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Hatchimals are currently among the most popular toys in the United States. This isn’t surprising at all, considering they are innovative and very complete toys. These small interactive pets come inside a toy egg. Your child will need to take care of their Hatchimal when it’s time for it to hatch.

Once it does, the doll requires interaction, play and care to grow. It will go through different stages of growth, just like real pets. Each model presents distinct functions and characteristics. In the following guide, we’ll help you find the perfect Hatchimal for your son or daughter.

Key Facts

  • Hatchimals are interactive electronic pets. Their main attraction is that they hatch from a toy egg and need your child’s help to do so.
  • The different products available offer an incredible range of electronic functions and react to attention and affection. Hatchimals will learn and develop through interaction with your kid.
  • The Hatchimals brand also has a line of collectible figures. While these do not have electronic functions, they are equally fun thanks to the countless accessories and complements available.

Ranking: The best Hatchimals on the U.S. market

Although the Hatchimal line has only been on the market for a few years, it has been constantly expanding ever since. More and more little friends are available to choose from. We’ve selected the very best Hatchimals in our ranking below, so you can buy the perfect one for your children:

No. 1: Hatchimals Mystery

The Hatchimals Mystery is the largest type of Hatchimals you can find on the market. An updated version of the Classic line of product, its uniqueness lies in the fact that you cannot know what creature will hatch from the egg until it does. Four different characters are available, and your child will be so excited to see which appears.

Hedgyhen, Pandor, Bunwee, and Elefly are the four possibilities. These are all a combination of two different real or fantasy creatures, and each one is cuter than the next. The various functions of these toys have made them become Amazon’s Choice in the category, and your children will love teaching and learning alongside their new Hatchimal.

No. 2: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 12-pack Jewelry Box

The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are the brand’s smallest line of pets. Just like the larger Hatchimals, these tiny animals need your little one’s help to get out of their egg. These jewelry boxes are perfect for your son or daughter to start their own collection, and each set contains a total of 12 Hatchimals to play with.

There are more than 70 different Hatchimals available, and each one belongs to a family. While you can’t know exactly what the animal inside the egg looks like, the dots on the shell indicate which family it is part of. The lovely egg carton is both stylish and useful to carry them around. This set also comes with 12 accessories for even more entertainment.

No. 3: HatchiBabies Ponette

The HatchiBabies are the latest products launched by the Hatchimals brand. These plush animals are the perfect alternative to conventional dolls. They also behave like babies and need similar care. Your child will be able to feed and hug them, and even make them burp after they eat. Each of these actions will generate a response from the toy.

You can choose between three distinct species: Ponette, Cheetree, and Chipadee. The main surprise lies in whether your kid’s new pet will be a boy or a girl. One of the most attractive features of HatchiBabies is the four accessories they come with. Your child will discover a bottle, a cuddle doll, a hairbrush and a rattle inside the egg.

No. 4: Hatchimals Surprise, Giraven

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The Hatchimals Surprise is another line of products from the brand, and your children will discover an adorable pair of Hatchimals twins inside the egg. That’s twice the fun! You can choose from two different species: Giravens, a combination of a crow and a giraffe, and Peacat, a mixture of a peacock and a cat.

Just like other large Hatchimals, these two creatures will need the help of your son or daughter to hatch from their egg. These cute little friends can then dance, play, and love to be taken care of by children. Remember that they are twin brothers and love being together: they interact with each other when they are placed in front of each other.

No. 5: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, Secret Surprise Playset

Here is another, smaller set of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. This will be the ideal gift if your children aren’t familiar with the toy brand, and you want them to discover it without investing too much. This surprise playset contains a total of three Hatchimals collectibles, as well as other fun accessories for your kid to play with.

These include three small accessories, a sheet of fun stickers, and a cardboard scene so that your little ones can create a real story around their Hatchimals. One of the most attractive features of this playset is the fact that there are different hatching layers, bringing several surprising and fun moments for your children.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about Hatchimals

It is important that you consider what your child likes before purchasing a Hatchimal. In that regard, you may want to think about what their favorite animals and personal tastes are. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions from users in the following section.

The Hatchimal will become your child’s most prized toy.
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What is a Hatchimal exactly?

Hatchimal is a line of Spin Masters toys launched in October 2016. That very same year, the Hatchimals became bestsellers over the Christmas period in the United States. Your children can take care of and spoil these small, colorful, interactive pets.

The design team was inspired by Tamagotchis, the small digital toys you may remember from the 2000s. Like Tamagotchis, Hatchimals are also fantastic little creatures hatched from an egg.

Hatchimals bring the game to the real world, allowing kids to hug and interact with their new pet.

How do children play with their Hatchimal?

The Hatchimal is still inside the egg when they receive it. That being said, the owner can start interacting with it right away. The Hatchimal’s eyes emit different colored lights that indicate its needs. After a while, the eyes will start glowing in all the colors of the rainbow. This is how you’ll know that the egg is ready to hatch.

