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Having a tidy home is a priority for the majority of us. It gives us greater peace of mind and avoids us wasting time looking for things that we cannot find. One of the places that are hardest to keep in order is undeniably our wardrobes. You’ll absolutely need hangers if you want to have tidy closets.

These accessories allow you to keep most of your clothes organized, while also helping them last longer and wrinkle less. You might just want to head down to the store and buy a few hangers when you need them. However, we’ve prepared the following guide so that you can get your hands on the best models.

Key Facts

  • You can find various types of hangers on the market. This is why you should analyze their specific characteristics to purchase those that best suit your needs. It is also important to consider the space you have in your wardrobe or dresser.
  • Hangers most often come in pairs or packs, which is a great way to save money while giving a uniform look to your wardrobe. This will, in turn, contribute to keeping your home tidy.
  • Don’t forget to evaluate the material from which the hangers are made. This is the primary factor influencing the cost of these accessories, but it will also determine their use and durability.

Our Selection: The Best Hangers on the U.S. Market

If you want to learn about the most interesting features of hangers, your best bet is to discover what the best models offer. In the following section, we’ve come up with a selection of user favorites to help you find out which characteristics are key when picking your own hangers. They’ve received great ratings and reviews from past buyers, and offer good value for money.

Best Hangers for Everyday Clothes

This lot of 60 hangers is ideal if you’re starting a new wardrobe and want to have enough for new clothes you might buy. Made from sturdy plastic, these hangers can hold a variety of different garments — from shirts to pants or dresses. Their versatility is certainly responsible for the fact that they’re an Amazon Best Seller, and they’re also flexible and very affordable. With a white no-frills design, they’ll fit right into any closet.

Best Suit Hangers

These Amazon’s Choice hangers were created specifically to take care of all your suits, and this is exactly what they do. The velvet lining helps keep them intact, with a sturdy build that can reportedly hold up to 10 pounds. The shape of these hangers is ideal to prevent jackets from slipping, while you can easily place your pants on the bar. Available in packs of 30, 50 or 100, these velvet models are what your suits need.

Best Hangers for Children’s Clothes

Kids need hangers, too! This is why AmazonBasics has created these models, and they’ve also become a Best Seller. We know just how delicate children’s clothes can be, which is why using non-slip velvet hangers is a great idea. They’re also ultra-thin and will help you save closet space so you can fit everything in. You can choose from six color sets so that your kids’ hangers fit their closet. Sold in packs of 30 or 50.

Best Shirt Hangers

We know just how important it is to have specific hangers for shirts, so we’ve included these AmazonBasics models in our ranking. They’ve received quality ratings from past users, and you’ll be happy to hear that they still offer some versatility. Why, you ask? Because they feature a small dent that makes them ideal for hanging up dresses too. With 100 hangers per pack, you shouldn’t be running out anytime soon.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Hangers

In our selection of products above, you should have noticed that there are various types of hangers on the market. Keep in mind all those key features when you’re making your purchase. That being said, there are still aspects regarding hangers that you should be familiar with in order to make the best decision. We’ll discuss them in the following section.

Young woman choosing clothes on a rack in a showroom

Hangers allow you to keep your clothes organized.
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What are hangers exactly?

Adopting the form of shoulders, these accessories are used to hang all kinds of clothing, such as shirts, blouses, jackets, or coats. They also feature a bar underneath designed to hold trousers, with some models having clips for skirts. Hangers were created in a way that prevents clothes from falling and wrinkling.

How do hangers contribute to order?

Hangers are basically the only accessory available to truly organize clothes in the wardrobe. If you want to go a step further, we encourage you to use the same hangers and place your clothes in a uniform fashion. This will contribute to your wardrobe looking better. If you need to use specific hangers for skirts, for instance, simply place in the corner.

Can I hang all my clothes on hangers?

While they’re designed to help you organize your home, hangers can damage your clothes when misused. Certain types of garments shouldn’t be hung up, as they can be deformed. In that regard, you’ll want to avoid hanging sweatshirts, cotton T-shirts, and knitwear such as jerseys and jackets. Follow these tips and your clothes will last longer.

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What materials are used to make hangers?

As you may have noticed, hangers can be manufactured from different materials. We’ll now look at the six most commonly used materials, which will help you know the difference between each and make a decision based on your needs:

  • Metal: They’re made from a single wire that is twisted, with a piece left at the top of the triangle to form a hook. These hangers take up little space but are quite resistant. They’re treated to prevent oxidation of the material.
  • Wood: This is quite simply wood shaped like a triangle and polished to prevent it from snagging clothes. Th also features a metal hook on top. These hangers come with three pieces to imitate the shoulders.
  • Plastic: Plastic hangers are very versatile and can be found in different colors. These lightweight models are manufactured using low-flexibility polymers. They’re somewhat thicker than metal hangers but thinner than wood ones.
  • Lined: These hangers are made from various materials but are lined to prevent certain garments from getting damaged or snagged. Satin, silk or sateen are often used for the lining. They’re very practical for delicate clothing.
  • PVC: PVC hangers are a good option because of their affordability. This is why they’re commonly used in stores and sometimes come with the garment you’ve bought. The main perk of this material is that it prevents clothes from slipping.
  • Peachskin: Similar to lined hangers, these models are made with high-quality resins and covered with peachskin. The softness of the material makes it an ideal option for more delicate garments or those that wrinkle quickly.
Female clothes on hangers in wardrobe

Hangers can be made from a wide variety of materials.
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What types of hangers are there?

