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Cycling is a great way to be out in nature and get some exercise. We all know that it is an economical and environmentally friendly means of transport, and it’s great for your health. If this wasn’t enough, having a bike avoids the traffic in big cities. What more could you ask for?

There is just one little problem: not everyone has the space for a bike at home. That’s precisely why folding bicycles are the new trend. Not only because they are easy to place in any corner of your home but it is neither necessary to leave it on the street when you arrive at your destination. With folding bikes, you can say goodbye to theft!

Key Facts

  • These days, urban mobility is becoming increasingly important and we are seeing how the use of bicycles has increased considerably. This is why more and more people are choosing to buy a folding bicycle, because of its many benefits.
  • A folding bike is an alternative, sustainable, economic and flexible means of transport. They are so easy to transport when folded and ideal to ride between your place of work and public transport.
  • Folding bikes have evolved a lot since the first models, which were heavier and less able to reduce space once folded. Advances in design have also had an impact on the comfort of the bicycle during use.

Ranking: The best folding bikes on the market

There are several different types of folding bicycles out there, each with their own features and characteristics. So it may seem difficult to choose among the many that are out there. You want to be sure that they bike you are choosing is the best fit for you. This is why we have created this ranking, to help you choose among the best folding bikes on the U.S. market. We have sifted through several options, and picked out the best based on price, features, and user reviews.

No.1: Schwinn Loop Folding Bicycle

Schwinn is a well known American brand, building some of the best-known and best-loved bicycles. This bike is stylish, easy to use, and very versatile. When it is not folded, it folds out to a bike that’s big enough to accommodate a six-foot rider. The folded size is 29.5 inches by 29 inches by 19 inches.

This bike is able to handle several different types of terrain. Thanks to its seven speed shifter, it can tackle hills as well as cut through wind. The rear carry rack has an included nylon carry bag keeps the bike protected and concealed. Keep in mind, the bike will need to be assembled upon delivery.

No. 2: EuroMini ZiZZO Campo 7-Speed Folding Bike

Zizzo is a USA based company, and offers a great deal for its lightweight folding bike. The Campo folds down into the following dimensions: (H-27″ L-31″ W-12.5). Folding is easy and with experience, the brand claims that you can fold the bike within 30 seconds or less. When folded, the seat post is lowered and used as tripod with the two wheels to keep it stable in the upright position.

One great feature of this bike is that you can easily customize to fit your size. The handlebar can also be rotated to best adjust to your hand position while riding. The seat post height can also be adjusted to provide you with your most comfortable riding position.

No. 3: SwagCycle Folding EBike with Pedals

Who doesn’t love an electric bicycle? They are great for riding to work or school, and are an environmentally friendly means of transportation. And now, the versatility of an e-bike meets the convenience of a folding bike. With a rechargeable li-ion battery,  you can ride up to 15.5 miles on power alone, then pedal for even more distance.

This folding electric bike weighs 37 lbs and features a triple-fold design allows for extreme portability. It can easily fold away into a trunk of a car. The height of this bike is also adjustable, so you can customize it to your size. The EB-5’s foldable bike frame can accommodate riders up to 264 pounds and folds three times so it fits inside compact vehicles, under desks, on subways and in other small spaces.

No. 4: IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike Lightweight Aluminum Frame

This USA based brand creates another foldable bike that is great for all of your cycling adventures. This bike easily folds to be fitted in a car trunk or under a work desk. It only weighs 32 lbs, so it is easy to be carried around on the subway, or anywhere else you wish to take it.

This bike is designed for small space living, and has been built with an ergonomic and stylish design. It also requires minimal assembly out of the box, so you do not need to worry about a complicated set up. If you are looking for a lightweight foldable bicycle with an easy assembly, then this is a great option for you.

No. 5: Columba 26″ Folding Bike

This stylish blue folding bicycle comes 90% assembled out of the box, so it is very easy to start riding. This bike can handle a rider’s max weight up to 200 lbs. The weight of the bicycle itself is 33lbs, and its folded dimensions are 38″x14″x29″.

