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Although many people see golf as a sport for retired people or a sport that requires minimal physical effort, the fact is that golf requires a significant amount of skill, concentration, endurance, and patience. Particularly at a professional level, golf requires players with exceptional mental strength as well as a very high level of physical fitness in order to be competitive.

Golf also isn’t only a sport for the rich, which is contrary to what many people think. There are ways to practice golf as a leisure activity in a cost-effective way, such as playing on an oval or practicing your short game in the backyard. However, golf is a sport that requires particular tools of the trade in order to play. This equipment has a certain cost, due to the high-quality materials and technology used to develop it. The most obvious piece of equipment required to play golf is a set of golf clubs, which is exactly what the following guide is all about.

Key Facts

  • Golf clubs are an essential tool to practice this traditional sport.
  • The head, the shaft, and the handle are the three key parts that make up a golf club.
  • There are different clubs within a set of golf clubs for each type of shot you will need to hit whilst out on a golf course. Understanding the purpose of each golf club is key to playing well and completing a round of golf in the least amount of shots possible.

Our Selection: The Best Golf Clubs

In the following section, we would like to present you with a list of the best golf clubs that are currently available on the market, based on user ratings and the number of sets sold on the market. The products below are suitable for men, women, and children, who are either total beginners, occasional players or amateur golfers.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Golf Clubs

In the following shopping guide section, we want to explain to you all the basics about golf clubs, so that you can start thinking about a purchase with a least a little bit of knowledge in this field. You will learn about how a left-handed golfer manages to find clubs and what a putter is, among many other important aspects when it comes to golf clubs.


There are golf clubs made especially for left-handed players.
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What is a golf club?

A golf club is the principal tool to play the game of golf and is used to hit the ball in the direction of the hole. The game of golf requires players to hit the ball from the tee, the starting point, into the hole, the endpoint, which can be up to 500 yards away. To complete a full round of golf, a player must complete 18 different holes in the least amount of strokes possible. Throughout each of the 18 holes on a golf course, there are different obstacles, such as bunkers (big holes filled with sand), water, trees, thick grass, and more, that make the task even more challenging. As the distances of each stroke vary considerably and the style of stroke required for each situation changes, a golf club set contains multiple clubs to make each type of shot possible.

In official golf competitions, a player cannot carry more than 14 clubs in their bag. Within that number, a player can choose which clubs they think are appropriate for the course, the conditions or based on personal preference. When it comes to a leisurely game of golf, an amateur golfer rarely changes the clubs in their set and simply uses the same clubs for each round.

Another essential component to practice this fantastic sport are golf balls. Just like with golf clubs, there is a huge range of golf balls available that suit different types of players, courses, and budgets. Take a look at our guide to golf balls if you are thinking about getting into the game of golf.

Are there golf clubs for left-handed players?

In most sports, there is usually no difference in the equipment used by left-handers players. Take sports such as tennis, badminton or table tennis for example. These are all sports that require the use of the hands and a racquet or bat, however, there are no racquets designed specifically for ‘lefties’.

When it comes to golf clubs, it is completely different. This is due to the fact that unlike the racquets or bats used for the sports above, a golf club can only be used on one side/face. It is not possible to alternate the face of the club if you are a left-hander.  As such, left-handed players must purchase clubs specifically designed for them. If you are a left-hander, take special note of this and ensure that you purchase a set of clubs that specifically state they are designed for a left-handed player.

Did you know that after a 112-year absence, golf became an Olympic sport again at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

What is a putter?

A putter is a specialized golf club that is used to hit the ball towards the hole when you are on or near the green (the area with short, thin grass on which a golf ball can roll). Choosing a putter is something that should be done with time and patience. Selecting a suitable putter usually involves trying out a number of options until you find the one that feels right. Standard golf sets usually come with a putter, however many golfers opt to replace the standard putter with one that suits them better.

The putter is the most used club in any golfer’s set. A golfer will use a putter up to 40 times per round. They are classified according to the design of the head (blade, peripheral-weighted or mallet) and the position of where the shaft meets the head of the putter, called the hosel (heel, centered or hosel offset).

set of golf clubs over green field background

Golf is a fantastic game that requires a high level of concentration.
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How far can each golf club hit the ball?

Every golf club in a set has a specific number (or name) that indicates its characteristics and the distances that can be reached when hit with a full swing. The distances assigned to each club are always approximate, as the final result of a shot depends on several circumstances. The following table provides you with an indication of the possible distances of each club:

Woods Long irons Intermediate irons Short irons
1 (driver) = 239 yards 3 = 220 yards 6 = 160 yards 9 = 100 yards
3 = 209 yards 4 = 200 yards 7 = 140 yards Pitching Wedge = 85 yards
5 = 169 yards 5 = 180 yards 8 = 120 yards Sand Wedge = 70 yards

How do you keep your golf clubs clean?

