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Fitness tracker watches or sports watches have long ceased being a tool for only professional athletes. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular thanks to the great many advantages that they offer, and not just the most obvious benefit of measuring your heart rate.

There are now specific models designed to cater for the different needs of particular sports and activities. In the same way, there are those which are designed for professional athletes and others aimed towards amateur sportspeople. Accordingly, the various models offer a greater or lesser level of precision and have more or fewer extra functions.

Key Facts

  • Fitness tracker watches allow you to measure your heart rate. This allows you to manage your training to a much greater level of precision. In this way, you can gauge whether you are sufficiently warmed up or if you have completely recovered after a high-impact workout.
  • There are two types of fitness tracker watches: models with a band and those without one. The former type are much more precise, having an elastic band which goes around the chest and has a heart rate monitor. The other kind, however, have the advantage of being much more comfortable, although they are less precise.
  • It’s important to keep in mind which sport you will mostly be using your fitness tracker watch for. You don’t need the same model for swimming as you would for cycling or running. Unsurprisingly, there are specific models for each kind of activity, each with their own specific functions such as measuring the distance or number of strokes.

Our Selection: The Best Fitness Tracker Watches

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best fitness tracker watches available on the market today. We compiled this list with the goal of giving you the most variety possible. All of the products on the list are leading brands and offer a great quality-price ratio.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know about Fitness Tracker Watches

If you are looking to buy a fitness tracker watch, it is essential to keep a few important factors in mind. Don’t forget that there are a large range of models around, some which are designed for a specific sport in particular, others which are suitable for use in your day-to-day life. For this reason, in this section we want to address some of the most common questions asked by customers.

Woman on the beach with smartwatch

Fitness tracker watches allow you to precisely and accurately measure your heart rate. :
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What are fitness tracker watches exactly?

A fitness tracker watch is a small device worn on the wrist which, along with the functions of a normal watch such as showing the time or date, also incorporate a pulse meter which allows you to measure your heart rate. There is currently a diverse range of models available, each with different designs and their own extra features.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fitness tracker watch?

Fitness tracker watches allow you to control your heart rate. This, in turn, has a number of important advantages for those training in a range of sports disciplines.  It has become very common to see professional sportspeople, Olympic athletes, cyclists and swimmers wearing a band around their chest to measure their heart rate.

A fitness tracker watch allows you to know when you are sufficiently warmed up. It also tells you when you are completely recovered following a training set and are ready for the next one. It will report how many calories you have burned and can even detect potential cardiac issues. In the list below you’ll find a summary of these and many benefits of this useful product.

Advantages: A fitness tracker watch allows you to measure your heart rate and therefore monitor a critical aspect of your health. It therefore helps you to detect potential heart issues, as well as being an essential tool in your sports training. By letting you monitor your pulse, you can know when you are warmed up enough and when you have recovered after a set in training.

By tracking your heart rate, you can make sure you are training within the correct range for optimal metabolic reactions. It is the perfect tool for calculating the amount of calories you should be consuming in order to support your training.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately, there are some models which can be somewhat uncomfortable when used in long training sessions.

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Fitness tracker watches tell you how many calories you have burned.
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Is it worth buying a fitness tracker watch?

A fitness tracker watch offers many advantages for your daily life and in particular your sports training, and are therefore very much worthwhile. It is true that buying one of these products represents a significant investment compared to buying a regular watch. However, in exchange, you will receive a number of additional features.

These products are perfect for professional athletes and keen amateurs alike. With their help, you will be able to get so much more out of your training routine and they will also help you greatly with planning your daily calorie intake. And, as we have seen in the previous section, they have no real disadvantages.

What are the differences between fitness tracker watches with a chest band and those without?

There are really two types of fitness tracker watches: those with a chest band and those without. The first kind offer more precise measurements, while the second are more precise. It is important to realise that the band is an essential part of the heart rate monitor.

The band is ergonomically designed and place on the chest at heart level. It is usually composed of an elastic band which can be adjusted to different chest sizes depending on the individual. One option is a watch with a heart rate monitor that can be attached to a band. With this kind of watch, you can enjoy the advantages of both types.

