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Watercolor Brushes
Levi Price in Hobbies

If you are passionate about painting techniques, or if you are a watercolor fanatic, you probably already know that Joseph M. William Turner (1775-1851) is considered one of the masters of this painting method. Watercolor consists of mixing paint with […]

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Thibault Perinet in Hobbies

The earliest evidence of the harmonica dates back to 3,000 BC, when the Chinese Empress Nyn-Kwa had her maids play a reed instrument known as the sheng (“sublime voice” in Mandarin). However, it was not until 1830 that the instrument […]

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Electronic Drum Set
Thibault Perinet in Hobbies

Your living conditions should never influence the choice of instrument you play. How many talented are instinctively drawn to the piano simply because they have one at home? What about those that start playing the guitar because it’s trendy? There’s […]

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Best Document Holder For Men
Aubrey Smith in Fashion Trends

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, having somewhere to put important documents is not only handy but necessary, especially if you want to avoid losing or destroying them. Document holders refer to different bags, wallets, and carriers that carry in […]

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Bridal Underwear
Charlotte Steward in Fashion & Lifestyle

Picking out the best underwear for your special day is not an easy task. Most people do not even think about this until they get engages and the date gets closer and closer. You need to pick out a pair […]

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Travel Jewelry Case
Aubrey Smith in Travel

There are many reasons to go on a trip! Whether it is for leisure, business, family or friends visit or pure tourism, it is important to be able to be yourself, and carry with you what you love. It helps […]

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Hangover Cure
Sheila Dickey in Drinks

Everyone knows that the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink any alcohol, but this is something that is easier said than done. A hangover is not a pleasant experience, with symptoms ranging from simple discomfort to […]

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Classic Book
Oswald Jimenez in Books

You may consider yourself a voracious reader but if I asked you if you’ve read Tom Sawyer, how would you respond? What about Shakespeare, Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? It’s not enough to be a keen reader, you also need […]

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Lisa Marlin in Hobbies

Basketball has become one of the four most popular sports in the world, with millions of fans across the globe. Although being a professional basketball player needs certain very specific physical characteristics, most notably being very tall, lots of kids […]

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