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How often do you do the dishes nowadays? We are sure you still remember with nostalgia your childhood days when you helped your parents with this chore. You dried the dishes as you told them how your day at school had gone. These memories may be behind you, but having a good kitchen sink remains essential.

While dishwashers are increasingly present in American homes, many of us still do the dishes by hand. In fact, a recent study has shown that 20% of American households with a dishwasher didn’t use it frequently. Besides, we also use our sink to wash fruit, vegetables, and other foods. In the following article, we will tell you everything to help you find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Key Facts

  • The most important is to pick a sink that blends in your kitchen style while meeting your needs. This is why you shouldn’t buy the first model that attracts you.
  • Buying a sink as you are designing your kitchen isn’t the same as choosing one to replace an existing sink. We will discuss both options throughout our guide.
  • Do you want how many bowls you need? Or what size your sink should be? If you are asking yourself these questions, we will delve into the main shopping criteria in the final section of our article.

Our Selection: The Best Kitchen Sinks on the U.S. Market

Every kitchen needs a sink, and there is the perfect model for every home. If you haven’t found it, you may not have looked in the right place. In the section below, we have selected some of the most popular kitchen sinks currently available out there. You will notice that these plumbing fixtures come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Who knows, you might even find the model for your home!

Best Kitchen Sink With Double Bowl

Kraus’s 33.5-inch sink will be a stylish addition to any kitchen. Having received hundreds of high ratings from past users, it is manufactured with granite composite and features a basin split into two even-sized bowls. This heat- and shock-resistant sink is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and delivered with a drain assembly and mounting hardware.

Most Elegant Kitchen Sink

This stainless-steel single-bowl sink by Ruvati stands out for the modernity and elegance of its design. Available in six different sizes, it comes with a cutting board, a colander, and a drying rack. All of these accessories can be placed on a track over the sink, making cleaning and draining much easier. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product.

Best Sink for Small Kitchens

The no-frills, compact design of this kitchen sink makes it compatible with smaller kitchens, and its affordability is undeniably a big plus. Delivered with a bar faucet and drain, it is made from stainless steel that will make it last for years to come. This top-mount kitchen sink is the cheapest model in our selection.

Best Overall Kitchen Sink

Last but not least, this rectangular sink by Kraus boasts a simple-yet-elegant design that fits right into any kitchen. Size-wise, it is available in eight dimensions so you can pick the most suitable for your space. Made from dent-resistant stainless steel, this kitchen sink is delivered with a dish grid and a basket strainer set. Limited lifetime warranty included.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen design is as important as any other element of your home decor. In fact, this is maybe the room where you best need to combine functionality and aesthetics in the same space. An attractive sink will undeniably contribute to achieving this challenging goal. Some models could even become the centerpiece of your kitchen. In the following section, we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding sinks to solve any doubts you have.

washing vegetables

You can choose where to place the sink if you are redesigning your entire kitchen. Interior designers recommend creating an imaginary triangle between the cooking, storage, and sink areas.
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What shapes do kitchen sinks have?

This is the first aspect that you should determine, and it naturally depends on the needs of your kitchen. Your options could be limited by the space you have available. In addition, countertops come in different shapes and aren’t necessarily compatible with every sink. You can learn more about their characteristics depending on their shape in the table below:

Type of sink Advantages Disadvantages
Square sinks They adapt to the smallest of spaces. Their size is generally reduced.
Rectangular sinks They are the most spacious models. You need to have a decently sized cooktop.
Round sinks You can easily clean them, and they are suitable for small kitchens. Their dimensions are quite limited.
Corner sinks They help you optimize your kitchen space. They are not always very comfortable.
Sinks with dish rack You can drain the dishes you wash by hand. They’re not compatible with small countertops.
Sinks with double bowl They are very comfortable and give you more application options. You need to have enough space.

Is a sink with one or two bowls better?

As you can imagine, having two bowls at your disposal is always the better option. This will allow you to have extra space that you can use in different ways. However, you should opt for a single-bowl model if your countertop isn’t large enough. You also have the intermediate choice of one-and-a-half bowl – a larger and a smaller one.

What materials are sinks made of?

The manufacturing material of your kitchen sink plays a major role in its performance. As you noticed from our selection above, there is a wide range of options on the market. This is why we want to introduce you to the most common materials. Below, you will learn more about the most outstanding characteristics of each of them, as well as their pros and cons:

Sink type Pros Cons
Stainless steel This very resistant material is easy to clean. It is affected by lime and easily scratched.
Granite It withstands heat, shocks, and scratches very well. Cleaning is straightforward. This material is less affordable.
Stone It looks attractive and withstands heat, bumps, and scratches very well. It is expensive.
Ceramic  This type is ideal for a rustic kitchen. This very delicate, old-fashioned material stains easily.
Resin It is very soft and comes in a wide range of colors and subtypes, such as composite resin. While it is quite resistant, it isn’t as resistant as stainless steel.
Glass It is very hygienic and resistant to scratches, making it perfect for medical offices. Its delicacy isn’t recommended for domestic environments.

Where should I place the sink in my new kitchen?

You can choose where to place the sink if you are redesigning your entire kitchen. Interior designers recommend creating an imaginary triangle between the cooking, storage, and sink areas. This is known as the kitchen work triangle. In the following list, you will discover the best layouts depending on the design of your room. In any case, you should try to place the sink under a window.

  • Straight-line kitchen. This layout is prevalent in small kitchens. We recommend that you place the sink between the fridge and the stove.
  • Parallel kitchen. The stoves and the sink go on one side, with the storage area on the other. Make sure that the oven and dishwasher doors aren’t in front of the refrigerator.
  • L-shaped kitchen. Place one of the elements in the narrowest part and the other two on the broader side. The triangle shouldn’t have very long sides to reduce movement inside the kitchen.
  • U-shaped kitchen. If you opt for this layout, experts recommend that you place each of the elements on one of the three walls. Keep a distance that allows you to cook comfortably.
  • Kitchen with island. You should leave at least 3 to 4 feet free around the island to move with ease. Place the cooking area on the island and, if you have space, the sink. Otherwise, you can have it on the wall behind you, next to the fridge.

