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Giving your dog a space of their own, where they can feel secure and safe, is crucial if you’ve decided to have a dog as part of your life. A dog kennel is a perfect gift for your dog, whether they spend hours a day outside or keep to the house.

Large dogs often feel a responsibility to guard your home so they tend to spend a significant part of the day in the garden or yard. Providing your dog with a kennel where it can take shelter from rain or hot sun will certainly make it happy. Dog kennels can also act as educational tools for your dog when they are staying at home alone.

Key Facts

  • A large dog kennel or crate can be used in a yard or garden, on the porch and inside the house. It’s a place where your dog can go to feel safe and warm.
  • The market for these kennels is varied and it’s very important to pay attention to the dimensions of the inside of a kennel. This will ensure that your dog is comfortable in the kennel, and that it can sleep without feeling cramped.
  • Most large dog kennels have some sort of base on the floor to prevent moisture from getting in.

Ranking: The best large dog kennels on the US market

In the following section, you’ll see a list of five popular kennels for large dogs on the US market. Additionally, we’ve outlined the main properties of each product so that you can get an idea of which style is best for your dog.

No. 1: AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

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This foldable crate from AmazonBasics is the #1 best selling dog crate on Amazon, and for good reason! It comes in either single or double door models, and a variety of sizes to suit your dog. This kennel is made from sturdy metal wire that allows for ventilation and visibility, but it also folds flat for easy storage and transport to wherever you and your dog are headed.

Don’t worry about your dog when you’re not watching, as this crate has two slide-bolt door latches for extra security and safety. A great choice for both puppies and older dogs, use this crate for a variety of purposes, including potty training, house training and laying out boundaries in the house. It’s also just a great place for your dog to relax and take a nap.

No. 2: LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage for Large Dogs

This heavy duty crate from LUCKUP is more expensive than others, but it will put up with whatever comes its way: it’s made from rust- and corrosion-resistant steel that’s durable, tough and difficult to damage. The steel is also nontoxic to keep your dog safe, and two locks with safety buckles will keep your pet from escaping when you aren’t looking. You can put this crate wherever you see fit, as it has 360 degree rotated locking casters and lockable wheels.

Buy this kennel with confidence, as it comes with a three-year warranty and is a breeze to assemble. All hardware is included so it’ll take you just a few minutes to get started. And you can pick from a number of sizes and styles to suit your breed and specific needs.

No. 3: New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

This affordable crate from New World comes in five different sizes and either single or double door models. It’s foldable for convenience, and comes with a leak-proof plastic pan to keep your floors safe from spills or accidents. When you’re away, securely lock your dog inside with two heavy duty slide-bolt latches on each door.

All dogs seek shelter, and this crate will offer just that. It will provide a safe environment but also clear visibility and ventilation. It’s very easy to assemble and store as needed. You can also buy a range of accessories to make this crate extra special for your beloved dog.

No. 4: MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

If you’re a new dog owner, this kit will be perfect for you and your dog. It comes with everything you need to get started caring for your new pet, including a fully equipped crate, dog bed, crate cover and attachable pet bowls. Choose from six sizes, including large and extra large for those especially big dogs.

This kennel comes with all the best features such as foldability, double-doors, a free divider panel and a durable, leak-proof plastic pan. No tools are needed to set it up, and store it easily when you’re not using it. Get this kit for a smooth transition for your dog as it adjusts to life in your welcoming home.

No. 5: BestPet Dog Crate Playpen for Large Dogs with Roof

This amazing kennel from BestPet is the dog equivalent of luxury living. It comes with a fully-enclosed waterproof tarp cover and steel roof frame, to protect your dog from any weather conditions. The cover even has UV protection, and the roof pitch lets water, snow and other debris slide right off.

