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After winning the gold medal at the Amsterdam Olympics and their first world title, Uruguay’s passion for football exploded. Thousands of young people played in the streets and small venues, which led professor Juan Carlos Ceriani to create futsal in 1930. He combined the rules of football, basketball, handball, and water polo.

This discipline became increasingly popular over the years, considering it was easier to play than football. At the professional level, however, it was a different story. Despite this, the sport strove, and major sports equipment brands have started manufacturing products tailored to this sport. In this article, you will learn all there is to know about futsal shoes.

Key Facts

  • You should feel comfortable and protected when wearing your futsal shoes.
  • The sole must be hard, resistant, and provide stability.
  • You need the right flexibility to avoid potential injuries.

Our Selection of the Best Futsal Shoes on the U.S. Market

In the following section, you’ll discover our selection of the best futsal shoes available on the American market. These best-selling products are popular for their value for money or for their incredible quality. Just like in any other sport, the futsal shoes you use need to be tailored to meet specific characteristics of the sport.

Best Classic Futsal Shoes

German brand Adidas first designed the Samba shoes in 1950 for players to train on frozen pitches, and it quickly became one of the best-selling models out there. It’s been around ever since and remains Amazon’s Choice in the category. Its gum rubber outsole provides greater grip, while the soft leather upper provides style, accuracy in passing, and durability. This legendary shoe comes in six color combinations.

Best Budget-Friendly Futsal Shoes

Diadora has extended experience in the football industry, and the Capitano ID shoes provide incredible value for money. Its fabric lining is breathable, which means that your feet remain cool and comfortable throughout the game. The rubber outsole is abrasion-resistant and gives you the grip you need to play indoor. The EVA midsole is designed to absorb impacts, which means that you’re better protected against injuries.

Best Nike Futsal Shoes

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Nike is a force to reckoned with in the game, and its Davinho model has received great reviews from past users. With an upper made from a synthetic leather and mesh blend, you’ll feel the ball as if you were playing barefoot. This will increase your accuracy and overall performance. The grooved rubber outsole is particularly grippy and offers better traction for indoor surfaces. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also very elegant.

Best Adidas Futsal Shoes

Adidas is Nike’s biggest competitor, and the Predator Tango 18.3 are quite simply some of the best futsal shoes out there. Their most attractive feature is definitely the built-in ankle holder that feels just like a cozy sock. It increases your stability and protects your ankle from potential injuries. The design of the outsole allows you to quickly change directions, an ideal feature for any futsal player.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Futsal Shoes

Throughout this guide, you will learn all the information required to know exactly which futsal shoes you need. If you pay attention to the different aspects we’ll discuss, you’ll be able to pick a model that fits the demands of this sport. That way, you can make the most of every game you’ll play, either with your friends or in competitions.

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Futsal shoes are designed for smooth, hard surfaces.
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What are futsal shoes exactly?

They are part of the necessary equipment you need to play this sport. Very similar to football, this discipline takes rules and its pitch from other sports such as basketball or handball. The shoes are the link between the ball and your feet. They influence every player’s performance and protect them from potential injuries.

The way you play is also strongly affected by your footwear. It influences your stability, traction, and the contact you make with the ball. Quality futsal shoes adapted to your personal characteristics will facilitate your overall control of the ball, how you pass, and how accurate you are in front of the goal.

What are the differences between futsal shoes and soccer boots?

While both products are designed to play virtually the same sport, they present key differences. The surface on which they can be used to play is naturally one of the biggest factors of variation. Futsal is always played on hard courts, while football tends to be played on natural or synthetic grass.

This is why the most notable difference with football boots is the lack of cleats on futsal shoes. Their rubber sole is also more durable, providing greater traction on shiny surfaces, such as those found in indoor gyms. In fact, those soles are similar to the ones found on basketball shoes.

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What materials are used to manufacture futsal shoes?

Leather and synthetic materials are the most commonly used. The former tend to offer products of higher quality and increases your in-game comfort and performance. All these benefits, however, have an impact on the price. Kangaroo leather shoes offer a great fit and are very resistant. Let’s look at some characteristics of these two materials:

Leather Synthetic
Heavier Lighter
Greater comfort and adaptability High wear resistance
It requires more maintenance They can be confused with leather

How does my position influence the choice of futsal shoes?

You will have to choose a pair of shoes with specific characteristics depending on the position you play on your team. This will have a great influence on your overall performance since each position requires a different type of footwear with certain features. The size of the player also plays a role:

  • Goalkeeper: The movements of the goalkeeper recommend high-profile shoes, with good lateral support and great traction.
  • Backs (defense): They need protection, stability, and lateral support. Larger players will prefer using high-profile shoes.
  • Forwards (offense): It is recommended to use low-cut, lightweight shoes with a flat upper, apart for big players.