Buying a sink isn’t a decision you can make on the go.
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Which sink do I need to replace an old model?

If you are simply changing the sink you already have in your home, the new one should be similar in shape and size. Remember that these plumbing fixtures have a series of determinants related to their installation. These include the piece of furniture underneath the sink, as well as its drainpipe and faucet. This scenario will limit your options, so don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer to clear any doubts you have.

What are the installation types for kitchen sinks?

You have probably noticed that sinks have various types of installation in different kitchens or specialized stores. Before you set your mind on a particular model, make sure that it is compatible with the design of your kitchen. Here are the three main options available to you:

  • Drop-in or top-mount sinks. The edge of the sink is placed on a hole made in the countertop. It is joined using silicone or a similar product. Keep in mind that these joints accumulate dirt, which is why you need to clean them frequently. Drop-in sinks are recommended for wooden or laminated worktops, as they insulate better from humidity.
  • Undermount or recessed sinks. Placed under the countertop, they are attached using screws. This type of sink is easier to clean since it doesn’t have any joints. It is widely used in stone or granite worktops. You should avoid this kind of installation with wooden or laminated worktops, as you may have humidity issues.
  • Integrated sinks. This is the most aesthetic installation and creates a genuine sense of continuity on the countertop. Its main drawback is that it is manufactured at the same time as the worktop and is only possible with specific materials. Besides, integrated sinks tend to be less affordable than other options.

How should I clean my sink?

We encourage you to do this every day to prevent it from losing its shine. In that regard, you always use products that are suitable for the manufacturing material of your kitchen sink. Avoid aggressive cleaners and scrubbers that could scratch the surface. Instead, stick with neutral soap and a soft cloth; your sink will be in perfect condition if you dry it thoroughly after cleaning.

kitchen modern

Cleaning your sink every day will prevent it from losing its shine.
(Source: Jarmoluk: 2094707/

What are the advantages of kitchen sinks?

Buying a sink isn’t a decision you can make on the fly. We imagine that you are already getting an idea of the model you want, but we still want to delve into the main shopping criteria. Before we do just that, you can learn more about the pros and cons of kitchen sinks in the table below:

  • They are essential in any kitchen
  • Their use is very straightforward
  • You will find a model for every kitchen
  • You need to install them
  • Cleaning is essential to keep them in good condition

Buyer’s Guide

We’re sure that you can’t wait to see your kitchen complete again, but hold on just a few more minutes before you make your purchase. This is all the time we need to discuss the most critical aspects to evaluate when choosing your sink. If you take these criteria into account, we guarantee you will be a step closer to finding the perfect model for your kitchen.

Right Angles

Interior designers recommend avoiding kitchen sinks with right angles, as they make it harder to clean. They are more common in specific models with a modern design. Rounded edges, on the other hand, will make your life much easier. This doesn’t mean that the bowl itself should be round; many square and rectangular sinks feature curved angles.

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farm sink.

If you are simply replacing the sink you already have, the new one should be similar in shape and size.
(Source: Nakhjavani: 100260260/


The size of your kitchen, and in particular that of your countertop, will, in part, determine the dimensions your sink can have. If you can, you should choose a deep model of at least 22 inches in width. The reason behind this is very simple: you will be able to wash large pots and utensils. Don’t forget that cleaning your pressure cooker or wok is a real challenge in a small sink.

Number of Bowls

If space isn’t an issue for you, we strongly advise that you purchase a double-bowl sink. This is more convenient than a model with a single bowl and a dish rack. If you think about it, having a second one is ideal for drying your clean kitchenware immediately. That being said, make sure that at least one of the two bowls is decently sized, as we discussed in the previous criterion.


Sinks sometimes come with several accessories that are very handy when you are working in your kitchen. They make using your sink easier and, therefore, your life simpler overall. We have listed the most common accessories below. In any case, note that they can always be bought separately if they do not come with your sink.

  • Draining basket. Used to drain the food you have washed.
  • Scouring tray. To keep scrubbers, sponges, and cleaning cloths in order.
  • Splashproof mat. Placed at the base of your sink, it prevents water from splashing while protecting the bottom from being scratched. Besides, it can avoid broken kitchenware if you are a clumsy cleaner.
  • Built-in soap dispenser. That way, you always have soap at hand.
  • Wastebasket. This small tank features a lid through which you can dispose of small waste. Like that, you don’t have to go to the trash can every other minute while you’re cooking.

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You have to think about how you want to use your sink. Your purchase will be quite different if you have a dishwasher or if you wash all the dishes by hand. In the latter case, your kitchen sink will have to be particularly resistant. Stainless steel is an excellent option as it withstands sustained use very well. Besides, you will find many affordable models on the market. If you are willing to invest a little more, graphite is a beautiful material.


Oh, how wonderful it is to have a finished kitchen! With the information you read in our guide, you are now ready to purchase one of its most vital elements. Whether you own a dishwasher or not, the sink is essential in any kitchen. As you know, your decision will be influenced by how you use it, as well as your budget.

Sinks aren’t always made of stainless steel; you can find models in very attractive materials. The shape and size will depend on your needs, but more importantly on the space available in your kitchen. In addition, don’t forget that there are accessories that will make your life easier. Have you made a choice yet?

If that’s the case, we would love for you to let us know in the comments section below. Either way, we hope that you found our shopping guide helpful. Feel free to share it with your friends and family on your social media!

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