Dirt or mud on golf clubs, apart from looking unpleasant, can produce alterations in performance and can impact the results of each golf shot. Keeping your golf clubs clean is not a difficult task and is something that every golfer should do regularly.

To clean your clubs, fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and submerge the heads of the clubs. Leave them in the bucket for a few minutes to soak, and then take them out one by one. With an old toothbrush, clean the grooves on the clubhead face, rinse with clean water and dry with a towel before storing.

golf shot

The golf swing is an action that requires a lot of practice and coaching.
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What are the most recognized brands of golf clubs?

When it comes to golf products, nothing beats a good quality brand as you will be guaranteed a high-quality and reliable product. The major brands in the golfing world are:

  • Wilson: Although Wilson produces equipment and products for many sports, such as tennis, the quality of its golf products has made it a very popular choice among avid golfers.
  • Nike: This is another sports brand that produces products for many other sports. When it comes to golf, Nike products are very highly regarded but relatively expensive.
  • Callaway: This is a specialized golf brand that does not produce products for other sports. In recent years Callaway has become the largest seller of irons. It is possible to find moderately priced Callaway golf sets on the market.
  • TaylorMade: Another specialized golf brand that produces high-quality golf sets. TaylorMade is renowned for producing some of the best drivers for maximum distance off the tee.
  • Titleist: This is a manufacturer of high-level golf clubs that many professional golfers look towards for their equipment. Titleist is the most expensive golf club brand on the market.

Shopping Criteria

There are several factors to keep in mind when buying a new set of golf clubs. Aspects such as the materials, the level of resistance or ‘stiffness’, the different types of clubs available, and the parts used in the construction are essential for finding the right product. Below we list the key shopping criteria to consider when it comes to selecting a set of golf clubs.


Golf clubs are made of different materials, that combine to affect the performance, feel, and price. When it comes to the club shaft, there are two options: graphite and steel. Grafite is lighter and produces a softer feel when striking the ball, while a steel shaft generates a cleaner impact with less flexibility in the shaft.

Drivers, hybrids, and woods are usually made with graphite shafts, while irons are normally made with steel shafts. Higher-level or professional golfers often opt for steel as it provides more control and better accuracy, even though it is more difficult to handle. Beginners prefer the lightness and flexibility of golf clubs with graphite shafts.


An afternoon on the golf course is a great way to relax and take some time out.
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There are several types of golf clubs within a set, with each having a different purpose on the course. The following table breaks down the main types of clubs and their characteristics:

Criteria Woods Irons Hybrids Wedges Putter
Suitable for The longest shots and from the tee. Fairway or medium distance shots. Substitute club for woods or irons from the tee or on the fairway. Approach shots to the green. Pushing the ball into the hole on the green.
Functionality The longest club used for maximum distance. Greater control For long-distance shots often directly off the grass (not elevated by a tee). Used to elevate the ball over shorter distances. Used to tap the ball into the hole with precision.
Advantage Maximum distance is gained. Long-distance shots with greater accuracy. Long-distance shots on the fairway with less force required. For short approach shots to the green where a high level of accuracy is required. There are different designs and lengths to suit each player’s preference.
Shape They usually have a large club head and a long shaft. Range from long to short depending on the iron. The shape is similar to a wood. Shorter irons with a high angle on the club face. Small, heavy club that is used to tap the ball gently.


The resistance of golf clubs is defined by the materials they are made of. Clubs made with graphite components will be less resistant and therefore provide greater distance. However, due to the flexibility of the shaft, accuracy may be lost. Clubs made entirely from steel will be heavier and more resistant. This will result in better accuracy but less distance.


Golf clubs consist of three distinct parts, the head, the handle, and the shaft. These are the important characteristics to know about each of the parts of a golf club:

  • Head: Can be stainless steel or coated with mild steel. The woods (the driver often does not) and the irons have small grooves on the impact area to increase the spin of the ball.
  • Shaft: Graphite shafts are the most popular and there are several levels of flexibility available, depending on whether the clubs are for men, women or senior players.
  • Grip: This is usually made of leather or rubber for maximum hold and to avoid any slippage.


The strokes that you are able to play and the accuracy achieved on the course are affected by the weight of golf clubs. Steel clubs are heavier, but they allow you greater precision. Men are more suited to steel golf clubs due to the extra weight. Woods and hybrids are usually made from graphite, so you don’t have to lift a lot of weight. The disadvantage is that this decreases the control over the ball. Women, seniors, and young golfers are well suited to golf clubs that are made from graphite as they are lighter clubs.


Golf is a fantastic sport that requires a lot of concentration and precision. The mental strength required for a round of golf is important, as is a good physical shape. Golf equipment, especially the clubs, can be an expensive investment that should be made carefully. Some golfers rent clubs to play a round but if you want to take it seriously and improve your game, you should buy your own set of clubs.

The best way is to try a number of different options until you feel comfortable with one particular set. Keep in mind the advice we have shared and you will be on your way to purchasing a great set of golf clubs.

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