When you’re looking to move indoors, quickly disassemble this crate and put it back together in minutes wherever you want. It’s built from sturdy wire with rust-resistance for added durability. Your dog will feel very secure inside, and you won’t have to worry when you leave them at home alone.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about large dog kennels

Before purchasing a large dog kennel, you should familiarize yourself with the most common features of these products. By doing so, you’ll be able to pick the kennel that’s right for you and your dog. In the following section, we answer the most frequent questions among American dog owners looking to buy a new kennel.

Family image with their dog

Dogs are part of the family, but they still need their own space sometimes.
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What’s the purpose of a large dog kennel?

Just as humans need privacy and their own space, dogs like to have a space of their own, where they can relax in peace. A large dog kennel can go outside or inside the house, or you can move it around!  When outside, a kennel can be used to give your dog a roof to protect it from the hot sun during long days in the yard or to provide warmth and protection during cold winter nights.

Inside the home, a kennel makes a great training tool when you want to teach your dog how to behave when alone. If a dog is accustomed to being around people, staying home alone can be frightening. By offering your dog a space where it feels comfortable and safe when you’re not around, such as a kennel, it can help your dog cope with your absence.

Is it okay for my dog to sleep outside in a kennel?

It’s very common for dogs to sleep indoors, even in the same bed or room as their owners. Nonetheless, sleeping outdoors is perfectly okay, and can actually be beneficial for some dogs. Large dogs in particular may enjoy sleeping outside, since they sometimes feel responsible for keeping guard of the house and staying vigilant at all hours.

The decision to put your dog inside or out at night will depend on the character of your pet. Some dogs get so used to spending time outside, especially in rural towns or houses with large gardens, that they start to prefer their kennel to being indoors. Other dogs, however, may seem sad when put outside, so you might want to let it sleep in the house.

Did you know that adopting a dog can have a positive influence on the emotional behavior of a household’s family members?

How do I train my pet to be alone in the kennel?

A kennel can be very helpful for teaching a dog to be alone and to feel safe at home when the owners aren’t around. If you have a new dog, but you usually leave the house for work, you may need some ways to help the dog feel safe and comfortable at home without you. A kennel can act as a safe space for your pet to spend time when home alone.

If you are just getting started with a kennel, place a treat inside to encourage your dog to enter. Over time, your dog will begin to enjoy spending the day inside a kennel because they’ll start to associate the kennel with a place of joy. Dogs like to be around humans, and don’t normally enjoy being home alone, but if you give your dog a kennel of its own, this will help it feel better.

Dos perros en casita

We recommend that you apply flea and tick repellant inside your dog kennel.
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It is suggested that you purchase a dog kennel that’s completely enclosed. Your dog may seem displeased at first, but organizing the kennel properly and giving it a cozy feel will make a big difference. Put your dog’s favorite toy and a warm blanket inside to add a sense of familiarity. When your dog gets used to being alone in the kennel, it won’t feel as lonely when you’re off at work.

Is it okay for my dog to spend the day inside and outside the kennel?

As with most things related to dogs, decisions like these must be made according to the behavior and personal characteristics of your dog. Take note of their reactions in order to decide what situations make them happy or upset. If you see your dog moping around the garden when you’re not with it, your dog likely requires a lot of attention. On the other hand, if you see your dog enjoying itself, running around, acting as a guard and keeping itself entertained, then there is likely no issue with it being left outside during the day.

If you notice that your dog is digging holes in the lawn or destroying pots, furniture or plants, it may be because it’s bored by itself outside. When your dog is enjoying itself and not waiting at the door of the house to be let inside, leave it to spend the day in the yard. If you see the dog inside the house waiting by the door to go out, let them run around all day, it’ll certainly be good exercise for your dog.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a large dog house?

The following list outlines the advantages and disadvantages that come with having a large dog kennel. This product can be used in a variety of ways that will largely depend on the particular character and personality of your animal. Take a look at the list below to see if a large dog kennel is appropriate for your pet.

