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Whether you are an avid golfer or if you are looking to get started in the sport, we’re sure you know that shoes are a fundamental piece of equipment for this activity. Playing golf involves spending long hours on your feet and walking long distances, so the comfort of your footwear is highly important.

Golf shoes not only provide relaxation, comfort and promote the health of your feet but they also impact on the performance of the player. A quality shoe with good grip will give you stability and favor a better swing.

Key Facts

  • Golf shoes have a great effect on the performance of golf players, as a good grip allows them to be more precise.
  • You should value your choice as rigorously as you do with your clubs or balls.
  • Choosing a comfortable design with the right materials is essential so that your game is not affected, as we will explain in the shopping criteria section of this article.

Our Selection of the Best Golf Shoes

Although you of course want to find golf shoes which are comfortable, there are other important aspects and features to consider before deciding on a product. In particular, we want to think about which shoes are going to improve our game. Below are models on the market which excel in terms of popularity, quality and value.

Shopping guide: Everything You Should Know About Golf Shoes

Before deciding on a pair of golf shoes, we should first consider some questions that will help us make the right decision. The first thing is to know the importance they have for the practice of this sport. We can also get familiar with some key features that should not be missing in our purchase and the most prestigious and trusted brands.


Golf is played over irregular, sometimes wet terrain with long distances.
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What are golf shoes exactly?

If golf clubs and balls are the main and mandatory tools to practice this sport, shoes are the third most important item to consider for being at the peak of our game. This footwear is specially designed for the requirements of a sport practised on natural and outdoor surfaces.

Why to buy some golf shoes?

Some people who want to get started in golf might think any shoe is valid. At best, they think they should use any sports shoes. However, as in any other sport, choosing the right footwear is essential for the proper performance of the activity and especially for the health of the athlete.

Golf is played on irregular, sometimes wet, courses of large distances. There is a risk of injury without the proper shoes: ones that are waterproof, breathable, have a good grip and made from comfortable materials. Therefore, you should consider golf shoes as a key part of your equipment, just like your golf clubs and balls.


Anyone who wants to start playing golf can use any kind of appropriate shoes at first.
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How do studs on golf shoes influence your game?

Grip, especially in wet fields, is crucial for the player to hit the ball with the greatest stability possible. Studs are absolutely necessary, although in recent times they have evolved from metal to rubber studs, and right now spikeless golf shoes are highly demanded. These are some of their features:

Metal studs Plastic studs No studs
Great grip. Exceptional grip. Good grip.
Prohibited in many courses because they damage the green. Ideal for playing in Winter or on slippery terrain. Available with spikes or spikeless soles which function like studs.
Rarely used nowadays. Studs need to be replaced periodically. Can be worn off the course.

Are golf shoes comfortable?

Despite each player must find the footwear that best suits their demands and makes them feel more comfortable, truth is that golf shoes are generally made with the best technologies and taking care of every detail to make the golfer feel good. Shoes aim to ease sport performance, but also pursue comfort.

This sport demands a lot on your feet, as you must walk through long fields and spend many hours on your feet, so dedication in the manufacturing is rewarded with very good results, to the point that many models are used outside the field, even to go for a walk or to work. This is the reason why many spikeless models are in so demanded.

Are there differences between golf shoes for women and men?

In general, golf practice requires the same for both women and men. Therefore, the features of the footwear to be used should not vary by gender. Each player should look for the shoe that best suits their needs and favors their game, regardless of their gender or age.

Now if we talk about non-sports-related aspects, we may find some difference, apart from the sizes, which are obviously smaller for women and sometimes not available on male models. It’s about esthetics or colors. They do not seem very consistent with these times, but manufacturers continue to bet on special models for females.

What are the most recognized golf shoe brands?

Companies dedicated to golf products manufacturing and distribution are forced to always seek for excellence in their items, due to the great demands that golfers have to face in this sport and the great importance of having top quality equipment. These are the most popular and widely accepted brands in the markets:

  • Nike: Nike is present in everything related to sports equipment, especially when we talk about footwear, and their continuous research contribute to the improvement of their products.
  • Adidas: Another usual firm in the manufacture of all kinds of sports related products. Their reputation leaves no space for doubts when it comes to sport shoes.
  • Callaway: They set a reference in the manufacture of golf articles and accessories. Their shoes are widely accepted among amateur and professional players.
  • Ecco: They manufacture of golf clubs, balls and shoes, which are internationally distributed to the most important markets. It is an American brand owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries.
  • TaylorMade: This Californian company, which started as a family business, has become one of the most recognized brands on golf items. They joined the Adidas group in 1998.


Golf shoes need to be able to handle different kinds of terrains and surfaces.
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Buyer’s Guide

When deciding on golf shoes, you should make sure they offer you comfort and demand a good performance on them, since you may have to wear them for many hours. And these demands will determine which materials and soles are the most appropriate. Do not forget that golfers are exposed to weather and natural conditions.


Materials to manufacture golf shoes are natural or synthetic leather, having the first a higher quality. This affects flexibility and consequently your movements, which will be more or less effective. It is also important for a good fit and comfort you need when walking, as you’ll walk long distances.

Material also influences on permeability and breathability, as air inlets are very important. Soles are made of rubber, they can be spikeless or come with rubber or metal studs. The usual closure is lace, and Velcro is also a less recommended option because of its rapid wear.


Playing golf forces you to spend many hours standing and walk several kilometers. So, shoes comfort is essential, regardless of all the other features that can help you ease your game. Manufacturers offer an anatomical product, with low cut at the ankle to ease your movements when hitting the ball.

In addition, it has a pad in the ankle area to avoid friction and possible injuries. On the other hand, the shape of the shoe is usually not a problem, as its width and length are suitable for the correct movements, to guarantee flexibility without losing grip.


Golf shoes soles provide stability and grip. As you have to step on grassy or earthy terrain, studs are one of its main features although there are plain models. These are the options available:

  • Metal studs: They are not very common, reason why big brands no longer manufacture them. They damage the grass and are heavier.
  • Rubber studs: They are lighter and have different sizes and shapes. They can be replaced if worn out.
  • Spikeless: They provide less traction than previous options, but offer stability and grip in favorable weather conditions. They can be used outside the field.


This feature is essential in golf shoes. Keep in mind that this sport is practiced outdoors, on grassy grounds where moisture builds up, sometimes in weather conditions like rain and wind. Therefore, good waterproof features, without reducing the effectiveness of breathability, are key to the comfort and performance of the player.

Currently, almost all golf shoes have the latest waterproof materials, although we also find several models that are not suitable for high humidity conditions, but of great quality for use in situations where waterproof features is not required. These ones offer a higher breathability.


Another aspect to keep in mind when deciding on a pair of golf shoes is how frequently you’re going to wear them. A golfer who plays regularly needs a high-quality product. Important criteria, in this case, are that the shoes are durable and will perform well over time.

A casual golfer who will not use these shoes very much does not need a product of superior quality, which doesn’t mean that quality isn’t a concern at all, particularly if they want the best results. The difference is that you should look for a product of decent quality and at a reasonable price.


Golf shoes are essential to go out to the field and practice this sport safety. We have seen the importance of manufacturing materials to fight moisture, allow a better air flow or gain flexibility. Soles also provide a better grip on the ground and greater stability to hit the ball.

Manufacturers have to invest in research and use the best quality materials because of the requirements demanded. This makes the product more expensive, hence costs are quite high. However, we can find quality models at a reasonable price, under one hundred euros.

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