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A tailored suit can make a big difference when attending a business meeting or a special event. Unfortunately, traveling with a suit can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right equipment and simply throw it in your suitcase or carry-on luggage.

Since most of us are not experts in folding and carrying this kind of clothing, this usually ends in frustration when people see the wrinkles they’ve worked so hard to avoid.

Key Facts

  • If you are an executive and you like to dress well on your business trips, a garment bag should be an essential part of your travel equipment. When using this special piece of luggage, you’ll never find a wrinkle in your suit or other important items of clothing.
  • There are a few things to consider when buying a garment bag because there are a few different types. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • One of the factors to consider is the zippers. Depending on the quality of the zipper, this can determine whether your suit is kept safe on your trip or otherwise. Pay attention to the resistance of these zippers to make sure your clothes are protected from rain and moisture.

Our Selection: The Best Garment Bags

It is time to immerse ourselves in the exciting world of elegance and good taste. Wearing an impeccable suit makes a huge difference in your presentation at a business meeting or other important events. To do this you will need a garment bag which will keep your suit in perfect condition. But which? Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

Shopping Guide: Everthing You Should Know About Garment Bags

Now that you have seen the most popular items available online, we will take a look at the common questions and doubts you may have when buying this product. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, you don’t want to deal with the stresses and headaches of wrinkling (or worse) your best suit or garment. For this reason, we’ve answered all your questions below so you can buy the best product for you!

Garment Bag-1

The garment bag is perfect for business travelers who travel from city to city.
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What is a garment bag exactly?

A garment bag or suit bag is a bag made from flexible material designed to let you safely transport an item of clothing. It is most commonly used for suits, since they are the most difficult to transport and keep in good condition without wrinkling. The simplest models have a zipper that opens from top to bottom and are usually made of cloth, leather or plastic.

What advantages and benefits to garment bags have?

A garment bag is ideal for business travelers who need to wear suits while travelling from city to city. It is also the perfect piece of luggage for anyone who wants to reach their destination and not worry about finding the nearest ironing board. If you meet either of these criteria, then this article has been designed for you.

This item was designed to meet the needs of business people so that it perfectly transports and stores your most valuable clothes without leaving them wrinkled. It also helps you to optimize your luggage space while traveling. Carrying a garment bag will free up space in your suitcase, allowing you to pack more items more efficiently.

What types of garment bags are there?

There are a range of options for garment bags to suit your needs and personal desires. Here we have put together a list so that you can decide which is best for you.

Criteria Hanging garment bags Weekend garment bags Garment bags with wheels
Advantages Lightweight.

Can be folded for easy storage.

The cheapest on the market.


Relatively lightweight.

Can be placed on the ground without damaging the garment.

Easy to move and carry with little effort.

Can carry many items without being too heavy.

Elegant for a business trip.

Disadvantages Not a lot of space for additional items.
Must always be hung up.

If carrying electronic devices, no protection from damage.

When completely full, can be too heavy to carry.

Do not completely protect your electronic devices and sensitive items.

Significantly more expensive.

Need more space for storage.

Shopping Criteria

To complete this guide, we will cover the key aspects which are essential to making the right choice in your next purchase. The next five criteria are essential to keep in mind. Check with the manufacturer if you have any doubts when reading the product description.


The material the garment bag is made from is an important detail if you are an executive who wants to make a good impression. For example, leather garment bags will give your outfit a really professional look. Ideal if you are a manager or if you want to be elegant in a business meeting or in a job interview.

On the other hand, the garment bag can be also made of canvas or polyester, which are lighter than leather, while also being more durable. That is, the bag will not erode or show signs of wear. While they often do not look so elegant, there are some very attractive polyester garment bags, so it is worth checking them out.

Garment Bag-2

A garment bag or suit bag is made from a flexible material used to carry a suit or any item of clothing.
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You may see a number followed by a letter D when synthetic polymers are mentioned. D means denier, a measure of the linear mass density of a tissue. The higher that number is, the more durable the material is. Finally, if you want to maximize the protection of your clothes, it is worth choosing a waterproof garment bag.


While some cheap garment bags have a single compartment, the more premium models have specific pockets for the suit, as well as for your belt, for your shoes and for some other necessary items. The most useful pocket will always be on the outside as this allows quick access essential items such as your cell phone or computer.


The zippers on a garment bag are crucial. When buying online, it can be difficult to verify these work seamlessly but you can address this by reading the comments of other consumers who have already purchased this product. Look for zippers made of sturdy metal or durable plastic.

Also, the location of the zipper is not a minor detail. Make sure it is in a spot which will make packing and unpacking easy. For this purpose, diagonal zippers are the most useful, since they allow you to close the garment bag when the clothes are already hung up, but also when the garment is on a bed or on the floor.


When it comes to travel, space is critical. Therefore, we always want to look for a garment bag which has space to carry some extra pairs of socks and underwear. Some of the best bearers come with expandable side pockets, as well as interior compartments to allow you to add more clothes when necessary.

On the other hand, make sure it contains a loop for hanging it up, as well as a strap to carry it. This will make hanging it up in your hotel room a simple task. A loop is needed in addition to the strap because the latter is usually too large and thick to hang on a small hook.

A single handle is lighter and looks good, but double handles are generally stronger and make maneuvering easier. The best ones are robust and retractable. In addition to these features, you should consider the size of the handle you need.

Criteria 2 Wheels 4 Wheels
Disadvantages Less precise in maneuvering. Are heavier and less durable.
Advantages Lighter and more stable wheels. Can be maneuvered quickly and easily through tight spaces.


Most likely, the more money you spend on a bag, the better the warranty. This shows that the manufacturer has confidence in their product. If the product has a manufacturer’s guarantee or only a year, or no guarantee at all, we do not recommend that you buy it, unless the brand has a solid reputation for quality. You will find guarantees for up to 5 years.


In conclusion, for a suitcase to last for a long time it must be made of quality materials, which should be thick and durable. Although with some products this aspect is not really decisive, a garment bag made with cheap materials can give way and does not serve its purpose, which is to prevent your clothes from wrinkling.

If you want to make a great impression at your next business meeting or special event, it is a great idea to invest in a quality garment bag. In the end, this item will serve you well for years, well and truly justifying your investment. We hope this guide has been useful to you and that now you have clear the main features of garment bags.

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