The hatching process of a Hatchimal can take anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes, and your child will have to assist it. They won’t know what their new friend looks like until it has fully hatched from the egg. The little pet will then develop over time, and the kind of attention it needs will also change.

Hatchimals come in different shapes and sizes.
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In the beginning, Hatchimals are babies and need a lot of affection. During this period, they naturally need to be fed with a bottle. Later, they will learn to walk and talk. This stage of development is particularly fun, since one of its functions is the repetition of words. Later still, your child will be able to dance and play with their pet.

What are the benefits of playing with a Hatchimal?

  • Responsibility:Hatchimals need attention and care. They will let you know! One of these curious little creatures is perfect for teaching your little one how to take care of a living being. This is particularly useful if you can’t have a real pet.
  • Interest in nature:While Hatchimals are electronic pets, they can perfectly emulate the experience of having a real furry or feathery friend. The process of hatching the egg will fascinate your little one and awaken his or her curiosity for nature.
  • Cognitive development: Your child’s Hatchimal will be ready to play once it had left early childhood. The colored lights that the little pets emit provide ideal educational games for younger children.
  • Patience: The hatching of the egg is obviously one of the aspects of the Hatchimals that most excites children. They have to wait, pay attention and focus on the needs of their small pet for it to be born.

How much do Hatchimals cost?

The price of these toys depends on the line. The Hatchimals brand offers different products to suit all budgets. The price of the soft toys with electronic functions ranges between 30 and 60 dollars. The CollEGGtibles line offers miniature pet versions for a fraction of the original price.

Type Hatchimals Mystery Hatchimals Surprise Hatchibabies Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
Features It contains a Hatchimal from one of the many species available. The species and appearance of the pet are revealed when the egg hatches. It contains two smaller Hatchimal twins. There are two distinct species to choose from. They look like babies and come with adorable accessories. Two different species are available. These smaller toys are not interactive. They are 37 characters to choose from. You can buy themed game sets, such as a nursery school.
Price Approximately 50 dollars 30-40 dollars 50-60 dollars One figurine: 3-5 dollars. Set of 2 to 12 figurines: 8-40 dollars.

Shopping Criteria

Type of toy

Despite having been on the market for only three years, the Hatchimals brand has already released several product lines. Plush Hatchimals are perfect for kids interested in being responsible for someone else. But while many children truly enjoy taking care of others and are affectionate, some prefer different types of toys.

The adorable Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are much smaller plastic figurines. They are not interactive and therefore do not require care. Their main appeal is that there is a multitude of different characters to choose from, as well as thematic accessories to be used with them.


While the small creatures are very similar to each other, sharing an oval shape and colorful fur, you can choose from 11 different species. Each one has its own, unique personality. They are usually inspired by a combination of two real animals. In that regard, you can look for the appropriate Hatchimal if your child has a favorite animal.

Does he or she love butterflies? Look for a small Burtle, an adorable cross between a butterfly and a turtle. On the other hand, your child will love a cute Owlicorn if they’re into fantasy creatures. This Hatchimal is inspired by the unicorn and the owl. Although at times unexpected, the combinations are actually very charming.

As we mentioned earlier, you cannot know exactly what it’ll look like before the egg hatches. That being said, you can choose specific species when buying the Hatchimal. The eggs are sprinkled with different colors depending on the species found inside. The small Puppadees, for instance, are inspired by puppies and come in eggs with blue and pink dots.

Where to play

Where will your child play with their new little pet? Classic Hatchimals and Hatchimals Mystery are the size of a ball. They also feature electronic functions and accessories. This is why they are most suitable for playing at home and staying in your kid’s bedroom.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are small and have no electronic components, which means that they can easily be transported. The little pets come in baskets or egg cartons that your child can reuse to carry his Hatchimals with them everywhere.

Age of your child

These toys are designed for boys and girls aged 5 and up. This is because development processes, such as hatching, require the attention and concentration common to this stage of childhood. Younger children may get bored waiting for the animal to hatch from the egg.

Already hatched Hatchimals can also provide a lot of fun for these younger kids. Their educational games can stimulate children’s development.

If you have another child under the age of 5 at home, you can motivate them to play with the small electronic pet under your supervision.


Hatchimals are tons of fun on their own. However, the different models also provide accessories that make playing even more entertaining. Hatchibabies, for instance, have a baby seat inside the egg. In addition, they come with small accessories such as a baby bottle or a rattle.

If you opt for the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, you will find an endless number of fantastic accessories for the small figurines: tropical islands, castles, or tree houses. Your child can even build a whole amusement park to play for hours on end with his tiny friends.


No wonder Hatchimals have become such children’s favorites in a matter of years: these small interactive toys have it all. Your kids will love their Hatchimals if they’re interested in virtual pets, baby dolls, real or fantasy animals, or collectibles.

While the brand is still young on the market, it’s fair to say that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It has already launched various lines and an infinity of products that adapt to different tastes and budgets. What’s more, their main attraction — the hatching of the egg that depends on the help of your kid — is found in all its products.

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