Now that you’re familiar with the different materials used to make hangers, let’s have a look at the various types available and how you can use them. Being aware of these different models will play an important role when the time comes for you to purchase your own hangers, as long as you’re confident with your needs.

  • Shirt hangers. They tend to be thin, as they don’t need to be particularly robust. The shape of the shoulders is also rounded, and you’ll notice that they look similar to a shirt or blouse.
  • Blazer hangers. They’re wider than the previous model since they have to support more weight. Otherwise, your blazer could deform.
  • Suit hangers. They must offer an upper part shaped like shoulders with some sturdiness to hold the jacket. They’ll also include a lined bar on which you can hang your pants.
  • Jacket hangers. They’re also thick enough to hold jackets and have a rounded shape.
  • Skirt hangers. There are two types of skirt hangers. One consists of a normal hanger to which two clips are added to hold the skirt. The other type is a large clip-bar with which the garment is attached.
  • Pant hangers. These models sometimes have a closing clip to prevent your pants from falling off.
  • Hangers with straps. Certain dresses have shoulder straps, and some clothes feature strips used to hang them. This why these hangers tend to have a slot to hold the straps.
  • Belt hangers. Smaller than other models, they usually have hooks to hang the belts.
  • Tie hangers. Similar to belt hangers, they have slots to attach ties.

How can I make my hangers last longer?

Regardless of how expensive your hangers were, you’ll want to last as long as possible. As you might have imagined, there’s no magic involved in this: all you had to do is take good care of them. How can I do this, you ask? First of all, don’t put too many clothes on them so they don’t deform or break. You also want to use the right hangers for the right garments.

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Can I use the hangers given in stores?

The majority of us have hangers at home that were given to us in clothing stores or dry cleaners. You can naturally use them to keep your clothes organized until you buy more appropriate ones. That being said, prolonged use is not recommended because they are rarely high-quality items and can deform your clothes. Your wardrobe will also look messy with hangers of different types.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hangers?

Every aspect we’ve looked at so far will be important when you’re purchasing your own hangers. There are more criteria that you need to be familiar with, and we’ll look at them in the following section. But first, let’s have a quick look at the main benefits and drawbacks of hangers. Keep them into account when making your decision.

  • They”re essential to keep your home organized
  • You can find many options
  • The majority are very affordable
  • Some hangers can deform your clothes
  • You can find low-quality models

Buyer’s Guide

We’re now nearing the end of our shopping guide, and you’ve already discovered many aspects of hangers that will come in handy when you’re purchasing some for your home. However, there are still certain characteristics that you should take into account before making your final decision. The criteria we’ve discussed in the following section will help you make a successful purchase. So pay attention!

Type of Clothes

The first thing you should evaluate is the type and quantity of clothes you have at home. You’ll most likely have to buy different types of hangers, but you can try to keep a common thread. In other words, do your best to have them all in the same color and shape. You can then arrange them by type in your closet, and your wardrobe will be nice and tidy!

Pretty teens shopping

Hangers can be used for suits, dresses, pants, and shirts, among others. Always pick the model most adapted to the type of garment.
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You’ll definitely want to opt for thin hangers if the space in your wardrobe is very limited. That being said, don’t forget that you’ll still need more sturdy models to hang heavier clothing, such as jackets, coats or suits, for example. This means that you’ll need to purchase various types of hangers, for which you can consult our tips found in the previous section.


The materials you opt for won’t simply determine the type of clothes you can use them with, but also their useful life. Do keep in mind that some tend to take up more space than others. As we mentioned earlier, you should try to use the same material and color for all your hangers. You may also want to avoid low-durability models like the ones you receive from clothing stores.


As you might know, you can and rarely want to buy hangers one at a time. This is why you should look for packs with enough units to satisfy your needs — you’ll be saving money in the process, too. You can search for savings packs or offers with extra hangers. You’ll quickly notice that you can avoid spending a fair bit by simply following these quick tips.


In the same vein as the previous criterion, you should be particularly careful with the number of hangers you need to purchase. If you’re planning on reorganizing a whole wardrobe or more, you can get a fairly good estimate of how many you should buy. If you’re looking at a lot of hangers, then you should add at least 10 to your estimate to make sure you don’t run out.

This is a key advice to remember because it is very likely that you’ll slowly expand your wardrobe. When you run out of hangers, it might be difficult to find the exact same ones on the market. Old hangers in good condition are ideal to keep and around and use to hold your cleaning clothes, for example. If you end up throwing them away, make sure you do so properly so they can be recycled.


Hangers are essential accessories in every home. It will be virtually impossible for you to keep your wardrobes organized if you don’t have any. As you’ve seen throughout our article, there are many different options available on the American market. For this reason, you should try to choose the most appropriate hangers for your clothes and for the space you have at your disposal.

Don’t neglect the importance of manufacturing materials. If you want to save money, remember to look for savings packs or special offers. In terms of quantity, you should purchase enough hangers to have spare ones for when you buy new clothes. Again, you’ll want to prefer high-quality products; that way, they will have a longer useful life and won’t deform your clothes.

Did you find our shopping guide on hangers interesting? If that’s the case, feel free to share this article on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below!

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