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Having a hamster at home is a great experience. Although people more commonly enjoy the company of dogs or cats, these friendly pets can be excellent companions. Of course, before buying one of these little animals, you should do some research to learn the most important information about hamsters and their care.

We are pleased to provide you with this information about hamster cages. In this complete guide, we will show you a list of the best models that are currently available on the market. We will also include a series of frequently asked questions about cages and care of Cricetinae (the scientific name for these furry little cuties).

Key Facts

  • Each animal has its own needs. Although it is nice to enjoy a pet at home, you must not forget that you also have a responsibility towards them.
  • A hamster is a rodent that is rather simple to care for. Throughout this article, you will be able to read our recommendations, especially regarding the maintenance and cleaning of hamster cages.
  • There are many types of hamster habitats, according to the size of the animal, type, and needs. In the “Purchase Criteria” section we offer a series of recommendations to buy the best product for your pet.

Our Selection: The Best Hamster Cages

Pet lovers always remember the day when a new animal came into their lives. It doesn’t matter if you are a toddler, teenager, or an adult, the feeling is identical. Of course, the dedication that you need to put into their care also has to be the same for any pet owner. For this reason, we have selected a compilation of the best houses for your hamster.

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Hamster Cages

Maybe you didn’t know, but these days there are more and more people who, instead of having children, have pets. And not only traditional or common pets (such as dogs or cats), but also reptiles, spiders, ferrets, rabbits and hamsters. Next, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about hamster cages and their care, so you can have all the information you need for your purchase.

Girl with a hamster

Remember that once a week you should wash the feeder and the drinking fountain using hot water, but you should avoid using detergents.
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What is the ideal hamster cage?

It is clear that, before buying a home for your pet, you will have to know its size, in addition to its way of life (if it moves a lot or tends to be quieter) and the in which location you want to keep the cage in your home.  You need a cage designed especially for hamsters and other small rodents. Unlike a dog cage, for example, a hamster cage does not have any spaces between the bars of the cage that are big enough for a rodent to escape.

Throughout the article, we describe the different types of hamster cages that are available for purchase. And, when you have a pet, you know that the responsibility for their welfare lies with you. For this reason, should always be sure that the place where you are going to keep his cage has adequate ventilation and that it does not receive direct sunlight.

Did you know that your hamster’s pregnancy lasts only 16 days? And that sometimes their offspring are actually eaten, either because of deformities, because they have had too many babies, and cannot keep them or if the mother becomes very stressed.

Can I put the hamster cage in my bed room?

Once you have the right habitat for your pet, it’s time to evaluate its location in your home. Logically, not every corner is going to work because hamsters cannot be around drafts–it might get too cold for them, or directly in the sun, which may be too hot or dry for them. At the same time, they don’t like constant or especially loud noise either.

As we discussed earlier, this pet is nocturnal, so it tends to do most of its activities late at night. In case you wonder if it is good to have one of these friendly animals in your room, we must answer no–they can ride their wheels while you try to sleep. Also their waste can create odors during the night. There are better places in your home to place the cage.

Hamster runs near his cage

Keep in mind that this rodent is very clean, so you will not need to do a a very rigorous cleaning.
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What types of hamster cages are available?

You should choose the most appropriate hamster cage for your particular pet. You should take into account the needs of the animal because not all are equal. This is an important investment that will probably last your hamster’s entire life. Pay special attention to the species you have at home and do not forget safety, as well as maintenance.

With Syrian hamsters we cannot use a cage to house two together because they will fight. They are accustomed to defending their territory and will do their best to be the bosses of any space. As for other types of hamsters, such as dwarves, as long as they are of the same sex, they can be kept together in the same cage without any problems.

Here is a table, where we explain the type of cage you need for your pet, the advantages and disadvantages, depending on the kind of hamster you have.

Types of cages Benefits Disadvantages
Wire Provide good ventilation.

Easy to clean.

Offer Variety.

Gaps between bars can allow smaller rodents to escape.

They are dangerous for children because they can stick their fingers in the cage and get bitten.

Aquarium Solid sides.

Prevents leaks.

They allow good viewing of the pet

it has poor ventilation and its cleaning is more complicated.
Hybrids They combine the benefits of the two types of previous cages, wire and aquarium.

Security is highest.

Excellent ventilation.

Higher priced.
Plastic Robust surfaces, ideal to avoid escapes.

Allow adding of accessories.

Poor ventilation and can produce foul odors.

Proliferation of bacteria.

How do you clean a hamster cage?