  • A suitable place for your dog to shelter from hot sun or rain
  • Useful for providing a safe place to your dog
  • Your dog will have its own space
  • Exclusively using the kennel as a home for your dog can leave it feeling lonely

Do I need to take my dog for a walk even if it has a big yard and a kennel?

Even if you have a big garden or yard and a spacious kennel where your dog can take shelter and feel safe, every dog needs to go on walks. Dogs love to share these moments with their owners and going on walks is good for socialization with other dogs. It also helps to teach your dog how to behave around other animals and people.

Just because you have a big yard and your dog runs around all day doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to get away now and then. Take your dog out for a few hours each day so it can get to know new places and smells, spend time with you and play with other dogs. Dogs really enjoy spending time with humans, so going on a daily walk is one of the best ways to do this.

Other than the kennel, what else should I put in my yard to make my dog happy?

A dog needs a number of things to play with in a backyard if they’re going to be spending a lot of time there. To keep your dog busy, you may want to make a special space for your dog that is separate from your normal yard or garden. For example, an area with a sand pit so that your dog can dig freely and hide its toys there.

One important thing to keep in mind is avoiding toxic plants or chemicals for garden maintenance. It is also a good idea to have a designated area where you dog can take care of its daily toiletry needs. And always remember that time in the yard should not replace daily walks with your dog.

Michael W. FoxSenior Scholar, Humane Society
“Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behavior problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect.”

Where should I put a large dog kennel in the backyard?

It’s very important to observe your dog’s favorite places when it sleeps in the yard or where it likes to spend the majority of its free time. This information will be very helpful when deciding where to put a kennel, and to ensure that your dog actually uses it. Another important thing to consider is that the kennel is located in a large, open space, otherwise your dog might feel that they’re being punished when put in the kennel.

There should be plenty of room around the house for your dog to run and play. It may help if you put toys that your dog likes inside the kennel and some other accessories like a blanket or a soft pad. We also advise that dogs have easy access to the home from wherever the kennel is placed.

How do I keep a kennel clean and hygienic?

If your dog’s kennel is kept in the garden, there’s a risk that it will become home to a variety of insects and parasites, especially during summer. To prevent this from happening, you should regularly clean the kennel with water and disinfectant, and then rinse it out well.

You should also apply specialized products to keep fleas and ticks away from the kennel. If you keep a pad, blanket or pillow inside the kennel, be sure to wash them periodically with very hot water and soap in a washing machine. If your dog urinates near or in its kennel, hose down the area with water and train your dog to find a more appropriate place to go to the bathroom.

German shepherd resting

One trick to get your dog used to their kennel is to put treats or its favorite toys inside. 
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Is a kennel with a cover useful?

It is easy to find a large dog kennel that comes with a cover. The largest advantage of this is that it allows the dog to be outdoors, while also being protected from the sun or rain. This makes the kennel an ideal spot for your pet to have a good view of the area around it, but without having to lie down directly on the grass or in the dirt.

On many occasions, your dog may like to keep an eye on who’s around the house or what you’re doing in the yard. But if it’s too sunny or it’s raining, your dog will need to protect itself from the elements. A cover on your kennel offers these possibilities for your dog.

Dog playing with its owner

Even if your dog enjoys being in the yard alone, you should still take it for a walk, since dogs enjoy spending time with you and it helps them socialize with other animals.
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When shouldn’t a kennel be used?

If your pet cries or acts very nervous when you leave it in the yard, it shouldn’t spend all its time in the kennel. Some dogs may enjoy staying in their kennel, but not every dog is like this. Don’t use a kennel as the only space for your pet. Allow it to be part of the family, which means letting it inside the house whenever possible.

Leaving your dog outside your home for long periods of time can leave it feeling lonely or punished for something and not knowing why. A kennel is a good place for your dog to take shelter during the day or by night, but not 24 hours each day. A new kennel should not mean a ban on sharing time at home with the family, but instead should be used as an additional, complimentary space.

