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Multi-functional is the word that best describes a fanny pack. Whether you’re traveling, playing a sport or walking around the city, fanny packs are one of the most popular items for storing personal items. People of all ages use fanny packs to keep there personal and valuable belongings safe and secure no matter what they are doing.

Thanks to their multi-purpose uses, fanny packs have diversified significantly to meet the needs of many activities. From the early eighties models, which were designed as fashion items, to the wide range of current designs that also aim to be practical, there is a model for every need. Fanny packs are the ultimate accessory for organizing your things whilst also being a great fashion item. Please continue reading if you would like to learn more about fanny packs and the benefits they can provide.

Key Facts

  • One of the most important aspects is to determine the principal activity for which you plan to use your fanny pack. Although these items are very versatile, it is recommended to think about the main use in order to buy the best possible product. A fanny pack that you can hang across your chest to go to a concert is usually not the same product as a fanny pack that you adjust to your waist for cross-country running or mountain biking.
  • The exterior material is one of the key elements to consider when purchasing a fanny pack. The outer material will depend on whether you are looking for a fanny pack as a fashion accessory or as a practical item for traveling. The external material is not only important for protecting the contents that you place inside the fanny pack but also to protect your skin against rubbing or chafing.
  • Capacity is one of the defining features of a fanny pack. Not only is the capacity important for determining the number of objects that you can keep in it but also in terms of the distribution of weight. Keep both these aspects in mind when choosing a fanny pack as they can be critical for determining the practicality of your fanny pack.

Our Selection: The Best Fanny Packs

Fashion trends have meant brands have become more innovative and creative when it comes to producing fanny packs. In the market today there are general models that are designed for all styles and activities to those models designed for a particular use. To guide you on what are currently the best models on the market, we present the following four products.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know about Fanny Packs

As you can see from the above Ranking section, there is a number of different brands that each offer a wide variety of models and options. As there are so many different designs, materials, and uses. It is completely normal for you to have some questions when it comes to making a decision on which fanny pack is best suited for you. Below we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions among consumers so that you are well informed about everything related to fanny packs.

Na foto uma mulher de costas com roupas esportivas em uma praia.

One of the key advantages of fanny packs is that your valuables are always safe and close by. (Source: maridav / 123rf)

What exactly is a fanny pack?

Fanny packs are a personal accessory that increase the possibilities of carrying your basic belongings with you. Fanny packs are smaller than backpacks but larger than wallets and were originally made to easily carry personal items such as glasses, phones, documents, and keys. Nowadays, fanny packs are also seen as a fashion accessory, used to compliment the fashion style of certain people.

Originally designed for urban uses, to carry belongings around the city, the use of fanny packs has now spread to many other areas. The same can be said for their designs, with a huge range of discreet, subtle models to those with a more striking and outgoing design. Fanny packs that are designed for sport, such as running or cycling are usually shaped like belts, with pockets on the front or sides.

What are the main uses of a fanny pack?

There are many uses for a fanny pack, with some practical uses that you may not have thought of. Fanny packs are ideal for attending public events, but also for other activities, such as sports. Below we have created a list of the most common uses of fanny packs in everyday life.

  • A multi-purpose wallet or purse. As mentioned earlier, the most common use of a fanny pack is to carry everything that you may need throughout the day with ease. A fanny pack allows you to increase the space of a normal wallet, but without having to carry a traditional backpack or shoulder bag. What’s more, one of the key advantages of a fanny pack is that your belongings are kept safe as they are stored on the front of your body, rather than in your back pocket or in a backpack. The design of a fanny pack tailors perfectly for carrying money, phones or your passport by keeping everything safe and secure.

Fanny packs are very multi-functional. (Source: Joaquin Pastor: 124093931/
  • For practicing sports or exercising. When you go outside in the street or in nature to exercise you don’t want to carry anything that bothers you. However, you almost always need to take your cellphone, your wallet or your keys with you. A minimalist sports fanny pack is the ideal way to take the bare essentials with you whilst you exercise. Typically they are tight, lightweight, and made of waterproof fabric will allow you to do sport as if you were not wearing anything. Although they are most commonly used for long-distance running or hiking, fanny packs are also suitable for many other sports or situations. When going cycling, mountain biking or camping, a fanny pack is the perfect accessory to keep all your valuables close and secure.
  • Public events. As you have read, one of the great advantages of fanny packs is keeping your personal items safe and secure. As such, a fanny pack is perfect for carrying your belongings to large events or busy places, such as music festivals, touristic areas or even during rush hour on urban transport such as a metro. Many fanny packs often incorporate secret pockets under the main pockets to keep certain items extra safe. By using a fanny pack, your items will be kept extra safe and you will significantly reduce the chances of losing something valuable.
  • An alternative option to accessories such as bags or backpacks. Along with efficiently utilizing space and safety by using a fanny pack, you can also use a fanny pack to avoid excess weight on your back. By placing a portion of the weight in a fanny pack on the front of your body you will allow your body to be in different positions and avoid back pain. At certain times, such as traveling on an airplane, you can take out your most important items from your backpack and keep them close to you, inside a fanny pack. Later, when you don’t need the items close by, you can store the fanny pack inside your backpack.

