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Many of us dream of a spacious kitchen in our home. Having enough space to eat with our family in that room is a fantastic option. It is always more comfortable and practical to share all our meals there. However, space isn’t all you need for this; you should also have a quality kitchen table.

The size of this piece of furniture will naturally depend on how spacious your kitchen is. We have great news for you: you’ll always be able to find a model with a functional design without setting aesthetics aside. When the time comes for you to pick the best possible kitchen table, you will have to take a series of key aspects into account. We’ve prepared the following shopping guide to help you in this endeavor.

Key Facts

  • Many different types of kitchen tables are available on the market. In order to choose the most suitable one for you, you will have to analyze your personal needs.
  • You should look for a kitchen table that is both functional and elegant – although the former criterion remains the most important.
  • Think about how you want to use this piece of furniture, as well as the space you have available. You may be particularly interested in models that are easy to assemble and to clean. Don’t neglect the design of the table, as you’ll want it to fit right into your home decor.

Our Selection: The Best Kitchen Tables

Discovering the most popular models is a great way to learn more about kitchen tables. You should also pay attention to the opinions of past buyers, whose reviews and ratings can be very helpful in you making the right decision. In the following section, we’ve listed the best kitchen tables available on the market and detailed their main features.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Tables

Now that you’ve learned more about the best kitchen tables out there, you should have a much clearer idea of what to expect when buying your own. That being said, there are still a few key aspects you should know in order to be satisfied with your purchase. In the following section, we’ll be delving deeper into the most interesting features kitchen tables have to offer.

Kitchen Table-1

These tables are specifically designed for your kitchen. 
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What is a kitchen table exactly?

This piece of furniture is specifically designed to enjoy your meals in this room. In that regard, you should know that you can find versatile options suitable for both your kitchen and living room. The majority of models tailored to this purpose are extendable in one way or another. These products can be sold on their own or as a set with chairs.

What types of kitchen tables are available on the market?

One of the very first things that you need to check off your list is the type of kitchen table you want to buy. You’ll realize that the market offers a wide variety of models, and you can easily get lost amid these options if you’re not clear about what you want. This is why you’ll find everything there is to know about this piece of furniture in the table below:

Type of table Features
Corner tables These tables are designed for medium-sized kitchens. They’re placed in one of the corners with the chairs or bench in front. This is a great way of optimizing the space you have available.
Round tables Round tables tend to be fairly small and offer the advantage of being very comfortable. They also allow all dinner guests to see each other as they eat. On the downside, they’re not the most space-efficient models.
Square tables These tables are a good option to make the most out of little space. While guests can still directly talk to each other, they take up less space than round tables and are therefore a great alternative.
Rectangular tables Rectangular models make good use of the space available, but their size makes them only suitable for larger kitchens. If that’s your case, they’re probably your best option and are ideal for big family dinners.
Extendable tables These kitchen tables will delight you with their ability to make the most of space. They’ll take up very little of it when closed but will easily host several guests once opened. You naturally need to make sure you have enough space to extend them.
Triangular tables While these models aren’t very common, they can be very handy and are perfect to take advantage of small spaces. There are actually various ways to place these tables depending on your preferences and needs.
Countertop extensions These long tables allow you to extend your kitchen island. They’re particularly useful and a great way to optimize space if they work in your kitchen. Most are also very attractive and modern.
Bar tables These high tables are the best option to give a modern look to your home decor. Their main drawback is that they tend to work for one or two people and are more convenient for breakfast or a quick meal. On the other hand, they’re very useful if you have little space.
Folding tables These models feature a base attached to the wall and a folding tabletop. They take up very little space when closed, and you can have two in a row for a larger table.

Should I buy a kitchen table set?

Another key aspect that you’ll need to evaluate is whether you should purchase a kitchen table on its own or as part of a set with chairs. Most people tend to think that the latter is always the best option, but that’s not necessarily the case. You may want to buy the table alone if you’re very short on space and plan on using folding chairs, or if you already have some that can fit in.

The option of purchasing your table and chairs separately can sometimes end up being more affordable. If you’re interested in having a more eclectic decor and want to avoid a matching set, then buying a specific table on one side and choosing different chairs to go with it is the way to go. The variety of choices available means you’ll always get the perfect combination for your home.

Did you know that eating together as a family can often have a positive effect on the diet of your household members? It leads to better control of the portions.

