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We all know that a healthy dog is a happy dog. To ensure the health of your beloved pet, it is not only necessary to provide him with unconditional love and joy, but also to provide good quality food and a comfortable eating environment. It makes sense that dog bowls should be robust and made of quality materials. However, what other standards should these products meet in order to provide your dog with an exceptional eating experience? You’ll want to choose a bowl according to the size of your pet, its eating habits and health conditions.

Did you know that there are anti-anxiety dog feeders? In recent years, manufacturers have created a plethora of different added features and accessories like these — built within food bowls to enhance your animals mealtime experience. The possibility of all these new and innovative options can be quite overwhelming when you begin your search for a new bowl. To help, we’ve created this guide breaking down all the models and brands you’ll find. It is our hope this information will help you choose the perfect one for you and your furry friends.

Key Facts

  • Dog bowls are specialised dish-ware designed to be used by our four-legged friends. Dog feeders are manufactured from a number of different materials, but one of the best quality materials offered at the most reasonable price is stainless steel.
  • The importance of a choosing a good dog feeder shouldn’t be underestimated. Choosing the right product can put an end once and for all to your pet’s obesity and eating troubles.
  • Because there are so many models of dog feeders on the market, one must carefully choose the model that will meet the needs of your pet. This will change depending on a number of factors like the height of the animal or any negative mealtime behaviours such as eating anxiety or aggression.

Our selection: The best dog bowls

We now have the luxury to be able to choose between portable, single, double or specially designed dog bowls to soothe your pet’s cravings. Today’s dog feeders are extremely diverse and have a wide range of prices. To help you make a well-informed decision, we’ve carefully prepared a selection of the top brands and models of dog bowls available and provided a product description for each one.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about dog bowls

Dog bowls come in large, medium and small sizes, with or without automatic dispensers and can include anti-anxiety features for even the most voracious of dogs. The range of dog feeders that you can find on the market today is very wide, sometimes so much so that it’s really hard to choose the best one. To help you, we’ve created this guide to address the most frequently asked questions by pet owners.

Portrait of adult couple with dog and purchases in pet store

You must take into account the age and breed of your pet when choosing a dog bowl. (Source: Filimonov: 116719594/

What are dog bowls and why are they so important?

Dog bowls are feeders or containers made for holding and depositing dog food. It is a required household item for our faithful friends and arguably, the most important accessory for our pet. Choosing the right one can help us avoid intestinal problems, undesired weight gain, and other digestive tract complications.

Can the wrong dog feeder jeopardise the health of our pet?

Unfortunately, yes. Petco, for example, had to withdraw its stainless steel bowls in 2012 because it was discovered that they were radioactive, according to Basis Pet. In addition to verifying product quality standards, never choose a stainless steel bowl that is not dishwasher safe or one that states it is only for household use.

The descriptions mentioned above when describing dog feeders may hide the fact that the stainless steel used in its fabrication is inferior to type 304 (also known as 18/8 stainless steel), the most common type of stainless steel used in dish-ware.

Dogs have the ability to hear sounds up to a distance of 225 metres.

Why is the proper hygiene of dog bowls so important?

Pet owners can easily forget about cleaning their dog’s bowl and how severely it can affect the health of their beloved pet. Most of us wouldn’t use the same dish for a week without washing it, and the same should go for your dog’s bowl. Otherwise, bacteria can grow right there in the dish, creating a breeding ground for disease.

These diseases can range from general stomach irritation to diarrhoea or vomiting – anything is possible if you don’t wash your dog’s bowl every day. Cleaning it with water and soap and rinsing the dish well is critical to ensuring your dogs good health.

Automatic Electronic Digital Pet Dry Food Storage Meal Feeder Dispenser on a wooden floor. 3d Rendering

Automatic feeders are ideal for busy people who don’t always have the time to stay on top of feeding their pet. (Source: Kharchenko: 115371510/

What types of dog feeders can we find?

There is a wide assortment of dog feeders available for purchase. There are so many, that it is often difficult to choose the one best suited for us and our pets. Below is a selection of the main models categorised by their shape and material. In the chat below, we’ve broken down the main features, advantages and disadvantages of each of these models.