What types of fanny packs are there?

As mentioned earlier, there are many different styles of fanny packs and they often depend on the intended use. Many brands have been listening to their customers and have been refining the designs of their products to create a whole range of different fanny packs. As such, it mostly depends on the intended activity when choosing the type of fanny pack that will suit you. From sports to travel to fashion, there is a fanny pack out there to suit everyone.

Fanny packs are available in many sizes, we recommend you choose the one that best suits your needs. (Source: Matthew Reyes/

Fanny packs can also range from simple products to advanced accessories in which design prevails. In particular, some of the most advanced fanny packs are those intended for sport. You will also find others that are designed to be maximum security purses (attached to your body, under your clothes).

What are the advantages of fanny packs over other accessories?

Firstly, fanny packs can be a fashion accessory that you can use to give a touch of personality to your style. In addition to being fashionable, they are a great way to improve the security for when you carry your personal belongings to large events or crowded places.

Aside from the specific applications mentioned above, fanny packs are also an option for carrying your valuables in multiple locations on your body (instead of in a handbag or backpack) and this can help by redistributing the weight of your items and avoiding back pain. Below we list some of the reasons why a fanny pack may suit you and also some aspects to be aware of.

Advantages Drawbacks
Are a fashion accessory to compliment your style Being smaller than a backpack, you run the risk of losing it and, with it, everything inside
Help you to avoid back pain by redistributing the weight you carry Can irritate your skin if you choose the incorrect material
They increase the security of the things you carry with you
Allow you more mobility than other similar accessories
Very versatile products and you will be able to use them in different situations
Your valuables are always at hand

Shopping Criteria

In order to choose the best possible fanny pack for your situation, it is important that you pay close attention to the following criteria. By following the criteria below, you’ll be able to match your needs with the different types of models available. A fanny pack is an ideal accessory to add a touch of functionality and style to your everyday life.

  • Security Extras
  • Quality
  • Fastening
  • Measures and Capacity
  • Brand and Warranty
  • Design

Security Extras

Small details can make all the difference when it comes to a fanny pack. The inclusion of details such as anti-theft technology or the distribution of small pockets can make the fanny pack even more secure. Whether inside the main compartments or on the inside of the belt (attached to your body), a fanny pack designed for security is worth the investment.

Fanny packs are a fashion accessory (Source: Ksenia Varapaeva/


The quality of a fanny pack is usually defined by the price range. If you don’t require the most advanced fanny pack or you will only use it occasionally, the quality of the product may not be a priority. However, if the quality is an important aspect, the type of zippers and materials used can make all the difference when it comes to conserving your fanny pack. When it comes to maintaining the original appearance of the fanny pack, you should also find out whether the material is scratch-resistant or waterproof.


There are many options for attaching fanny packs to your body. The fastening system is one of the differences between one type of product or another. You may want an adjustable strap so that you can wear it around your waist as well as slung over your shoulders. Or you may prefer it very tight to prevent it from swinging or hitting your body when you move. Take a close look at the fastening system in order to purchase a product that best suits you.

Size and Capacity

Don’t just look at the physical measurements of the fanny pack, as the capacity is an aspect that should also be assessed well. You should also think about how the pockets are distributed and the usefulness of each one. If you are buying a fanny pack for sports, you may be interested in a low-capacity product just to carry the bare essentials.

Brand and Warranty

This is not always the case but reputable brands usually offer certain guarantees as to the composition of materials or their assembly. We also recommend that you look for products that are ethically manufactured, both in terms of workmanship and the procurement of materials.


A fanny pack is not only a complement to your clothing, but it is also a complement to your overall style. Even if you use it purely for sports purposes, fanny packs enhance your look. Brands know it and take care of it, which is why you’ll find plenty of options in terms of design. Remember that often the secret lies in simplicity, so you can combine your fanny pack with different types of clothes and accessories.


Comfort, multi-function, and style are some of the qualities that you’ll add to your outfit when you start using a fanny pack. You can forget about bulky pockets or carrying your big backpack everywhere you go. The affordable price and variety of models let you try different combinations and find a distinctive style that suits you.

Whether you want a fanny pack to travel, attend music festivals, exercise or ensure the security of your personal belongings, fanny packs are being utilized in the daily lives of millions of people. When it comes to keeping your cellphone, passport, keys or cash secure, there really isn’t a better accessory than a fanny pack.

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