This bike is great because the handlebars can be easily removed without tools, and the pedals fold in. This makes it easy to quickly slow away in a vehicle, on the subway, or under a work desk. Many users rated this bike highly, saying it takes about 30 min from opening the box to assemble and remove all of the packaging.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about folding bikes

Foldable bikes are a versatile and often-overlooked option for many cyclers. If you live in a smaller urban space, or take your bike with you on your commute, then a foldable bike could have many benefits. From lightweight cruisers to electric bikes, there is likely a foldable bike out there to suit your cycling needs. With this shopping guide, you can find out everything you need to know about folding bikes.

folding bikes

There are folding bikes of different sizes.
(Source: Bizón: 21144209/ 123rf.com)

What is a folding bike exactly?

A folding bicycle is a type of bicycle that incorporates hinges or elbows in the frame and handlebars, which allows it to be folded and left in a more compact size. This means that it can fit in the most unlikely places.

People often combine the use of a folding bike with other public transport, such as the metro.

Who are folding bikes for?

Folding bikes have many uses. They are used in the same way regular bikes are, except they can be folded into a compact size, which is a great feature for saving space. You can also carry them on a subway or other public transportation if you need to. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can suit your individual needs.

folding bikes

Folding bikes save space.
(Source: Gstockstudio: 44203225/ 123rf.com)

What’s so good about having a folding bicycle?

The ability to fold it makes this type of bike an excellent option for the urban cyclist, as they occupy very little space and can be combined with other means of transport such as the metro, bus, tram or ferry. Although there may be some myths about this style of bike, the truth is they work very well and are extremely practical.

Did you know that folding bikes have been around for a really long time? It was in the first decades of the 20th century that several European armies such as the French, English and Italian developed this type of bicycle.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of folding bicycles?

Like all sporting goods, folding bikes have their advantages and disadvantages. Read this comparison chart carefully to find out the benefits and drawbacks of owning one of these new-age bikes. It’s good to know all the factors so you can make a confident decision.

Advantages Disadvantages
You can combine bicycle transport with other means of transport Greater sensitivity to road imperfections
You can store it in any nook or cranny Finding accessories to personalize it can be tricky
Difficult to steal as it is rarely left alone outside Folding difficulty on some models
You can take it with you anywhere More expensive than the conventional bike
They don’t devalue as much as a normal bike They are attention seekers (you will always be asked a lot of questions)

What are the benefits of riding a folding bike?

Cycling has many health benefits, as it uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal. From increasing cardiovascular fitness, to decreasing stress levels, cycling is a great low cost option for exercise. Cycling can improve both physical and mental health, and can reduce the chances of experiencing many health problems. Below we tell you about the benefits that cycling has for your health.

    • You burn a lot of calories: up to 500 calories in an hour of riding a bike. You tone the muscles of your legs: quads and hamstrings work a lot when riding.
    • Improve your posture: keeping your back straight on the bike makes you accustomed to maintaining a correct posture in your day to day life. You also strengthen joints such as the knees.
    • Eliminate stress: due to it being an outdoor activity in the fresh air.
    • You help your internal self: it also contributes to the segregation and release of endorphins (the happiness hormones).

folding bikes

There are folding bikes that are also electric.
(Source: Bizón: 20718763/ 123rf.com)

How do you actually fold a folding bicycle?

The biggest advantage of this type of bicycle is that it folds, which allows us to store it in very small spaces or transport it with us very easily. That’s why we think it’s important that you watch an example of how to fold one of these bikes. You will be surprised by how simple it is. Hit play!

What types of folding bikes are there?

The world of folding bikes is extremely vast. The bicycle has become one of the principle means of transport in the world today. That’s why more and more people are considering getting a “folding” model. However, let’s first get to know the types of bikes that exist according to the way they are folded.

Type of folding Characteristics
Half/mid folding Folding size: intermediate
It is slower than the rest
Tilt folding Folded size: small
Folded faster than the one above
Vertical folding Folded size: high but narrow
It is the fastest folding on the market
Triangle hinge Very small folded size
Fast folding
Detachable bikes They are NOT foldable, but they get the same effect
Intermediate disassembled size
Slow disassembly
Compact bicycles with removable parts It is the intermediate point between a standard bike and a folding one

Electric folding bicycles: A great invention?