What materials are used to make kitchen tables?

We’ve already looked at some very important aspects so far, and the manufacturing materials is another that cannot be overlooked. You may very well end up regretting it if you don’t pay attention to this. Various factors will come into play when you’re making your final decision, and knowing which options are available is very useful. In the following list, you can learn more about the most common materials used for kitchen tables:

  • Wood. This is probably the most classic material for this type of table, its durability making it the go-to option for many decades. The good news is that you can find them in various styles, from vintage to very modern.
  • Glass. This is another very common material that is only used in the manufacture of tabletops. While it has the tendency of getting quite dirty, it’s also very easy to clean. If you opt for this material, keep in mind that it is fairly delicate.
  • Plastic. This more modern option is also particularly easy to clean – unlike wood. This type of kitchen table is often found in Scandinavian-style decors.

Are extendable kitchen tables a good option?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, extendable tables offer various benefits for your home. If you’re wondering whether they’re the best option for you or not, keep in mind that these models are one of the most efficient when it comes to space saving. That being said, they do have certain limitations: you need to have sufficient space to open them comfortably.

If you’re considering opting for an extendable kitchen table, think about whether you’ll truly make the most of it or not. Having the extra room in your kitchen is always good, even if you only plan on using this piece of furniture every so often. On the other hand, paying more for an extendable part that you’ll never open probably isn’t the best choice. Make sure you keep these pointers in mind when making your purchase.

Kitchen Table-2

Make sure you’ll truly make the most of an extendable table if you purchase one.
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What are the advantages of kitchen tables?

We’ve seen a fair few aspects by now, and you should have a fairly good idea of the kitchen table you need for your home. it’s important that you know whether you want a small one for quick meals, or a more spacious model to have your food processor handy. That being said, there are still a few factors you need to know in order to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Before we dive into them, here is a quick summary of the main benefits and drawbacks of this piece of furniture:

  • You can eat in your kitchen
  • You won”t get the rest of your house dirty
  • There are very affordable models
  • Some tables can take up significant space
  • Extendable models aren”t always the most comfortable

Buyer’s Guide

We’re nearing the end of our article on kitchen tables, and it should be clear by now that having your own is a great idea. While you might already feel confident making your purchase, we want to have a look at a few more criteria that you should keep in mind. They’ll only contribute in making your decision a more successful one.


The first aspect that you have to consider is the use that you plan to make of your kitchen table. It will need to be big enough to host your entire family every day if this is what you’re looking for. In that regard, you’ll be interested in getting an extendable table – but keep in mind that you need to have sufficient space to open it comfortably.

A smaller model will do the trick if, on the other hand, you simply want a table to have breakfast or quick meals. Bar tables or triangular models will be good options, just like folding tables. The latter offers the advantage of being somewhat larger than the previous two. Remember that you can even place two next to each other if your kitchen allows it.

Kitchen Table-3

The space you have available is just as important as how you want to use your kitchen table. (Source: Monika Mlynek: 34048157/


The space you have available in your kitchen is just as important as how you want to use this piece of furniture. You may want to eat with your whole family every day, but you’ll naturally have to adapt if you only have space for a small model. This is why taking measurements before your purchase is very important – especially for folding or extendable kitchen tables.


The table you buy may arrive unassembled depending on the model you opted for. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, this won’t be a problem; otherwise, know that some services like Amazon offer experts to mount it for you. Make sure that the model you buy comes with instructions in your language, and check that all parts are delivered in the package. Note that some tables may require basics tools such as screwdrivers.


While you naturally want your kitchen table to be functional, this doesn’t mean that aesthetics don’t matter to you. The market offers an incredible variety of models, so you can find the one that best suits your style, tastes, and home decor. You may not want all your furniture to be the same, but finding a harmonious match is key to feeling happy in your kitchen.


If your space and budget allow it, buying a kitchen table is an investment you won’t regret. It’s the ideal piece of furniture to spend quality time with your family over lunch, but also to enjoy breakfast or have a quick snack. The manufacturing material, shape, and design are key criteria to consider, just like the overall value for money of the product.

You should aim for a kitchen table that is easy to assemble, in particular if you want to do it yourself. Opt for an attractive model that gives you the space you need to enjoy meals in your kitchen. As you now know, it is essential that you buy a kitchen table that you can make the most of. Put all these tips into practice and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your decision.

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