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Dollhouses are toys that in this day and age, are considered fun for all children. These items draw attention because they are very approximate replicas of authentic houses. With the obvious difference that they are made in miniature form. Most designs don’t lack any details, it’s pretty incredible. dollhouses are generally made up of at least a master bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Dollhouses are so much fun for children because they allow them to play the roles of their parents. These small-scale homes often have furniture, decorations and all kinds of details. Little ones will love to feel like the owners of their own home. If you’re looking to surprise your little one with one of these amazing toys, this guide will help you choose the best one!

Key Facts

  • Dollhouses are scale representations of conventional houses. Generally, the scale is 1:12, although there are also models with a 1:24 and even a 1:48 scale.
  • These homes, depending on the model of course, come equipped with all kinds of accessories and show incredible attention to detail. They tend to have many different rooms, and in the rooms you can find various household furniture such as beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables and other ornaments – All of them miniature.
  • There are multiple styles of dollhouses available. There are Victorian-style homes, princess castles, luxury villas, country houses, farm houses, mansions and many more.

Our Selection: The Best Dollhouses on the U.S. Market

In the section below we have ranked the 5 best selling and most loved dollhouses in North America. All models offer different features and characteristics, however they are all specially designed for your little ones to enjoy.

The Most Majestic Dollhouse

This four story traditional style, mansion dollhouse is the perfect gift for any doll loving child. It stands a tall 4½ feet and has 8 beautiful open spaced rooms for your little one to decorate and play in. It has an open face design that allows for easy access with a completely life-like feel. It has 34 separate furniture pieces plus accessories. It includes beds, lamps, a grandfather clock, a little pet kitten and more.

The full dimensions of this dollhouse come out to be 52” L x 14” W x 53.62” H. It includes an elevator that glides back and forth between the second floor and the third floor, giving a very luxuriously fun feel to the house. It includes a garage door that swings open and close and wide windows on both sides for viewing the dolls from different points of view. This is one of Amazon’s top choice products.

The Best DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit

This modern, diy miniature dollhouse kit is the perfect gift and toy that can be made a part of a great art collection. Modeled after a new-age loft style home, this dollhouse kit includes a bed, a dining room set, a couch set, coffee table, bathroom sink, plants, swimming pool loungers and more. Included are beautiful LED lights that top off the modern and high-tech look of the apartment, everything almost exactly like real home decor.

The Unihobby Time Apartment DIY kid is recommended for kids ages 12 and up. They can either build their own rooms alone for solo entertainment, or construct the house and play with the help of their friends. Each step to setting up the house is shown clearly in the instruction manual with the help of supplemental images. The finished dimensions of the dollhouse are 11.4” x 9.4” x 8.4” and weight about 4.4 lb.

The Best Collectible Dollhouse

Accurately speaking, the cute house is not designed to be played with, but is a collectible building or home decoration once finished. It comes with individual parts, all of which must be assembled. This dollhouse is suitable for people 8 years and up. This is a great project for teens and adults to work together while spending quality time. The materials are of high quality, each wooden furniture piece cut to fit together flawlessly.

Included are LED lights, plants, different decorative house ornaments and life like furniture pieces. This dollhouse has a pink theme to it with a lofted upstairs. For full effects, the house requires two AAA batteries for the lights. This dollhouse may be a bit challenging for first time builders but is the perfect gift for craft and doll lovers. Each kit has been inspected carefully and thoroughly before delivery to ensure no missing parts.

The Best Rustic Dollhouse

This beautiful, rustic dollhouse is extremely popular and highly rated amongst users. This exquisite mini house is made up of all eco-friendly material. It is a DIY library house that is very well made, available at a more affordable price in comparison to most collectible dollhouses. Scaled, it is about 1:24 in size. Included is a little light to top off the whole feel of the dollhouse. Once you’ve finished the main construction, you can decorate the room, tables and shelves to complete the look.

This product is an amazing stress reliever for both adults and children. It’s perfect to ignite the imagination and instill a sense of wonder and awe in both little boys and girls. This inspires open-ended thinking, good hand-eye coordination, concentration and an understanding of spatial relationships. It’s a great activity to do with the whole family or kids to work on together. It’s safe, non-toxic and is suitable for children ages 14 and up.