This job can be divided into three phases: a daily cleaning, a weekly cleaning and a monthly cleaning. This organization allows good maintenance. Keep in mind that this rodent is very clean, so you will not need to do a deep cleaning. In the daily routine, you just have to remove the remains of food and any seeds or crumbs as well as waste.

Once a week you should wash the feeder and the drinking fountain using hot water, but you should avoid using detergents. If there is any residue of cleaner, your pet can be poisoned and could easily die. On the other hand, if both products are made of plastic, do not use boiling water because they could melt them, releasing toxic substances.

Syrian hamster

You can decorate a hamster cage with accessories so that your hamster feels more at ease.
(Source: Olena Kurashova: 91683984/

What accessories should I include in my hamster cage?

The first thing you should include is a feeder and a good quality drinking fountain, if possible stainless steel. You can also add bedding. Although there are different models, it is important that the habitat is and accessories are comfortable for your pet. And, as we mentioned before, in a hamster cage you can not forget to supply the characteristic “hamster wheel” for exercise.

Other of the best accessories you can place inside is a little hamster hut or house because it adds some style to the cage. Also, your pet will feel much more comfortable at home and will not want escape to go anywhere else. There are also larger models of hamster houses, such as rodent castles, although they are only practical inside large hamster cages.

It is recommended that you introduce toys for your pet, so that he can fully enjoy his habitat. Among the most successful options are hanging tunnels, mazes or even a playground. A very innovative product is the flying saucer, replaces the exercise wheel.

Did you know that the life expectancy of a hamster is between 2 and 4 years?

Djungarian hamster in a cage

It is recommended that you clean your hamster’s cage once a month.
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Shopping Criteria

You now have all the pertinent information about hamster cages. Now, the time has come to apply everything you know to help you make your own decision. We encourage you to keep this guide in mind when buying your cage so you know which is the most suitable model. We will analyze some factors so that your pet’s home provides maximum comfort and that the hamster is happy.


The shape of the cage is a vital factor when deciding to acquire a cage for your pet and you should choose wisely. You can find a variety of cages, but you have to buy the one that best suits your home’s and your hamster’s needs.

Also, depending on the shape of the hamster house, you may be able to add some accessories. In low-level cages it will not be possible to install exercise wheels, but you can give your hamster tunnels to play in. It is the simplest option and one of the most economical. We advise you to buy a tall and rectangular cage so that your pet can enjoy all the accessories and toys available.

Did you know that the hamster was first domesticated in around the 1930s?

Base of the Cage

The base of the cage is also an aspect to consider when investing your money. In the worst case, you can even buy a cage without a base, which would harm your pet because all the food you offer him can be lost. In addition, it would be uncomfortable for the hamster and make it difficult to install accessories, not to mention for cleaning.

It is recommended that the lower part of the cage covers the entire surface, and in addition is made with good quality materials. You can find them made of wood or plastic, but the most appropriate thing is to avoid the metal bases because they produce rust and the pet can be affected by tetanus, which can be fatal to them.


The materials of hamster cages will help determine the model to buy. Manufacturing material is one of the essential aspects if you want your hamster to have a top quality product. In addition, good material guarantees that the cage will last longer. In the end you will save money and aggravation because we won’t have to invest in repairs or buy new cages.

The most advisable thing is that the bars are made of stainless steel because this will extends the life of the cage and protect the animal. As for accessories, it is preferable that they are made of wood because plastic can be broken more easily. It is also appropriate that you buy soft bedding, avoiding materials that cause reactions to rodents.

Djungarian hamster in girl hand

Hamsters are a good company for children.
(Source: Tatiana Kasantseva : 22799397/


Size is an important factor because the dimensions of the hamster cage must be suitable for the proportions of your pet. We do not want the rodent to be locked behind metal bars like a little convict; on the contrary, we want him to enjoy relaxing at home. To achieve this, you have to buy a cage of a good size to ensure the welfare of your furry friend.

However, you should not abuse the proportions either because an extremely large cage for a small hamster is a waste of money. You must strike a balance between the size of the rodent and the cage, put yourself in its place and then you will know what size is appropriate. The most important thing is that in the cage you ca provide the basic accessories.


Now you have you all the necessary information to buy the best hamster cage of [su_year]. We have also provided you with the most accurate tips to make a good purchase that your rodent can enjoy to the fullest. Once you acquire the cage, remember to perform routine maintenance discussed in a previous section.

Caring for pets is very important. For this reason, we encourage you to always keep them in a comfortable area. They deserve our love and attention because they have earned it after providing us with moments of our own enjoyment. And, as a final bit of advice, do not forget to feed them according to their needs, so that they will enjoy optimal health.

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