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You’ve doubtless heard about thermos a thousand times, and probably even have one in the cupboard. These handy items are great for transporting hot beverages, and can be used to carry any kind of liquid in a way which will maintain its temperature. However, did you also know that you can buy food thermos? These are the perfect item for picnics, outdoor excursions, or anytime you want to take hot or cold food with you.

Thermos date back to the end of the 19th century. This common household item is named after the US company Thermos, which remains one of the leading brands for food and beverage containers. This technology has since found new uses, including the food thermos which we will explore in-depth in this guide.

Key Facts

  • A food thermos follows the same principles as the classic thermos for drinks that we all know and love, with the key difference being that the food container is wider, as well as its opening, and its lid can often be used as a plate.
  • A food thermos has many advantages. Among them is that it is airtight, that it can maintain the temperature of both hot and cold foods, and that it can be used to take food to work, on trips or on excursions with your family.
  • Before buying a food thermos, it is important to consider certain criteria to make sure it will last you a long time. You should also check the capacity of the food thermos, the size of the opening on the top and the materials it is made from.

Our Selection: The Best Food Thermos

Whether you are packing a lunch for the kids, for work or for a trip, a food thermos can be the perfect solution. You no longer need to worry about your hot food going cold or your cold food getting warm. Once you discover the food thermos, you’ll find you can’t live without it! So what are the best products of this kind that you can buy today?

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Food Thermos

Never heard of a food thermos? Never fear! In this guide, we will cover the best-kept secrets about this handy item, which is essential for lovers of healthy, fresh food, as well as anyone who is always on the go. In this section, we will cover the most frequently asked questions about this fantastic invention.

winter photo. girl with thermos

Food thermos are perfect for excursions.
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What exactly is a food thermos and what are its advantages?

A food thermos is basically an airtight container used to store and maintain the temperature of drinks or food, whether hot or cold. They work by having an internal container which has a vacuum between the internal and external wall, which keeps the temperature stable for long periods of time.

A food thermos has many advantages for its users, as you can see in the following list:

  • It maintains the temperature of your food, keeping it cold or hot. You must read the specifications of each product, but generally, a food thermos will maintain food temperature for many hours.
  • Greater capacity. Food thermos have a large capacity, usually enough for one large or two smaller meals. With around 12 to 16 fl oz in each, you will easily sate your hunger and can also enjoy various dishes if you choose a model with multiple compartments.
  • It is airtight. It maintains the aroma and taste of food, in addition to preventing leaks, whether solids or liquids.
  • For work. You will no longer have to worry about spending your hard-earned cash on expensive lunches while at work. With a food thermos, you can have cheap, healthy and fresh meals with you at all times.
  • For excursions. Likewise, if you enjoy taking weekend trips and excursions, you will no longer have to search the highway for a rest stop or diner to get a good meal. With just a little preparation you can save the expense of eating out and avoid greasy highway fare.
  • For babies and children. If you have toddlers or school-age children, this item will become your new best friend, once they have graduated from the bottle. Simply prepare the food in the morning, and your little ones will have a beautiful meal to enjoy at lunchtime.
  • Suitable for drinks. Food thermos can also be used for beverages, just like the classic thermos. So you can use the same item to take your cool drinks to the beach or have a warm coffee with you on your commute on cold mornings.

How does a food thermos work?

A food thermos works in a very similar way to the traditional thermos we’ve been using to keep our beverages hot or cold for generations. It has an insulation system consisting of two containers, one sitting inside the other. Between the two there is a vacuum that isolates the temperature of the inner container. Whether hot or cold, the temperature is not transferred outside because of this air vacuum.

A food thermos, therefore, works in a similar way to a beverage thermos, with the difference being that the first is wider, as well as having a larger opening to allow you to put food inside. This also makes it easy to clean and convenient to eat from it.

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Food thermos are also suitable for liquids.
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What are food thermos made from?

The materials your food thermos is made from are important, especially if you want to eat healthily or if you’re using the food thermos for your baby or children. As with anything which comes into contact with our food, it is important to pay close attention to what this container is made of, which we see below in the following list:

  • Resistant plastic: Both exterior finishes and handles are usually made of this material to avoid burns.
  • Rubber: This is often used as the outer coating because it is a non-slip material. The cheaper models also incorporate it as a sealant, whether or not the inner metal is visible.
  • Fabric: Some food thermos have fabric straps, made either of canvas or another fabric, for ease of carrying.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is the main component of almost all food thermos. This is because this kind of metal is able to keep food warm while guaranteeing its flavor and aroma.

holding a soup

Food thermos are made from stainless steel.
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How do I clean my food thermos?

It is important to keep your food thermos clean so that to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms. You, therefore, need to know how to clean it thoroughly and effectively. Here is a step by step guide to cleaning your food thermos:

  • Wash before the first use. Simply wash with a little detergent and plenty of water. Once this is done, dry it with a paper towel and let it air with the lid open.
  • Wash in depth. After you start to use your food thermos, you’ll need to clean it regularly. A good and natural way to do this is to use two cups of cider vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda. Put this mixture in the thermos along with hot water and leave overnight with the lid open. In the morning, simply rinse it out.
  • Rinse between washes. Another, quicker way to clean your food thermos between uses is to use hot water with a few drops of lemon. For this, you just need to leave the water in the thermos for a few minutes. Then close the food thermos, shake, empty and rinse. Let it dry with the lid open.

Buyer’s Guide

If you want to replace your food thermos, or you’ve discovered this exciting invention and want to buy one for the first time, you must first take into account a number of important criteria. It is critical that you buy a product which is durable and long-lasting, with the most important aspects being:


As you know, the material that the food thermos is made from determines how long it will last. The majority of food thermos have a stainless steel body, but there are also some made of glass, which is much more fragile. Choose a stainless steel food thermos and you’ll get something which will last you for a lifetime.

Woman traveler drinks tea on the mountain top

It is a good idea to keep the food thermos clean after using it.
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It is also important to consider how much food it will be able to carry: if you are looking to take food with you on hike or excursions, you will want one with a large capacity. On the other hand, if it’s for your baby, you’ll want something smaller. Keep this aspect in mind and opt for the one that best suits your needs. A food thermos of 16 oz capacity will be more than enough to hold one meal.


If you like to eat varied foods every day, and you are going to use the thermos for solids to take to work, a food thermos with multiple compartments is a good choice. This allows you to take salads and main dishes without mixing them all together. A versatile product is essential if you want something you can take with you for lunch every day.

portrait of cute little boy having a picnic on winter vacation

Food thermos are very useful when you want to keep your food warm in a cold environment.
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If you like healthy, homemade food, a food thermos is definitely for you. Simply prepare your food and place it in this container, which will then maintain the temperature of your food and drinks for hours upon hours. These very handy items are not expensive and you’ll find a range of options available.

Of course, if you choose to buy a food thermos there are certain aspects to keep in mind. You want to ensure to buy a product that is made from stainless steel because it will keep your food safe from bacteria. You’ll also want to check that the opening of the thermos is wide enough to easily put food inside and to clean it without any hassle.

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