Electric bikes make cycling possible for a much wider range of people, as they make it easier to cycle up hills, with loads, over distances, etc. They make it possible for less fit people to bike commute long distances – and improve their fitness. Not everyone is able to ride traditional bikes, especially those who have health problems.

Electric bikes allow those people to still have the ability to get out in nature and enjoy the benefits of cycling. Many electric bikes come with pedals, so the person can choose when they want to use the bike to pedal, or when they want to cruise along. It can be a great option for people who are sedentary and are not able to move around as much due to injury.

Shopping Criteria

There are several different types of foldable bikes available out on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to fit different people. With all of the models available, you are sure to find a foldable bike that suits your needs. In this section, we have detailed all the criteria that you should consider when purchasing a foldable bike. Here are the things to look out for:


If you decide to buy a folding bike, one of the first things you have to consider is the use. In other words, if it is going to be your main means of transport as opposed to being used for recreational rides, this will affect your choice. You should also consider how much distance you will travel per week and how often you will use your bike.

This is important because different bikes are designed to be ridden on certain terrain. This is the same for foldable bikes. Some are designed to be ridden on asphalt, while others are more rugged and are best suited for trail riding or dirt. The type of environment that you choose to ride on will determine which bike you should choose.

folding bikes

Going for a bike ride is ideal to improve our well-being.
(Source: Formaggio: 33400779/ 123rf.com)


This is important for two reasons. Consider the fact that different bikes can accommodate different weight. This means that some bikes have a lightweight design, and are meant for teenagers or adults with a lower weight. Adults with a higher weight will need to make sure the bike they are purchasing can accommodate their weight.

It is also important to  consider the weight of the folded bike itself. This is something you may need to carry with you on subways, or possibly take up and down stairs. Consider the weight of the folded bike (when folded) to determine how easy it will be to carry around.


If you are looking for a foldable urban bike you probably have limited space at home and you also want to take advantage of the full portability of the bike. It is very important that it is easy to fold (no more than 2 minutes for folding) and that it is not over-complicated to setup or fold-down.

Folded size

Although the dimensions vary according to the model: one of these bikes, when folded, has an average length of about 70-80 cm. The width can vary from 20 to 40 centimetres and the height varies between 60 and 70 cm. That is why, when choosing a bicycle, you must make sure that it is the right size for you and the places you plan to store it.


There are folding bikes without gears, others with a single chainring with several sprockets and others that have conventional gears with a wide sprocket crown and two or three chainrings. The more options the gear system has, the more comfortable it will be to tackle steeps hills. However it is important to note that this also adds weight to the bike.

Electric or standard

This is really up to personal preference. If you have an injury that prevents you from biking long distances, then it is best to go with an electric bike. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bike to improve your fitness and ride long distances, a standard folding bike will be great for you. One main difference between the two will be price, as electric bikes tend to come with a higher price tag and are more expensive to maintain.


Some bikes may come with their own set of accessories. If not, there are plenty of gadgets out there that you can purchase to go along with your bike. Everything from baskets, to extra lights, to bells are available. It is a good idea to check what accessories the bike already comes with before purchasing.

Wheel size

There are several wheel sizes expressed in inches: 26, 20 or 16, with the 20 inch wheels the most common. These are the most chosen because they offer greater stability, which makes them more suitable for longer journeys or for areas that have poor road surfaces.

Remember to choose folding bikes with wheels over 16 inches.


There are models with mechanical as well as hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic brake models tend to offer greater braking efficiency, but they are also more complex and more difficult to repair if damaged. Currently, the best system continues to be the one that has two brake pads to rub against the rim to brake.

Frame material

Usually, the two materials with which the frames of folding bikes are made are aluminium and steel. Folding bikes are also available in titanium and carbon fiber for the most pro riders. The main advantage of carbon fiber is its lightness, although you have to bear in mind that its price will be significantly higher.


Folding bikes are a great option for all different types of people. They offer convenience, and are economically and environmentally friendly. If you have been considering purchasing a bike, but are held back by not having enough space to store it, then a folding bike will be perfect for you.

These types of bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can also be found in electric versions. Using our shopping guide, you will be able to easily navigate all of the aspects that come with purchasing a folding bike. So, what are you waiting for?

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