or dry lips.
  • Improved blood circulation: When applying lip scrub, you massage your lips, activating blood circulation, all of which helps to eliminate impurities.
  • Feeling of wellbeing: You will get an instant boost from the pleasant ingredients and smells in lip scrubs.
  • Your lips return to their natural color: Through exfoliation, the impurities left by lipsticks and other products are removed, making your lips smooth and returning them to their natural color.
  • Reduces dry skin on the lips: By massaging the product into your lips, along with the natural mineral ingredients, you moisturize your lips and reduce dry skin.

It’s best to choose products with natural ingredients as much as possible. (Photo: puhhha / 123rf)

How do you use a lip scrub?

Lip scrubs, or lip exfoliators, can be used at any time of the day, although they should not generally be left on overnight. To use a lip scrub, follow these steps:

  • Clean the area where you are going to apply the product with warm water.
  • Generously apply the exfoliator, ensuring to cover all of the area which needs attention.
  • Gently massage the lip scrub into your lips, before removing with a Kleenex (some brands recommend removing with warm water). Some people like to work the product into their lips with a toothbrush to further boost blood circulation.
  • Apply a lip balm or cocoa butter to fully hydrate your lips.
  • You should use the lip scrub once or twice per week, at any time of day – whenever suits your schedule! Some products recommend use as part of your nightly facial routine so that the benefits of the product can take effect overnight, without being impacted by environmental factors.

What are the key ingredients of lip balm?

Although the exact ingredients vary from product to product, most lip balms have a base of sugar and natural oils. Some also contain extra ingredients to further promote hydration, such as honey or sesame, coconut, almond or jojoba oils. There are also less common ingredients found in some products, such as clay, orange peel, and peppermint. Overall, natural ingredients are more common than synthetic ones in lip scrubs.

Many lip scrubs have heavenly scents and often come in stick form. (Photo: serezniy / 123rf)

Shopping Criteria

When buying a lip scrub, there are a few important things to keep in mind. These factors will help you to choose an exfoliator that is best suited to your skin type, as well as your lifestyle. Below, we outline the most important factors that you should be aware of before buying this product.

  • Skin type
  • Particle size
  • Composition
  • Desired effect
  • Quality

Skin Type

These days, cosmetic products are becoming more and more personalized, so it is essential to know your own lips, to determine how often you should exfoliate them. The lips are made up of an extremely thin layer of skin, which is so thin in fact that the capillaries and blood vessels show through, giving them their pink shade.

Some skin types are thicker, and these are most affected by changes in temperature or pollution, and other more sensitive skin types are more prone to cracking and flaking. The most sensitive skin types should only use a lip scrub containing natural ingredients and even then only once every week or two. People with thicker skin on their lips can use a lip scrub up to twice a week.

Particle Size

You probably already know that facial scrubs come with particles in various sizes. The same is true of lip scrubs.  You’ll find scrubs with tiny, almost imperceptible particles, suitable for people who don’t like to find any particles inside their mouths and who like a softer texture.

On the other hand, scrubs with larger and harder particles are great for people who do not mind this kind of particles in their mouth and who prefer a rougher texture. Many lip scrubs have a strawberry, mint, coconut or chocolate flavor so that it is not a terrible thing if a little product gets into your mouth!

If in doubt, opt for a lip scrub with small particle and then graduate to one with larger particles.


It is important to carefully read the ingredients list of any cosmetic products we buy, not only for those with allergies, but also to get to know the ingredients and determine if it is what we are looking for. It is best to choose a lip scrub with natural ingredients whenever possible. Many lip scrubs feature natural components such as sugar, jojoba oil, shea butter, and honey.

Desired Effect

If you want healthy, luscious lips, the key is consistency. Within the world of cosmetics, regardless of whether the product is cheap or expensive, and regardless of its level of quality, failure to use it on a regular basis will mean you’ll never get the results you’re looking for.

Desired effect Key components
Moisturizing Oils (jojoba, almond, coconut, and so on), natural ingredients such as honey and milk.
Color Hard, medium-sized particles which promote circulation.
Elimination of dead skin cells Vitamin E or Vitamin C.
Feeling of wellbeing Aromas like chocolate, strawberry and mint that stimulate the senses and promote positive feelings.


Higher quality lip scrubs carry a much lower risk of negative side-effects, as well as being much more likely to be effective in achieving the desired final result. Using a higher quality product is essential if you’re planning to use it regularly, and particularly if you have skin issues.

A quality lip scrub will improve your lips’ appearance and you will notice the results you’re looking for over time, specifically a more healthy appearance, absence of dead cells, and a natural pink color.


Exfoliating your lips should be an essential part of your beauty routine. This facilitates healthier, more hydrated lips that look more luscious and more natural. If you use a lip scrub on a regular basis, you will soon see great results, allowing your lips to shine on their own.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful. The most important thing is that before buying any kind of lip scrub you consider each product’s characteristics, and so determine which will best suit your needs.

Do you now know which lip scrub will be perfect for you? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you! If you liked our guide, we encourage you to share it with your friends and family on social media.

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