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Your dog is part of your family, and it needs its own space. If you’re looking for the best large dog beds, we have a selection of beds that you can buy from the comfort of your home and advice to choose the correct one. Remember, it’s extremely important that your dog gets a good night’s sleep and that it’s as comfortable as it can be.

The following is a complete shopping guide of large dog beds, including all of their characteristics and everything that you should keep in mind when buying one. We will address issues or questions you may have: if you should you get one that is orthopedic, hardy, or portable, in case you are going on a trip and want to take the bed with you, or if you should get a plastic dog bed. What are you looking for? We’ll help you out!

Key Facts

  • Dogs sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day, but they also spend much of their remaining hours in bed, especially if their owner lives in a house or apartment with no yard. It’s very important we get the dog beds with the best features to spoil our little fur-balls.
  • It’s important that you put your dog bed in the right place. You really want to make that place comfortable for your dog so that it can sleep well and get the rest it deserves. Your dog should get used to being in a place away from your bed, sofa, or other furniture that you may have. Also, if the dog bed is portable, your dog will feel at home wherever you go.
  • When buying a large dog bed you really need to keep in mind many factors, for example, the size, age, and weight of the dog, what the dog bed is made of, if the bed should be hardy or not, and if it should be portable. The design of the dog bed is also very important. It’s important for the dog bed to be easy to clean.

Our Selection: The Best Large Dog Beds

Don’t just buy the best-priced bed you find on the market. You should pay attention to the important details, for example, the design and the characteristics of the bed. You’ll be surprised about everything you should know when buying the best large dog beds. Here is our ranking with a selection of large dog beds.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Large Dog Beds

Did you know that the bigger your pet is the more important it is for you to pay attention to what your dog bed is filled with? As we always advise, don’t just randomly buy products. Here we have given you details and factors to keep in mind to make sure you purchase the right size and quality of product.

Small boy and cute dog at home

One thing that you want to keep in mind is that your large dog bed has an anti-slip surface so that it doesn’t easily move around.
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What are large dog beds exactly?

A good large dog bed should be a place for your dog to rest. You will find thick dog beds and thin ones. You’ll find them in different sizes, too, depending on your dog’s size. There are also different designs and brands. Basically, they should be very comfortable. A large dog bed should be a place that your dog likes and that your dog makes its own. Your dog should not get cold in the winter or hot in the summer.

The bigger and heavier your dog is the more stuffing and padding the bed needs. This way, the dog does not sink too much into the bed, and the bed will support the dog’s body. It’s important to choose a bed for your dog that corresponds with its size, and if your dog is large, it should be able to fit into its bed and not feel tight or like it has too much room.

What advantages do large dog beds have?

When we talk about large dog beds we are specifically talking about beds that are made for big dogs. That being said, this does not mean that if you have a puppy that will grow into a big dog one day you should buy it a large dog bed right away. This is a common error. A small dog is not going to want a bed that has too much room.

Following are some of the advantages of a large dog bed:

  • Comfort. If your dog will get a good night’s sleep in its bed, this will positively influence its character and daily activity. Your dog needs to get enough sleep.
  • Space. Your dog will have enough space. This way, it will spend much less time on your couch or bed. This will avoid unwanted shedding or damage to your furniture.

What size should my dog bed be?

When choosing a size for your dog bed, you should keep in mind that the dog needs to be able to stretch without any part of its body hanging off the bed. You can find how wide you need the bed to be by measuring the dog from the tip of its tail up to its neck.

As for the shape, there are circular or rectangular large dog beds. Here, you should observe how your dog sleeps. If it sleeps stretched out, measure it from its head to the end of its back feet and choose a bed that its whole body will fit in. If it sleeps in a ball or partially in a ball, choose a round bed. Your dog will definitely love to snuggle up in it.

What should my large dog bed be made of?

