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Having a dog is having a best friend. We treat them like they are part of the family, and the best dog owners will do just about anything for their furry friend. So it is no wonder we we love to reward our pets with treats and gifts.

In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about dog strollers. While it may seem like not every dog owner needs one, they are actually great products for several reasons. There are actually several different types of dog strollers available on the market today, so we are here to help you choose the best one!

Key Facts

  • Dog strollers are ideal for pets that have walking disabilities. Moreover, a dog stroller is a great alternative to carrying your dog. Facilitating and comfortable, it provides mobility for dogs and lets them have a chance at a better and happier life.
  • This product allows you to take your dog out without having to put it on a leash every time you go for walks
  • To choose the best quality dog stroller, it is important to understand the key characteristics, different materials and best available models. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, this is a great way to spend time with your dog.

Our Selection of the Best Dog Strollers on the U.S. Market

Before purchasing any pet product, it is important to choose among the best. We have gathered a list of the best dog strollers available on the U.S. market to make your searching process an easy one. We have sifted through hundreds of products to present those with the best ratings, features, prices, and more. With this helpful guide, you will have a dog stroller chosen for your furry friend in no time!

Best Dog Stroller With a Panoramic Window

This dog stroller has an interesting feature compared with others in our ranking, it has no zipper! This can be both useful and better for your pet, depending on their needs. No zippers means no hassle when trying to open and close the stroller. This is great for being able to easily gain access to your pet without fumbling with difficult zippers.

The Happy Trails Lite NO-ZIP stroller also features an elevated paw rest. This gives your pet the ability to look out of the stroller by using the front bar for support. The new panoramic view window allows your pet to remain safe inside of the stroller without missing any sights while you stroll.

Best Luxury Dog Stroller

This luxury dog stroller provides more comfort than cheaper strollers.This pet stroller is designed for your puppy, senior dog, or even your cat! The soft and cozy mattress guarantees high comfort, while the tear proof, durable netting provides perfect airflow, visibility and keeps insects out.

Thanks to the height adjustable handle, you can adjust to your perfect height, making it easy for you to use. This dog stroller features large wheels that allow you to push the stroller even on forest trails, bumpy roads or dirt tracks. According to the manufacturer, this stroller is best for pets up to 70 lbs.

Best Dog Stroller for Runners

This stroller is perfect for the active and stylish pet owner. It is a bestseller that includes several, easy to use features such as 2 cup holders, seat belt leash, rear security brakes,  and a hooded window. It also includes mesh screen windows for keeping bugs out, as well as a large storage compartment for pet supplies.

If you are looking for a pet stroller with all the bells and whistles, then this one is a great option for you. This stroller has your other pets in mind too, as it has two 1-foot “leashes” attached to the underside of the mat, presumably for two other small dogs (or cats).

Best Ultra Lite Dog Stroller

If you are looking for a light weight stroller for a smaller pet, this is a great option for you. It is also a bestseller and comes highly rated by past users. The Travel Lite Stroller has an easy waterproof tray that removes for easy cleaning.

It also features a top window and viewing area, with rear safety brakes, making it easy to use. This is also a great option for carrying your pet in a car, as the stroller height to handle measures 38″. As with the first stroller in our ranking, this one also features an easy-locking latch instead of a zippered closure.

Best All Terrain Dog Stroller

If you live in a place with unpredictable weather, than you need a stroller than can handle everything from wind, to high heat, and rain. This stroller by Bestpet is tough and water-resistant, and the front wheels can be rotated 360° without dead ends. This pet stroller is suitable for pets up to 30 pounds, and is very durable.

The Bestpet stroller also has a convenient cup holder near the handle and features a  roomy design with large undercarriage. This pet stroller also features a pad inside the cart for added comfort. Your furry friend will love the soft and cozy mattress!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Strollers

Your best friend deserves only the best. As with everything in life, there are good quality products, and bad quality products. Generally speaking, dog strollers are not very expensive. Your decision should not only be be based on the quality of the product, but also how it performs. Different dogs have different needs, so it’s important to choose a product based on what is suitable for your pet.

Some models have a kind of cubby which protects your dog from the sun.
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What is a dog stroller and what advantages does it have?

Basically, a dog stroller is a dog crate on wheels, which makes sense to use if pet owners need to transport their dogs. They are available in different sizes, heights and styles, and can be useful to dog owners depending on the situation. You may choose to use a dog stroller to take your pet to the vet, allowing them to stay contained until you get to your destination.

In the following table, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

  • Better mobility when going for a walk
  • Recovery from orthopedic problems
  • Better security than a leash
  • More enjoyable walks
  • Easy to store
  • The dog gets used to it and doesn’t want to walk
  • Needs to be cleaned daily
  • The dog may damage the stroller
  • Odours build up

What types of dog stroller are there?