Bowl Model Features Advantages Disadvantages
Plastic There are different shapes, sizes and containers all made of different polymers. If you choose one of these, opt for one of good quality and free of carcinogenic substances, such as bisphenol A or BPAs These types of bowls are easy to clean. They are economical, lightweight and very manageable. They usually incorporate a non-slip ring on the base to prevent it from moving. The dog may be allergic to certain components within the material of the bowl. Make sure to always take a good look at their snout for any possible irritations or reactions.
Ceramic These bowls come in many different sizes depending on the dimensions of the dog. They are heavy enough to keep them from sliding around and they are easy to clean. They can break and ceramic is a porous material which has a high potential of collecting bacteria.
Stainless steel These dog bowls are available in various sizes and shapes. Stainless, robust and easy to clean. The best material for dog feeders currently available. Because they’re lightweight they can move around easily if they don’t have a non-slip base. Most manufacturers avoid making models that incorporate an anti-slip rubber in the base, because fungi and bacteria can accumulate there easily.
Designs that manage anxiety and aggression These are usually plastic containers that include diverse obstacles that get in the way and force the dog to eat slowly. They help to alleviate the dog’s anxiety towards food and help prevent intestinal problems. If they are not of good quality, they can deteriorate rather quickly.
Portable and travel size bowls These feeders are specially designed for travel. They are usually made of resistant plastics, silicone, or stainless steel. This model is ideal if you have to move around frequently. They are foldable and usually include a separate container for water. If they are not of good quality, they can become a feeding ground for bacteria, so extreme attention to cleanliness is important.
Troughs with height Also called “elevated feeders”, these bowls are sit at an appropriate height for the dog to be able to eat without having to bend over excessively. The height is usually adjustable and this design usually includes two bowls, often made of stainless steel. They must be placed at the height of the animal’s chest, above the knee joint. These are very beneficial to the animal’s health if the height is adjusted to fit the size of the animal. It can help eliminate stomach torsion and preventing stomach problems. These dog bowls are ideal for elderly dogs. Extreme hygiene of the bowl and the entire structure is crucial because the trough can create a bag of moisture where fungi and bacteria proliferate.
Automatic gravity feeders or hopper type This style corresponds to one of the selected models in our Ranking. A gravity feeder is made up of a container that adjusts to the feeder so that the food or water falls down as the dog eats. With these models, you don’t need to worry about your dog’s food for several days. It is more affordable than a programmable feeder. They are usually transparent so you can see the amount of food consumed. If made of plastic, it is important to perform a thorough cleaning periodically.
For dogs with long ears There are high and narrow feeders that are best for dogs with long and fallen ears, such as Beagles or the Cocker Spaniels. They’re usually made of plastic. It is important that they have non-slip bases. They prevent your dog’s ears from falling into the feeder and they can be quite inexpensive. It is important to maintain extreme levels of cleanliness to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria within the bowl.
Automatic or electronic Electronic devices have been incorporated into certain models to allow you to control the amount of food you give your pet. You can program them to dispense at specific times. These bowls are ideal for busy individuals who are frequently away from their homes. This type of bowl enables you to continuously monitor the quantity of food consumed by your dog, even when you’re away. They provides a solution for canine obesity and dogs who easily become ill. Their price point is higher and some may even have a slightly complicated set up. Nonetheless, it is often necessary to choose high quality devices in order to avoid any malfunction.

What is the importance of anti-anxiety dog feeders?

There are dogs that don’t chew, but rather inhale their food. This poses a huge risk of suffocation if the food is inhaled rather than properly masticated. Animals may begin to vomit or end up with an upset stomach. For this reason, pet bowl manufacturers have created these high tech anti-anxiety dog feeders that allow for food to be consumed at an appropriate pace.

Smiling mature woman choosing pet food bowl for her puppy in pet supplies store

Remember to thoroughly wash your pet’s food container at least every two or three days. (Source: Filimonov: 116003548/

Is it necessary for dog feeders to include a water bowl?

No, it is not absolutely necessary by any means. It’s probable that you’ve seen one of the many designs where the water bowl is either right next to, or a short distance away from the food bowl. It is actually best if the food bowls and water bowls are placed in separate, remote containers. This will prevent the water from mixing with the dry food, which in turn helps prevent the growth of mould or bacteria.

Purchase Criteria

If you’ve come this far, you already know that buying a dog bowl is not as straight forward as it may seem. There are a number of important factors to consider before deciding on a particular bowl. Below is a quick reminder and summary of the most important criteria to consider when looking to buy a new dog bowl:

Consult your vet

It seems obvious, but no one knows your dog’s physical condition better than their vet. If your dog is older, it’s smart to opt for dog feeders that sit at a higher level so they don’t have to strain their neck reaching for food. If you do not have a lot of time and your pet is not a gluttonous eater, the gravity dispenser is a good choice. Nevertheless, if you can, always try to consult a professional before buying a specific product.

Double pet bowl

Feeding troughs at a greater height are best for tall dogs so they can eat without having to bend over, helping avoid back problems. (Source: Djurovic: 119360685/

Pet size

Naturally, a Yorkshire doesn’t eat in the same manner as a German Shepherd. Manufacturers take into account the dimensions of all animals, so you should have no problem finding a bowl suitable for your pet’s size. In general, the bowls come in various sizes, such as S, M or L.

Dogs have a total of 18 muscles in their ears.


As you may have already learned throughout this guide, dog bowls are made of various material — From stainless steel to rare wood models. Always choose a good quality material, resistant and robust, yet easy to clean. Keep in mind that simple quality stainless steel will always be a good choice.

Portable bowls feeding and food isolated on white background.

Portable feeders are designed for travel, usually made of sturdy plastics. (Source: Bullltus: 95118901/


We’ve already covered the importance of hygiene in prior sections. Remeber that we always recommend opting for a dog feeder that is easy to clean. If you’re someone who rarely has extra time, buying a dog bowl that is dishwasher safe is something to consider. Remember to thoroughly wash your dogs feeder at the very least every two to three days.


Although dog feeders are arguably the most important piece concerning your dogs diet, there are a number of other useful tools linked to increasing and reinforcing positive eating habits. One of them is mats you can place underneath the dog bowl. With anti-slip mats, we prevent messy environments where germs can proliferate. Utilising mats will help protect the floors of your home as well, be it terrazzo, wood, tile or any other type of flooring.

User reviews and ratings

Before deciding on a particular dog bowl, make sure to research and read through reviews previous users have made on social networks and product review sites. Aside from overall 4 or 5 star ratings, reviews will often also mention many specific, technical aspects of the bowls – some of this information maybe extremely beneficial to the choice you make for your pet, so make sure you dedicate the time to research customer reviews.


The type of food you give your dog is of great importance, but so are the containers that you choose to serve it in. Choosing the right dog bowl is especially important if your dog is elderly, suffers from canine obesity or has eating anxiety. Today, a good dog bowl can regulate the frequency of your dog’s eating habits to keep them healthy and thriving.

High tech models, as is the case of electronic dog feeders, are the result of new age technology applied to this everyday household item. They have significant advantages, for those with busy schedules or in multi-pet households. These are the perfect solution to help you care for your pet to your highest ability with a limited schedule. If you love your pet, make sure you consider each and every aspect we’ve mentioned in this guide before choosing a specific bowl.

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