How should I take care of my futsal shoes?

Apart from cleaning your shoes after each use, there are other steps you should follow every so often to preserve and increase the durability of your futsal shoes. It is essential to care for the material of your sports shoes with the right products. Here are some guidelines:

  • Leather: Start by removing the traces of dirt before applying horse fat to maintain its properties. This will improve flexibility and preserve its softness.
  • Synthetic: Remove the insole to dry and remove the remains of moisture from the interior. Place a last inside the shoe so that it maintains tension and doesn’t lose shape.

kid plays football soccer futsal  in the the sports hall

Futsal shoes are generally designed with materials such as kangaroo leather and synthetic material.
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How important are cushioning and breathability?

It is important that you take these two aspects into account when deciding on which futsal shoes you need. Cushioning is particularly necessary to avoid any potential injury. It also facilitates the performance of players with a bigger corpulence. Good cushioning can also affect durability.

Breathability is another aspect you can’t overlook. Futsal is a very demanding sport, which forces you to be in constant movement. A shoe with mesh parts can greatly reduce heat and keep your feet in better condition. Note that lightweight materials are more breathable.

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Which are the most recognized brands of futsal shoes?

The largest sports equipment manufacturers in the world have all entered the futsal industry, taking advantage of the experience and technological advances acquired through football. Here is a list of the brands that produce the best futsal shoes:

  • Nike: The American brand is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to manufacturing sports equipment. Its large investment in technology allows it to develop some of the most-cutting products in the market.
  • Adidas: It is the biggest competitor of the brand above. The German company also stands out for the modern, comfortable, and robust designs of its shoes.
  • Puma: Just like its competitors, Puma’s experience in football products allows it to produce high-quality futsal shoes.
  • Joma: This Spanish manufacturer has made a name for itself on the market. Several elite players use their adaptable and flexible models.

Shopping Criteria

You should evaluate a series of factors in order to find the perfect futsal shoes for you. The most important is that you are comfortable and have the right size. Your footwear will also need to be flexible enough to prevent injuries. In that regard, you will need to pay specific attention to the sole and the closure system of your futsal shoes.


Choosing the right size is fundamental to avoid discomfort or your feet suffering. This could otherwise lead to poorer performance and even pain. Your shoes should always fit without being tight. Check the size chart provided by the manufacturer and, if you’re not sure, pick one size more than you usually would for footwear.

  • You need to keep a small margin of space between the big toe and the toe of the shoe.
  • You should be able to fit your pinky between your heel and the shoe, but not your thumb.
  • Good lateral support will reduce ankle strain and decrease potential injuries.
  • Analyze carefully the last of your shoes, as they tend to be different than that of street footwear.

holding a soccer ball with the foot

Indoor shoes need to be flexible to prevent foot injuries.
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This is a key component of futsal shoe as it is responsible for two fundamental aspects for your stability: the grip and traction. They should be resistant to abrasive surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, which will also give them greater durability. In that regard, rubber is the best material because it wears less easily.

While futsal shoes do not have cleats per se, the folds and grooves found on some soles are a futsal player’s studs. They’re ideal for concrete surfaces or even synthetic grass because they offer excellent grip. In short, rubber is definitely the most suitable material for your soles.


Futsal shoes have to be flexible enough to prevent potential injuries. When you start running, your foot flexes and shouldn’t feel resistance at the bottom of the shoe. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your Achilles tendon — a very serious condition — or suffering from muscle injuries.

On the other hand, you don’t want to go for futsal shoes that are overly flexible. These won’t provide you with the appropriate stability, therefore reducing your game performance. As you can see, there is a fine line between the best and the rest. Opt for one of the best models on the market, taking into account that shoes adapt to the foot over time.

Closure System

This component ultimately determines the fit and comfort of your foot. It’s naturally important so that you don’t run the risk of your shoes coming off during the match. Different types of closure are available: laces, Velcro, or a combination of both. The latter guarantees greater protection in case either fails.

The Velcro closure is quick and easy to use, but it doesn’t provide the best fit. It will also wear out over time and loosens. The lacing system, on the other hand, allows you to adjust your shoes just the way you like so they’re well secured to the foot. They may come undone at times, but this is rare and can be quickly fixed.


As you can tell from reading our article, buying a new pair of futsal shoes isn’t particularly a walk in the park. You will need time and in-depth analysis if you want to get the right model for your needs. Picking any footwear you see can have a negative impact on your shoes’ performance, and could even lead to injuries.

There is a very wide array of models on the American market, which means that you can find custom-made footwear as if it were made specifically for you. However, without careful analysis, this variety can quickly turn against you and you might make the wrong purchase.

If you liked our guide on futsal shoes, feel free to leave us a comment. You can share it with your friends!

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