Most dog strollers are made of soft-sided material with see-through mesh. There are pet strollers that have solid sides as well, which would work as a visual barrier for very loud, barking dogs. You can also choose form tall or short strollers, which are both useful depending on your preference. Tall strollers are great from keeping other dogs from coming up to your stroller. There are also different strollers based on your dogs size, as shown here:

Type of dog stroller For which dog? Maximum weight
Small stroller Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, Terrier o French Bulldog 10 – 15 kg
Medium stroller Poodle, Australian Shepherd or Pitbull 15 – 25 kg
Large stroller German Shepherd, Mastiff or Saint Bernard More than 25 kg
Adjustable stroller Suitable for those with multiple dogs Depends on the size
Orthopedic stroller Dogs with bone or vascular problems Depends on the size
  • Small dog strollers: To help you save when you buy a dog stroller, it is advisable that you look for low cost yet sturdy strollers. High-quality materials in a small size that hav the capacity to support a small amount of weight would be a perfect fit. For example, if you are buying a stroller for your Chihuahua, choose a stroller that supports up to 10 lbs of weight, as selecting a pricier model that can support more weight would be a waste of money.
  • Stroller for medium-sized dogs: Most pet dogs are an average size. So for these medium-sized dogs, such as poodles, you can enjoy a long and fun walk with a stroller that fits so well, it seems it was custom-designed for your dog. Your cute little canine friend will surely become the centre of everyone’s attention as you go on walks with him in the stroller.
  • Stroller for big dogs: Sometimes, the big canine friends can also be the most spoiled ones. Strollers designed for bigger dogs are are great for older dogs as they can be used very often without wearing out. You will need to invest in a larger size stroller than can accommodate a lot of weight. This is also true if your dog is injured or disabled and will need to be carried in a stroller very often.
  • Adjustable dog stroller: These are great if you are using your dog stroller for more than one pet. They are also perfect to have as your dog grows older, as you are able to adjust the size as they grow. Keep in mind, adjustable models are usually higher end and can come with a higher price tag, although you will generally get more use out of them.
  • Orthopedic dog strollers: If your dog has an injury or is disabled in some way, then these types of strollers will be the best option for them. Orthopedic strollers are used to correct any physical anomaly. You can also find strollers for dogs with dysplasia or paralysis and a number of other disabilities. The idea behind a medicated stroller is to reduce the suffering of your beloved pet as much as possible so that they can take walks and enjoy life with ease.

How often should you use a dog stroller?

Just as humans should not have a sedentary life, dogs should lead an active life too. While dog strollers are very convenient and have several uses, you want to make sure that you use them sparingly. They are great for certain situations, such as going to the vet, but should not be used as your dogs primary method of transportation.

Your pet’s well-being should take priority. If you carry around your dog in the stroller too often, your dog may want to walk less and less.  And just as lack of exercise causes a list of health problems in humans, such as obesity, cardiovascular issues and joint problems, it also creates a number of medical issues for our canine buddies as well. So even if you are tempted to use the stroller in everyday life, it is recommended to one keep it to use as needed. Also, daily use of a dog stroller will wear it out quickly.

There are many different types of strollers for dogs, so choose the one your dog will like the most.
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If used right, dog strollers are great products for both you and your furry friend. They can be used to take longer walks than normal, or in new areas your dog may not be used to. Your dog will be able to walk alongside you, then rest in the stroller on the way back. You can also use the stroller to transport your dog in the car, which is a need for many dog owners. Whatever you decide to use the stroller for, it is always important to use it properly.

What is the proper way to use a dog stroller?

Strangers can easily trip over small dogs, especially if they are left free to run around. If your dog is not yet used to other people, it can even be aggressive towards others. This is when using a dog stroller would be convenient.

When using a dog stroller, ensure your dog is safely secured by using a secure buckle available inside the carrier compartment. It’s best to attach the buckle to your dog’s harness and zip the top of the stroller closed to prevent your dog from jumping out.

This will help to keep your dog from barking at the sight of other people. If you know that your dog takes time to warm up to others, you can try using a visual barrier, such as a towel, to reduce barking behavior. However, if your dog is still anxious when riding in a stroller, it’s best to hold him instead.

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Influence of weather and selection of dog stroller

Weather is a very important aspect to be considered when purchasing a dog stroller. You may not have known, but dogs can also get sunburns, so its important to keep them out of the sun for extensive periods of time. Keep in mind a hot ground in the summer is very hurtful for your pet’s paws.