The quality of the padding and comfort of your dog bed are determined by its materials and stuffing. If you have a nervous dog or one that bites a lot you should probably avoid cotton or plush beds, as your dog would probably destroy these. You should always look for a waterproof dog bed as well.

It’s important that your large dog bed has an anti-slip surface so that it doesn’t move around easily. This way you can avoid the bed moving when the dog moves around in its sleep. If the dog bed has reversible cushions, you’ll be able to turn them over depending on if it is hot or cold.

 young beautiful white labrador retriever sleeping looking very cute, soft and cuddly

If you have a nervous dog or one that bites a lot you should probably avoid cotton or plush beds, as your dog would probably destroy these.
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What type of large dog beds are out there?

There are many types of dog beds, depending on the materials they are made out of or their design. However, not all of them are fit for large dogs, which is what you need if you are reading this article. For example, igloo beds or beds that resemble nests or baskets are better for small dog breeds.

Here we will show you the different types of large dog beds that you can buy for your pet so that you can get an idea of which one will be the best purchase for you. Here is a table of 5 types of dog beds with some of their characteristics, pros, and cons.

Types Characteristics Pros Cons
Classic large dog beds Traditional model, includes mattress. Round, square, or oval Comfortable, manageable, and a variety of colors and designs Easy to clean, detachable, zippers
Orthopedic large dog beds Stiff cushioning that gives your dog a good position and is easy on your dogs joints Perfect for old or ill dogs that need extra care More expensive
Elevated large dog beds Bed with legs and a removable case that keeps the dog off of the ground Perfect for inside or outside, unfolds, hygeniec Not comfortable for all dog breeds
Plastic large dog beds Plastic frame with an anti-slip base, elevated side and low entrance Strong and easy to clean, hygienic and resistant to biting Needs a separate blanket, matrress, or cushion to add to the frame
Sofa-type large dog beds Shape of a sofa, a huge variety of designs, colors, and sizes If your pet likes to be on the sofa, it will love this model Better and recommended for small and medium-sized dogs.

Should my large dog bed have edges?

We put sofa-type large dog beds in the table above among the variety of other bed types. They are very useful and have modern and sophisticated designs. However, should large dog beds always have edges so that your dog can rest its head or are they unnecessary?

You can look at the way your dog sleeps and see if it likes to have support for its head. Choose based on this, and keep in mind that if your dog gets scared easily a sofa-type large dog bed will help it feel more protected and tucked in. Usually, small dogs prefer beds with edges. If your dog has a joint problem, make sure to talk to your local veterinarian.

Sarai Franco GutiérrezRehabilitation Veterinarian and Physiotherapist
“Adjust the height according to the dog. Don’t choose high dog beds for dogs that get scared easily, have reduced mobility, or balance problems”.

Which large dog beds are easier to clean?

The color of your large dog bed really depends on your taste, but you should keep in mind that light colors like white or beige will get dirty much faster and that is bad for you and your dog. It is true that neutral colors go with everything, but in this case, it might be best to choose a dark tone like black or brown.

Large dog beds that are the easiest to clean are those that come with a zipper that will allow you to remove the parts of the bed that you wish to wash. We recommend that you wash your large dog bed at least once a week, and no less than every fifteen days. You can even give your dog its monthly bath at the same time that you wash the bed. Kill two birds with one stone!

Where do I buy a cheap large dog bed?

You can buy large dog beds on Amazon at a decent price with a variety of choices. You can also buy them in stores. There are also dog beds in second-hand shops, but keep in mind that we recommend that you pay a little bit more for a good-quality bed.

Amazon sells all types of large dog beds, basket-type, plastic, elevated, portable, you name it! The buyers’ comments and ratings will help you choose the correct model. The company and even the customers upload photos of the products. This will give you a good idea of what the dog bed looks like.

The quality of the padding and comfort of your dog bed are determined by its materials and stuffing.
(Source: ammentorp: 41186529/

Where in my house should I put the large dog bed?