The Best Eco-Friendly Dollhouse

This exquisite mini house is made of all eco-friendly material. The pieces of this beautiful garden dollhouse come in seperate bags with a colorful step by step instruction leaflet. All the instructions are written clearly, precisely and are very easy to follow. The paint used it odorless and can be washed off with water. This wood model kit will make you fall in love with arts and crafts all while keeping your brain active and stress free.

The creators emphasize patience as a key component in building this dollhouse. Unlike other dollhouses, this garden fairy house is a bit of a puzzle to put together. The materials of the dollhouse are extremely specific, and the manual must be followed diligently. If not, there could be a potential shortage in parts. However, don’t be discouraged if something goes wrong or breaks. You can always use imagination and innovation to improvise and make this DIY house come to life.

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Dollhouses

A dollhouse isn’t just another toy, having a dollhouse can become your child’s dream come true. In addition to providing great opportunities for role play and all sorts of fun, these houses are also very decorative. For this reason, many adults have actually surrendered to the phenomenon of wanting to have a dollhouse.

A dollhouse or doll’s house is a toy home made in miniature.
(Source: Choreograph: 72608489/

What is a dollhouse exactly?

Dollhouses are miniature replicas of conventional homes. Generally, they are items associated with children, although their origin had nothing to do with toys. They were first designed around the seventeenth century in northern Europe as objects closely linked to royalty. What’s more, they were only suitable for adults.

Over time, dollhouses have become the most special toys. Its similarity, albeit in smaller scale, to a royal house has made little ones marvel over these objects for decades.

For the last century, dollhouses have primarily been the domain of children but their collection and crafting is also a hobby for many adults.

What materials are dollhouses made of?

In North America, dollhouses are manufactured with a variety of different materials. They are most commonly made of wood, metal or plastic – although you will also find some models made out of cardboard. Wood is actually the most suitable material for this type of toy, not only for its sturdiness and resistance, but also because it provides a more realistic look.

On the other hand, sometimes the fact that it is made of wood is considered a disadvantage since this material could splinter and even break if not used properly. It is for this reason that many brands choose to make them from plastic, a more durable material in this case. As for metal dollhouses, their use has been in a steady decline.

In the United States, most houses have an open back and a fancy front facade, while British houses are more likely to have a hinged front that opens to reveal the rooms.

What is the average size of a dollhouse?

There’s no standard size for making dollhouses. It’s measurements will depend on the make and model. Many manufacturers classify these items according to the height of the dolls for which they are designed. This means that it is possible to identify dollhouses for 4, 6 and 12 inch dolls, among other less common measurements. The dollhouse world is generally comprised of four distinct scales (or sizes).

Starting with the 1:12 inch scale being the most common or popular. The other scales include 1:24 inch, 1:48 inch, and 1:144 inch or dollhouse for dollhouse scale. Children’s play dollhouses from most of the 20th and 21st centuries are 1:18 or two third inch scale (where 1 foot is represented by 2/3 of an inch). The largest common size for dollhouses is 1:6 which is proportionate for Barbie, Ken, Blythe and other dolls 11-12 inches tall, and furniture and accessories.

The baby houses of the 17th and 18th centuries, and the toy dollhouses of the 19th and early 20th century rarely had uniform scales.
(Source: Choreograph: 76108280/

Do dollhouses need to be build from scratch?

In North America you can find many models that come pre-assembled as well as models that you can build from scratch. For the latter of these cases, the house will include a complete assembly kit with all the tools you need to build it. For some, this means that in addition to the fun of having a dollhouse, you will also have the added fun of building it with your child.

The other option is that the dollhouse comes pre-assembled and ready to be played with. In this case, the only choice you have to make is deciding on a place to set it up it so that your little one can play with it as soon as possible. Although the house comes ready, the furniture and accessories are mobile, allowing your child to play creatively.

How many types and styles of dollhouses are there?