Using a dog stroller on cold days

It is important that you can place protection on the stroller to guard your dog from the cold. Dogs can easily get just as cold as humans, although this heavily depends on the breed. If your dog is not built for cold weather (like a husky) then it is recommended to keep them warm when you are out and about. This may mean adding a blanket in your dog stroller to keep them warm during the winter months. This is a great option so your dog can still be outside in nature without having to be too cold.

Using a dog stroller on hot days

Just as bitter cold can take its toll on dogs, heat can also create problems. Excessive heat can cause heatstroke and even dehydration, just as it can in humans. A loving dog owner will know that it is never a good idea to leave your dog in a car on a hot day, as they can overheat very easily and it can have fatal results. Similarly, if you take your dog out for walks on a very hot day, keep in mind that they may need extra care and plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy. Dog strollers can be very useful on hot days, as many come with visors to keep your dog shaded.

You could, of course, make a dog stroller yourself, but you should consider if you have time for such handy work.

Can I use a baby’s stroller as a dog stroller?

It may seem like a good idea to simply convert your baby’s stroller into one for your dog, but they are actually two different things It is not a good idea to use one for the other for several reasons. To start off, let’s look at the mechanics. Baby strollers are designed for babies. Since there is a huge difference between the weight and anatomy of a human baby and a dog, so ergonomically, baby strollers can never be a good fit for dogs.

They are both made out of different materials, and dog strollers can often be more sturdy than baby strollers, as they are designed to carry more weight. Also, it is not a sanitary option. Your dog may shed hair, or may track dirt into the stroller that will then need to be thoroughly cleaned before you can use it again for your baby. Either way, it is never a good idea to use a baby stroller as a dog stroller, even if your dog is also your baby!

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How often can I use my dog stroller?

Use a dog stroller anytime a small dog needs to be transported. Dogs should feel relaxed and safe while contained in a stroller, and should not feel trapped or confined. It’s best to keep plenty of distance between your dog and other dogs at all times even when using a pet stroller.

We recommend only using your dog stroller 1-2 times per week, as needed. This is due to the fact that your dog needs plenty of exercise and play time to remain healthy. Just like humans, dogs require an active lifestyle, and should never be held or transported in a stroller at all times unless they have a disability. You should reserve your dogs stroller for special occasions such as bad weather, new environments, and vet visits.

Did you know that dogs also need daily exercise?

Is a dog stroller safe for children?

A dog stroller may look easy-to-use, but after all, it is not a toy. Do not let a small child push the stroller, as it will not be safe for the dog or your child. We recommend taking maximum safety precautions to protect and extend the life of the stroller and to safeguard children from any potential danger. And of course, do not place your child inside a dog stroller, as it is not designed for small children and may be unsafe for them.

  • Prevent children from riding in the stroller.
  • It is not an appropriate article for children under 12 and it is not a toy.
  • Keep the dog stroller in a safe area, out of reach of young children.

Providing good maintenance for a dog stroller

We recommend a good routine for maintaining the dog stroller in a top-notch condition. Like every accessory, a dog stroller also requires daily maintenance in order to ensure its long life and excellent performance every time you use it.

When your stroller is not in use, make sure you keep it in a dry safe place to prevent any damage to it. Avoid leaving it outdoors. Place it in the trunk of a car or the garage. Keeping your dog stroller safe and in great condition will ensure that you can use the stroller for many years to come.

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Is a dog stroller same as a dog wheelchair?

Dog wheelchairs are specifically designed for paralyzed dogs, or dogs with leg/back injuries. Many even suffer from medical conditions like degenerative myelopathy, thoracolumbar disc degenerative disease, paralysis, arthritis and many more neurological problems. In this case, it always best to consult your veterinarian on what is the best for your dog.

Is a pet stroller the best choice for your disabled dog?  This really depends on the type of dog you have, and the injury. Dog strollers should not substitute a dog wheelchair if they are the best fit for your dog. Depending on the case, dog strollers can be a good option for your injured dog, as dog wheelchairs can be difficult to maneuver for some pets. Strollers also allow them to enjoy longer walks without tiring out as easily.

Will my pet like its dog stroller?

So, you are all set to buy a dog stroller. But the pressing question arises: will your pet feel comfortable with this product? The best way is to test this with your puppy. He or she should feel comfortable in the stroller and should not feel to confined. Keep in mind, some dogs do not like being covered, and it may stress them out at first.

  • Some dogs may be scared at first since they may not be used to strollers. The key is to never press force it upon them.
  • Your dog must be given time to gradually adapt to the stroller.
  • For this purpose, you can leave the stroller in sight for your pet so that it becomes familiar with it.
  • Once you begin using the stroller, always make sure to avoid making abrupt turns and making sudden movements.