Shopping Criteria

When buying a large dog kennel, it’s very important that you are well prepared and that you consider a number of factors prior to making the purchase. In the following section we summarize the most critical things to take into account in order to make the right decision. The shopping criteria we recommend are:


There is a diverse range of materials used to build dog kennels. Wood and hard plastic are two common materials used for large dog kennels. In the following table we summarize the pros and cons of each so that you can decide what suits you and your dog best:

Large dog kennel materials Advantages Disadvantages
Wood Protects the dog from high temperatures during summer.

Insulates well during winter months.

Choose from beautiful designs that compliment your garden.

If you need to get rid of it, the materials are biodegradable.

They are often more expensive.

Wood tends to rot when exposed to moisture, cold and rain, so it requires more maintenance and care.

Wood can be hard to clean.

Hard plastic Strong material

Many colors and models to pick from.

High quality, durable material.

Easy to clean

Plastic can become very hot when exposed to high temperatures, so not ideal for summer.

Provides poor insulation during especially cold days.

Non-biodegradable product

Lower resistance to dog bites.


The ideal size of a kennel for your dog means it can easily turn around, lie down and enter and exit without difficulty. If you choose a kennel that’s too small, it will be very uncomfortable, and if the kennel is too big, it may get cold in the winter. If you have two dogs, you can find one that fits both comfortably inside.

To pick the right kennel, measure your dog lengthwise, without the tail. Also measure your dog’s height from the foot of its front leg to the top of its head. Select a kennel that is slightly taller than your dog’s height. Animal experts advise that the kennel’s height shouldn’t be more than 50% more than the height of the dog or 25% longer than the dog’s length.

Walking your dog each day and playing games with it can help reduce your dog’s risk of developing heart disease, depression and some forms of cancer.


Look for a kennel floor that is slightly raised if you live in a humid place or one that experiences frequent rains. This prevents water from entering the interior of the kennel, and the kennel will stay cleaner and last longer. Some kennels have a thick floor to prevent water entry or small legs upon which the kennel stands.

If your large dog kennel is not elevated, then it’s recommended to have some sort of insulating material in the base. There are kennels with detachable bases for easier cleaning. Always be sure that the base is strong enough to support your dog’s weight.

Perro jugando con pelota de fútbol

If your dog is playing and enjoying itself in the yard, it’s probably comfortable being outside alone. 
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There are several styles that the roof of a kennel can take. As with human houses, it is advised to pick the roof shape according to the climate of the location. Additionally, many kennels have removable roofs to make it easier to clean the inside of the kennel. The most common kennel roofs are:

  • Inclined or gable roofs. If you live in a place where there’s frequent rain or even snow, a sloped roof is key. This will allow water to slide off easily and prevent its accumulation on the kennel’s roof.
  • Flat roofs. In places where the climate is dry and warm, flat-roofed houses are more appropriate. Flat roofs make the kennel interior more comfortable, since the height of the entire space is the same.
  • Roof with veranda. Regardless of whether the roof is flat or inclined, a veranda will help protect your dog from whatever weather takes place, when it wants to lie in its kennel with its head outside.


In order for your dog to find its kennel comfortable, it should have a mattress or soft pad inside. Larger dogs need to lie down on a soft, comfortable surface for better rest. You can also put your dog’s favorite blanket inside. Try to keep both clean and dry.

Dog kennels are all about the comfort and enjoyment of your dog, so toys that they like are always a great thing to put in a kennel. Kennel doors are also an important feature, as they come in various shapes to keep your pet warm inside.


If your dog enjoys spending hours in the yard, you probably want to buy a suitable dog kennel where it can take shelter every now and then. Kennels also serve as a great tool when you want to train your dog to stay inside alone during work hours.

If your dog has a great kennel, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take it for a walk each day. Socialization is important for the behavioral development and health of all dogs. If you often leave your dog outside, don’t forget to give it easy access to the house so that it doesn’t feel alone or punished. A kennel is an ideal way to give your dog its own special space.

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