With band Without band
Precision Much more accurate heart rate measurements. Sacrifices precise heart rate measurements for greater comfort.
Comfort   Cannot offer the same level of comfort as those without a chest band.

Bands with ergonomic designs.

More comfortable, as their design is identical to a regular watch or fitness tracker.
Uses Ideal for professional sportspeople and for aquatic sports. Daily activities, some have professional applications.

Shopping Criteria

When buying a fitness tracker watch, it is important to keep a few criteria in mind. In order to help you in the selection process, we have summarized the most important points below. We hope that this will guide you in your purchase so you can find the best fitness tracker watch for you at the most reasonable price.

What You Will Use It For

Undoubtedly, the first question you should ask yourself is what you will use the fitness tracker watch for. In general, its main applications are around sports. However, each kind of sports training has its own specifications, so they will require a device certain distinct functions.

In this way, a clock that also allows you to measure the distance traveled is great for running, whether you will be hitting the trail or the treadmill. For swimming, you will want a submersible, waterproof watch that also detects your swimming style and the number of strokes. If cycling is your thing, you will find a fitness tracker watch that allows you to see the different information without having to take your eye off the road.

Es importante medir en ritmo cardiaco ante cualquier actividad física

If you are a sportsperson, a fitness tracker is a great way to monitor your heart rate. :
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The additional functions available to the watch are one of the key aspects of choosing a model or another. Many have calorie and step counters. There are also those that allow you to monitor sleep. Most have GPS, distance meter and route planner.

As we have seen, the most specific ones also allow you to measure the number of strokes and style, in the case of swimming. Or the distance traveled for both swimming and cycling or running continues. And even, some allow you to receive notifications of messages and emails from your mobile phone.


The clock display with heart rate monitor is a key element in these devices. Through it, you will access the configuration options and you will read the measurements of the different parameters available, especially the value of the keystrokes. It is interesting to take into account its size and the way the information is presented.

Some models offer you the possibility to download different profiles to customize the information shown on the screen. Since these are devices that you will surely use in your sports practice, another aspect of the screen that you cannot ignore is its resistance to bumps and scratches. And much better if it is touch.

Alfred SacchettiMD and Director of Emergency Medicine at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, New Jersey
“Not all sportspeople measure their heart rate, but this is the most valuable function for medical professionals.”


Looking at the design of the watch it is important that you consider its comfort of use, not in vain you will use it in your sports practice. In that sense, it is interesting that it is light. In addition, it is important that it is made of quality materials and that it is resistant to shocks and possible falls. And, of course, if you want to swim it is submersible.

Connectivity and Compatibility

To connect the watch with your smartphone or your computer, you need the watch to have a Bluetooth connection and / or WiFi. On the other hand, you should know what information the watch can store and transfer. It is also important that you consider what software and operating systems it is compatible with.


The autonomy of the battery is one of the aspects of the clock with a heart rate monitor that you cannot ignore when purchasing one. Otherwise, you can take an unpleasant surprise and find a team whose battery runs out very quickly, with the resulting frustration and discomfort that entails.

In that sense, there are models that also integrate a battery saving mode to extend their autonomy. Similarly, it is also important that you keep in mind if you have a fast charging system. And do not forget that the battery life may vary depending on the use you make of the watch, since during training its energy consumption is greater.


Our advice is that you choose to acquire a model of one of the leading brands in the sector. In this way, you have guaranteed high quality standards and good customer service. It is possible that the price is slightly higher, but eventually it is worth it. Remember what is usually said, cheap is expensive.

Some of the most prestigious brands are: Garmin, Polar and TomTom. The latter offers very thin designs with large screens. Polar, meanwhile, stands out for offering some of the most advanced heart rate monitors on the market. Garmin offers resistant, precise devices, with very good finishes and impressive performance.


Having real-time information in about your heart rate offers you a lot of advantages in training a large number of sports disciplines. It allows you to optimize the warm-ups, rest intervals and track your fitness.

However, these are just some of the many applications of current heart rate watches. Not surprisingly, most incorporate a series of practical extra functions such as GPS, route planner, step counter, burned calorie counter and even the ability to monitor sleep cycles.

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