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a new item for your pet, it is important to go with the best option for them. But how do you know which type of stroller your pet needs? To help you, we have created this shopping guide so that you feel confident that you are choosing the right product for both you and your furry friend. When shopping for a new stroller, you should consider:


As previously mentioned, the dog stroller needs to be made well. Avoid buying strollers that are made entirely of plastic, as this structure is fragile and prone to breakage (and is not eco friendly). Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a dog stroller made of stainless steel. This applies especially to the rods, as they support the weight of your pet.

So, it makes sense to select a stainless steel rod that offers the right amount of durability required in a stroller. Next is the fabric, which should not attract dirt or be stained easily. Purchasing a sturdy stroller will ensure that it does not break easily, so you do not have to worry about having to buy a new one for a long time.

  • Load capacity: never buy a stroller that provides low weight carrying capacity to settle for a cheaper price. Trust us, it is going to cost you a lot more in the long run.
  • Wheel size: select the right wheel size by analyzing the area where you will use the stroller. Is it a pavement, a rural drop back or a city locale?
  • Safety: brakes, belts or any device that can be used in case of emergency and to prevent damage.
  • Design: go for an overall comfortable design which is easy for you to handle and accommodating for your canine companion.


And just as you look for a certified brand when buying any other product, you need to look for dog stroller varieties from top brands when purchasing one. Look for brands that specialize in dog products. If you recognize the brand from other relabel dog products you have purchased in the past, this is a good sign.

Recognized manufacturers always guarantee product quality, which includes a refund. The support has to be guaranteed because it is something necessary for buyers. Above all, a good brand, in many cases, is synonymous with a high-grade quality.

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This one is a must – you cannot buy a dog stroller that is uncomfortable for your pet. Also, you need to ensure that the design is comfortable enough for you to handle. Your dog should have ample room to sit or lay comfortably in the stroller. The protective compartment should have several access points and be very breathable for your dog.

It is recommended to take your dog out for a walk once or twice a week.
(Source: Alena Stalmashonak: 52662478/

Imagine yourself in your pets’ shoes – if you were in a car that was highly uncomfortable, you would not want to ride in it again. If your dog is uncomfortable in his or her stroller, it will not want to ride in it, and will resist you when you try to place them in the stroller. This is why it is very important that you choose the right stroller for your dog’s size and specific needs.


Keep in mind that dogs can suffer from allergic reactions to different materials. So, it is appropriate to consult with the veterinarian before buying a dog stroller. Choosing a stroller made with toxic materials can be very harmful for both you and your pet. Make sure you go with a quality brand that keeps your pet’s health in mind.

If your stroller becomes rusty, your dog can be affected and may even suffer from diseases such as tetanus. In worst case scenarios, a pet might become very ill from exposure to rust or damaged metal. So is recommended that you examine the materials used in the stroller, as well as its upholstery to be soft so that your dog does not suffer any discomfort. This will also help to prevent your dog from developing skin rashes.

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Type of pet

It is important that you choose the right size of stroller based on your dog’s breed. This is especially important when it comes to the size of your pet. To make sure your dog can comfortably ride either laying or sitting, measure your dog’s height when they are sitting. You should add 4″ to their height to make sure they have enough room to be comfortable.


Before you purchase one of these products, consider what you will be using it for. If you are planning to transport your dog inside the car often, then you will need to look for a stroller that can easily be placed in a car. Most quality dog strollers will be equipped with no zip closures. If you have a smaller dog, you can hold your dog in one arm and open or close with ease with the other hand.

A dog stroller is supposed to be a sturdy accessory that provides comfort to both you and your furry friend. So, it makes sense that you consider all aspects before making the purchase. In an ideal case, the stroller would become one of your best and most well-used accessories. And that would surely be the case as you follow the guidelines enlisted in this guide!

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This one is a no-brainer – a dog stroller must have good mobility. After all, this is the very purpose of your purchase, right? Make sure that the wheels are smooth and easy to push. By keeping your dog stroller well maintained, you can prevent it from rusting and becoming for difficult to use.

If using your dog stroller for jogging or off-road hiking, you will want large tires to make it easier to push. Lightweight plastic tires are suitable for sidewalk walking, but may get stuck if you use your stroller on terrain that is rougher than sidewalks. Air ride tires work best for jogging and long walks on rough terrain. They will give extra comfort for your dog’s ride and are effortless to push.


Dogs are man’s best friend. They give us unconditional love, become members of our family and are a great companion to have with us during all of our activities. So you want to make sure you are purchasing the best products when it comes to your furry friend.

You love and care for your beloved pets and know that you can never settle for anything less than the best for them. And what better way to show your love than by buying a great dog stroller based on this guide?

We hope you liked our guide to dog strollers. Please don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know! And share it with your friends on social media. See you soon with more tips to make life better for your furry friends!

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