After looking over the options of large dog beds and deciding which one you want, where are you going to put it? Which part of your house should be the dogs resting place? First of all, the place you choose for your dog bed should be somewhere where the dog is comfortable and used to being in, but it should also be a calm place.

Your dog realizes which parts of your house are cold or hot. You probably already know its favorite place! You can use this information to figure out where to put the dog bed. Don’t put it in the hallway or near an entrance or door, because it will get in the way and these places tend to be noisier. Your dog won’t be able to get the rest that it deserves. Here we’ll give you a list of great places to put the large dog bed:

Area in the house Pros
Living room or office Will spend a lot of time with its owner. If you work from home, your dog will want to be near you. You’ll have the dog more under control.
Bathroom A warm place. Perfect if you don’t have any other free space for the dog bed.
Bedroom Your dog won’t feel lonely. Very peaceful and quiet. It will sync up with your sleep schedule.

Should I have two large beds for my dog or is one enough?

Choosing between one or two large dog beds depends on a few details. If you need one outside dog bed, because you might have a backyard, and another one for inside your house, then you should have two separate dog beds. If this is the case, but your dog can use the sofa or another surface inside instead of a bed, one is enough. However, veterinarians recommend having two dog beds or two resting places for your pet.

It’s also important to consider whether the dog bed is appropriate for all four seasons of the year. If it is not, you should probably have another plush, cushioned bed for the winter and cooler dog bed for the Summer. The cooler bed can be a mattress or mat-type dog bed. If your dog is geriatric or has arthritis, back pain, or any other type of joint problem, one of the two beds you buy for it should be an orthopedic bed.

Buyer’s Guide

Now we will go over the main criteria that you should keep in mind when choosing and buying the best large dog beds for your pet. Don’t forget, consulting your personal veterinarian is always a good idea if your dog has specific joint problems or is an elderly dog. Keep the sizes, materials, and easy cleaning in mind.

Size and Weight of the Dog

The first thing you need to do is measure and weigh your dog. Some models of dog beds only have one size and others have various. You should consider the size and weight of your dog when choosing a dog bed. It shouldn’t be too big or too little. If the dog is very heavy, the bed needs to have enough cushioning to support the dog and keep it off the ground.

Health of Dog

The health of our pets is something to keep in mind when choosing its dog bed. Large dog breeds have a greater possibility of developing joint problems. Because of this, we recommend that you get an orthopedic bed. This type of bed will make sure that your dog gets the rest it deserves and will promote the correct blood circulation.


The materials of your large dog bed should be high-quality and very hardy. The bed should keep its form for many years. We recommend you get a dog bed that is filled with foam or polyurethane. These materials should keep your dog off the ground. If you use the bed as an outside dog bed, it’s a good idea to buy a waterproof one.

Easy Cleaning

We recommend you to buy a large dog bed with removable parts, this makes it easier to clean. There are some large dog beds that are machine washable and that you can put straight into your washer! Choosing the correct color is also very important. Light colors are not a very good idea because they get dirty faster and are a lot harder to clean.


Choose a design that matches the personality of your dog. If it’s a couch potato and loves stretching out and taking up the whole surface it sleeps on. It’s very important for the bed to be light and not too showy. Make sure the dog bed is portable if you are going to travel often with your dog.

User Ratings

Just like with any other purchase, pay attention to the reviews and ratings that other customers have left about that model of large dog bed. You’ll be able to get a lot of information about the item and see if the size is correct or not. Other users will also tell you if their dogs enjoyed the dog beds. You might even be able to find help on how to put together the dog bed if it’s an elevated dog bed!


In conclusion, large dog beds should be very comfortable for the dogs; they need to be manageable, portable, washable, waterproof, and not take up too much of our space as dog owners.

When you buy a large dog bed, keep in mind your dog’s behavior, sleeping schedule, and which part of the house it prefers. Also note its size, weight, and if it has any joint problems. Once you buy the bed, don’t forget to put it in a calm, quiet place.

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