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If you’re the type to spend long hours in the gym every week, you’re probably looking for the very best gear to train properly. This is why you need a pair of good gym gloves for all your workouts. They will help you perform all your exercises with greater comfort. That being said, it is important that you are aware of their advantages and drawbacks.

These will depend on the types of training, the exercises and the athlete himself. In that regard, you are advised to be clear about the goal of your workouts, as well as the pros and cons of using gloves. In the article below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about gym gloves and how they can benefit your health.

Key Facts

  • Gym gloves allow you to have a more comfortable grip on weights. You can also hold more weight with them.
  • You should wear gloves for your weight sessions to avoid getting calluses on your hands and prevent them from sweating. This is essential so that your dumbbells don’t slip out of your hands.
  • Some gloves also include a strap to protect your wrists. This prevents your joints from suffering during training.

Ranking: The best gym gloves on the U.S. market

In the following section, you will discover our very own selection of the best gym gloves available right now on the American market. We’ve briefly detailed the specific characteristics of each model to help you make the right decision. That way, you’ll be ready to go hard every day of the week.

No. 1: Fit Active Sports

Fit Active Sports is a young American company that’s taken the fitness market by storm, providing top-quality gear at very affordable prices. This value for money is definitely one of the reasons why this pair of weightlifting gloves has become Amazon’s Choice in the category, and past customers can vouch for that. They are available in size sizes, from XXS to XL.

They offer several features that make them attractive and particularly versatile gloves. First of all, the built-in wrist straps will protect your wrists. The back of the hand is open to allow it to perspire better, and the palm is fully protected with a silicone-printed neoprene. This durable pair of gym gloves is comfortable, easy to wash and offers real bang for your buck.

No. 2: Ihuan A X Man

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Ihuan’s A X Man gym gloves are a fan favorite and an Amazon Best Seller, and it’s not surprising. This is because the Chinese brand’s niche is specifically the manufacturing of fitness gloves, and it knows exactly what athletes want. These full gloves will protect your whole hands during training, and previous buyers can’t stop talking about their value for money.

They’ve loved their overall quality, as well as their design — and we know this matters. Available in four sizes, the palm features a skidproof material to avoid any accidents. The Velcro is extremely durable, and the design of these gloves makes them ideal to prevent sweat. This product also comes with a lifetime money-back warranty, in case you weren’t quite convinced yet.

No. 3: GloFit Freedom

The GloFit Freedom workout gloves are another Amazon Best Seller, and they have received great ratings from athletes who have used them. Available in four color sets, they are sold in small, medium and large sizes. Made from high-density mesh material, these gloves are extremely resistant and breathable to avoid excess sweating.

One particularly attractive feature is the jersey fabric placed on the thumb, which allows you to quickly wipe the sweat off of your face. The cushioned palm pad also includes mini anti-slip points that will give you the grip you need for al your weightlifting exercises. According to past users, you can easily wash these gloves — in the machine or by hand.

No. 4: Grip Power Pads

Grip Power Pads in an American company that specializes in the production of high-quality protective handwear for all your workouts. All their models are made right here in the U.S., and their first products were actually invented by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. And these fitness gloves are a little different from the other ones we’ve selected in our ranking.

How, you ask? They feature a heavy-duty steel hook around which you can wrap the palm of your hand. This means you’ll never have to worry about your grip anymore, and you can truly focus on what matters: reaching your fitness goals. The wrist strap is extremely sturdy, too, so you’re completely safe from any potential accident. A reversed hook model is also available.

No. 5: Nano Hertz

Last but not least, these tiny gloves by Nano Hertz are extremely versatile and take up so little space you can fit them in your pocket. They wrap around the palm of your hand, leaving your wrists and fingers free for greater comfort and mobility. Made from elastic neoprene fabric, they are very breathable and durable.

The small extra padding on the palm is all you’ll need to prevent blisters and calluses during workouts. These pads also feature an anti-slip design to avoid any unwanted accident. Whether you prefer Crossfit, machine workouts or free weightlifting, these gloves are super versatile and will always help you get the job done just right.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about gym gloves

Many different types of gym gloves are available out there. This affordable item is essential if you want to make your fitness training more comfortable. However, there are various styles and levels within weightlifting itself. This is why we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions in the following paragraphs.

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Gym gloves are ideal for people who do strength training.
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What are gym gloves and how are they useful?

This fitness gear is fundamental if you practice various types of sports activities such as bodybuilding, body pump, or weight lifting. They provide a much greater grip, and the elastic materials they are made with perfectly adapt to the hand. They can both protect you from blisters and prevent sweat so that dumbbells don’t slip out of your hands.

Using gym gloves while you exercise is also more hygienic; you won’t be leaving your sweat around the machines and weights anymore. Their protective properties will allow you to have a more intense workout and, above all, avoid injuries such as blisters and calluses that can arise from the bars rubbing against your skin.

Did you know that for most gyms now recommend using gloves as a hygiene-related measure? Sweat can also play tricks on you by causing slips and fractures, as well as spreading warts.

What types of gym gloves are there?

There are three main types of gym gloves: training gloves, weight gloves, and gymnastic grips — a gymnast’s best friend. In the table below, you’ll learn more about the specific characteristics of each one and their different uses. Pay attention, and you’ll have key information to pick the gloves that most suit your training needs.

Type Training Weight Gym grips
Use They are very versatile: you can use them for spinning classes, bodybuilding or wall bars. For weight training: bodybuilding and weightlifting. They are tailored for continuous contact sessions, such as training on bars or rings. Also useful for Crossfit.
Characteristics They generally leave your fingers bare. They have a longer wrist cover and are more resistant in the palm. Different types exist: those that are only anchored to the wrist and to the middle and ring fingers, and those that have a circular and flat design.