Depending on how they are built, we can basically speak of two types of dollhouses. The most common in the United States is the one with an open side and a closed side. Thanks to this open side, the kids will be able to access and play comfortably. The other kind of dollhouse is the book type, which means, it’s folded by a clasp or hinge. This version is much more mobile.

When it comes to the style of the dollhouse, it is possible to identify several categories. There are Victorian-style dollhouses, princess castles, luxury villas, modern style or old, among many others. Since the diversity is wide, it will not be too difficult to find something for the specific tastes of the recipient.

What is the recommended age to play with dollhouses?

The recommended age for the toy will be determined by each manufacturer. The reason is because every dollhouse is different and could include small pieces not suitable for younger children. However, the vast majority of dollhouses made for children 3 or older. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to let young children use it under adult supervision.

It should be noted that there are also dollhouses for collectors. These are models with more attention to detail as they are aimed at adults. In this case, the house is usually made of better quality materials, as well as all the accessories and parts inside. As you can see, dollhouses can really be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Angeles DominguezPaediatric Nurse
“In order to choose the ideal model of dollhouse for your little one, you must first of all make sure that is age-appropriate for your child.”

How are the interiors of dollhouses?

One of the best things about dollhouses is their immense variety. Each manufacturer makes different models to better capture the attention of users. Generally, these type of houses are equipped with several floors and rooms filled with details. Each floor is usually connected to the others through fancy stairs, interactive elevators or ramps.

Depending on the layout of the floors, each one will be equipped with one or more rooms. The master bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room come as standard in most models. The most complete and extravagant dollhouses will have other rooms such as the children’s bedroom, the office, gym, pool or spa. Possibilities are truly endless.

Purchase Criteria

If you want to choose the best dollhouse for you and your child, there are certain criteria you should consider before making the final purchase. Things like its size, price or difficulty of assembly should help you narrow your search. These items can bring endless fun to your child, selecting the right model for their age, taste and needs will make all the difference at the time of purchase.

  • Design
  • Size
  • Assembly
  • Quality
  • Price


Design and style are aspects to consider before opting for one or another dollhouse. The alternatives in this sense are diverse. Your child’s taste should help guide your decision. In the United States market you can find beautiful Victorian style houses, other more modern ones, princess castles, farm house or luxury villas, among many others. In order to choose the right one, you only have to consider your child’s taste.


Fortunately, there are dollhouses of various sizes on the market. Another important step is to consider how much space you have for the dollhouse in the room. Don’t just look at the height of the model, keep in mind the width is also an important measurement. Don’t forget to consult the manufacturer’s instructions to know the exact size of each house.

  • Encourages Role-play
  • Develops Imagination
  • Supports Creativity
  • Encourages the incorporation of routines and habits
  • You don’t want to get rid of it


For this criterion there are usually two main options: dollhouses that require assembly or those that come already pre-built. In the first instance, make sure it comes with an assembly kit. Keep in mind that generally the assembly of kids’ playhouses does not pose great difficulty.

After World War II, dollhouses were mass-produced in factories on a much larger scale with less detailed craftsmanship than before.
(Source: Curto: 46017743/


The quality of the manufacturing materials is a very important factor to always consider with any purchase. The sturdiness, reliability and durability of the product will largely depend on this criteria. It is also important that it has good finishes to avoid any risk and premature deterioration. Last but not least, accessories should always be made of non-toxic materials.


As always, the price is a decisive factor in any purchasing decision. Don’t worry though, you are sure to be able to find a dollhouse to fit any budget. In North America, dollhouse prices generally range from 20 to 100 USD, with some select models that can go well beyond this range. The brand and quality of the materials and the accessories included will be factors that have a significant effect on the price of the dollhouse.


Dollhouses are some of the most loved toys by boys and girls and even among adults. Kids love to play pretend and take on the role of grown ups, imagining different circumstances and wild situations. Moreover, these items also help children become familiar with their environment. These toys allow children to learn and imitate, which favors cognitive development.

Through these games they begin to grasp and understand grown up routines and habits. So, as you may have noticed by now, the benefits of dollhouses bring to children’s development are quite varied. Children not only have fun and learn with them, but their parents will have the peace of mind that they are in good hands while immersed in the world of their dollhouse.

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