Why should I buy gym gloves?

Whether you’ve just signed up to the gym or have been training for some time already, you’ll always benefit from wearing specialized handwear. It will be easier for you to grip dumbbells, weights and gym bars. You can also perform your exercises more comfortably and prevent potential injuries, blisters, and pain in your hands and wrists.

Here are some of the useful characteristics of gym gloves:

  • Your grip is improved. You should always wear gloves when lifting heavy weights, even if the machine in question is ergonomic and specifically designed for weightlifting.
  • They prevent chafing. You’ll suffer from calluses, blistering and wounds to the hands without the right protection.
  • They are hygienic. Warts can be spread through sweat. Make sure to thoroughly clean the weights and machines with a damp cloth before training if you don’t use gloves.

How should my gym gloves be?

You already know that wearing gloves during all your workouts offers several benefits. But how should these gloves be, and what characteristics should they present? First and foremost, you need to pick gloves that are the right size for your hands. They should also be flexible enough for you to perform all your exercises comfortably while protecting your hands.

Two other key qualities that your gym gloves should offer are elasticity and good grip — to prevent the weight from slipping out of your hands. Last but not least, opt for high-quality materials to ensure durability and resistance. Nylon mesh is a great option, as it will perfectly adjust to your hand.

Image of a person lifting weights using gym gloves

Gym gloves will prevent you from getting blisters on the hands.
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Is training without gloves bad?

You’re probably used to seeing most people without gloves when you hit the gym. However, it’s fair to say that wearing gloves during training is better than not wearing any, as they improve your performance in the search for balance. You will also have a better grip, thus ensuring greater precision for all your reps.

Image of a woman lifting weights helped by instructor in gym

Gym gloves will give your wrist enhanced stability.
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Can I wash my gym gloves?

You should wash your gloves just like any other sports equipment. You are recommended to air them out when you get home after training; otherwise, germs will reproduce more easily if you leave them humid and in a bag. The best way to wash your gym gloves without damaging them is to hand wash with water and detergent every so often.

Shopping Criteria

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of brands and models available on the market. And this goes beyond the specific field of fitness, as you can find gloves for many sports disciplines. You might see this as a benefit or a drawback. In the section below, you’ll learn more about the key aspects to keep in mind if you want to be satisfied with your purchase:

Special features

The first thing you’ll have to consider is what are your exact needs regarding the gloves. As a matter of fact, what you probably need is actually called gym mitts. These are gloves that only cover the part of your hand that’s in contact with the material, and they offer one great advantage: your hands will perspire better than with gloves.

When we’re looking at gloves themselves, here are different models and their features:

  • Classic gloves with no special feature: They offer protection both on the palms of the hand and on the back of the glove. You can use them for all types of training.
  • With wrist protection: They are an excellent option if you need extra grip on the wrist (or after an injury, or to prevent one).
  • Full-hand gloves: They protect your whole hand, from below your wrists to the tips of your fingers. They are ideal for outdoor sessions in winter.
  • Gym mitts: Many people prefer this type of gloves because they only use them for the exercises they need. Your grip will be stronger and your hands can sweat better than with gloves.
  • Mitts with covered fingers: The finger part of those models allow them to fit better to the hand. The palm is generally made of leather.

Woman doing push-ups using gym gloves

Gym gloves will help you do all your training exercises correctly.
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With or without straps

These aren’t so commonly used, so you might not have seen them before. Strapped gloves are specifically designed for heavy deadlifting. They are wrapped around the wrists and the ends of the bar. This provides full protection for your hands.

They are extremely useful to lift heavy weights, although they are uncomfortable to put on and off for each exercise.


You need to be very clear about what type of training you want to use your gym gloves for. If you regularly train with machines, bars, and dumbbells, for instance, you’ll find it more comfortable to wear classic gloves like the ones mentioned above. That way, you won’t have to take them off or adjust them during your training sessions.

If, on the other hand, you’ve suffered a wrist injury or want to prevent one because you’re working with heavy bicep and tricep loads, make sure to opt for gloves with extra wrist protection. Lifting weights can really be harmful if you don’t use the right protective gear — like quality gym gloves.

Manufacturing material

Gym gloves are made from different materials and fabrics that help improve your performance during exercises. In that regard, it is fundamental that the models you pick are made with mesh fabrics or polyester microfiber to facilitate skin transpiration and prevent sweating.

You’ll also want to have gloves that feature a Velcro strap on the wrist, in particular for weightlifting sessions. If you’re also looking for a better grip, we encourage you to go for models that are made of neoprene fabric, especially for the palm and wristband.

Various gym utensils

Gym gloves will become essential in your gym bag.
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The pads on the palms and fingers mean that your hands are fully protected from any possible impact with the machines, bars, and weights. Certain gloves even feature a piece of towel fabric on the thumb, allowing you to easily remove the sweat from your forehead.


Fitness is booming right now, as is the cult of the body: weight training has become extremely popular. This is why you need to protect your hands and prevent wrist injuries using a good pair of gym gloves. Whether you want full-hand gloves, mitts, or gymnastic grips, this handwear is fundamental for all your workouts.

As you now know, gym gloves are an essential item if you want to carry out any fitness training. This is particularly important if this sport represents a big portion of your fitness routine. That being said, it is important that you choose the right gloves that will suit your needs, preventing injuries and giving you greater comfort in the process.

If you liked our guide on gym gloves, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below! You can also share this article with all your friends on your social media.

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