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If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for an awesome dog for your dog! Your dog probably wants this bone too! Man’s best friend deserves the best! What is a dog without its bone? As Nicanor Parra, a Chilean poet would say, “nothing!”

Whether you are looking to replace a current dog bone or you are going to buy one for the first time, you need to know a few things about these items before making your purchase. Apart from dog food, a dog bone can be a great source of nutrients to keep your dog happy and healthy. We have written this article to help you make the best purchase for your best friend! After reading this article, you will be more informed and your dog will be enjoying its new bone in no time!

Key Facts

  • There are dog bones that are quite economically friendly and can even help clean your dog’s teeth and keep it healthy.
  • A bone can be a toy for your dog. There is a type of dog bone that has holes where you can hide snacks. Your dog will have fun trying to get the food out of the bone!
  • Dog bones are great for dogs that have aching teeth due to dental work. You can also use dog bones to help hyper dogs bite on something and get their energy out, instead of chewing up your shoes.

Our Selection: The Best Dog Bones

The amount of dog bones on the market is countless! You can buy edible dog bones, toy dog bones, etc. The options are endless. When you have so many options, you may get overwhelmed or confused. If this is your problem, we have created a list of the best dog bones on the market to help you with your purchase!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Bones

At this point, your dog might be thinking, “you still haven’t bought my bone?” “What are you waiting for, human?” We don’t want your dog to get anxious as it awaits its new toy. However, you should learn more about dog bones before buying one for your pet!

There are vegetarian dog bones that are meant to keep your dogs mouth healthy.
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What are dog bones exactly and why should I get one?

This might seem like a silly question, but there are so many dog bones on the market that this product is now not just something to feed your dog. Now, there are synthetic bones on the market as well as vegetarian bones that will keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy. The following is a table of why you should get a dog bone for your amazing pet!

  • Keep your dog”s mouth healthy and its teeth clean and strong
  • Stimulate the cognitive development of your dog
  • Help your dog get its energy out in a natural and healthy way
  • Improve your dog”s behavior
  • Help calm your dog down and entertain your dog when it is boring
  • Certain types of dogs need certain bones
  • Should be used under supervision to avoid choking or other problems

Can dog bones be dangerous for my dog?

Before discussing the different types of dog bones that there are on the market, we need to answer this question. You may have gotten nervous when reading the cons of the table above, but don’t worry! Dog bones are not dangerous for your pet. Obviously, since not all dog bones are the same, it is up to you as a dog owner to choose the correct one.

If you choose the wrong type of dog bone, there can be problems. Most brands offer a variety of sizes for you to choose from depending on your dog’s size. A 10 inch-long bone is not a good idea for your dog if it is a pug, for example. Also, a rubber dog bone is not used in the same way as a natural dog bone.

What are the different types of dog bones?

Not all dog bones are created equal. Your dog will chew on the bone no matter the size, material, or ingredients that it is made out of, but you aren’t a dog, right? You might drool a little bit when you sleep, but we are pretty sure you are a human, and it is up to you as a dog owner to choose the perfect bone for your pet.

  • Raw bones: For many experts, raw dog bones are the best option. They are very rich in nutrients. The downside to these bones is that they are not as safe as the other dog bones on our list. They can attract a lot of bacteria.
  • Natural cow bones: These bones are a safer alternative to raw bones. Brands that sell this type of bone sterilize it by boiling the bone and usually grilling it before selling it on the market. However, through this process, the bone loses a lot of nutrients. This type of dog bone is also prone to splintering, which could hurt your dog.
  • Rawhide bone: From a technical point of view, this product is not actually a bone. This product is made out of the inner layer of animal skin, usually cow skin. These bones are great for strengthening your dog’s teeth. They are normally very tasty.
  • Vegetarian bone: These bones are also known as “dental bones.” These bones are made specifically to keep your dogs mouth and teeth clean and healthy. While chewing the toy, the dog will be able to remove particles of food between its teeth. This product doesn’t just help your dog stay healthy, it also makes its breath smell better.
  • Edible chew-toy bone: These are snacks in the form of bones that your dog can chew on. They are very rich in a great variety of nutrients. This dog will keep your dog well-behaved and give it a healthier diet. This is a great option if you have a dog that does not have a healthy diet already.
  • Synthetic chew-toy bone: These products often come in creative shapes. These bones are made out of synthetic material, like rubber. They are not edible. This type of bone is great for puppies who are still teething, and a great toy for dogs that get bored or anxious easily.

Dental dog bones are made to keep your dog’s mouth and teeth healthy.
(Source: Blanscape: 12970723/

What are synthetic dog bones for?

Some of the best dog bones are synthetic. There are many synthetic dog bones on the market that can also be used as toys. You may ask, “what makes this type of dog bone special?” These dog bones can improve the cognitive development of your dog!

Some synthetic dog bones have two holes at both ends of the bone. Thanks to this feature, you can hide snacks in these holes. Your dog will have so much fun trying to get the snack out. It will want to know what smells so delicious. This should keep your dog entertained for a while as it takes the snacks out of the holes one by one.

What type of nutrients do dog bones have?

The answer to this question, obviously, depends on the type of dog bone that you buy. A plastic dog bone will not have any nutrients; its only function is to entertain your dog. However, most other dog bones offer a great variety of nutrients that can benefit your dog. The following are the nutrients that can be found in dog bones:

  • Proteins.
  • Collagen (This nutrient contains essential amino acids, like proline, glycine, and mucopolysaccharides.)
  • Calcium phosphate.
  • Sodium.
  • Iron.
  • Magnesium.
  • Zinc.
  • Vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Shopping Criteria

Calm your dog down. Tell him to stop barking. We are nearing the end of the article already, and patience is key. Now that you know more about the different types of dog bones and how to use them correctly, it’s almost time to buy one! But first, let’s go over some important shopping criteria that you should follow when looking for the perfect dog bone. We’re almost there!

Natural or Synthetic?

If you are looking for the best dog bone but don’t want to spend too much money, the best option is to buy a synthetic dog bone. If you are looking for a more nutritional bone that will keep your dog healthy, you should get a natural dog bone.

The best dog bones on the market come in many shapes and forms.
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As you have probably already realized after reading the list of the best dog bones on the market, not all of these products are the same size. One brand may offer various different sizes of dog bones for different sizes of dogs. Make sure you keep your dog’s size in mind when buying its bone! A boxer won’t need the same size bone as a Yorkshire terrier!

Edible or Recreational

There are many different types of dog bones on the market, as you have already seen. To not get too technical we will put all dog bones under two groups, edible and recreational. Please note that some dogs may be both recreational and edible. Make sure to read the description of the product to determine which type it is.


If you want to improve your dog’s cognitive development, there are types of dog bones that are interactive. As we have already explained previously, there are types of dog bones that have two holes on each side where you can hide food. This will help your dog interact with the bone as it tries to get the snacks out one by one. This introduces reasoning to your pet.

Health Condition

Before introducing any new product to your dog, you should always consult your veterinarian first. It is very important to take the advice he or she will give you in order to choose the best product for your dog. Keep in mind your dog’s health condition, like, for example, if it has had oral health problems in the past or if its a very old dog with fragile teeth. In these cases, you should not give your dog a very hard bone.


As you have read above, there is a great variety of dog bones on the market. A dog is nothing without its bone! There are many delicious and beneficial bones to choose from. Try to keep in mind all of the criteria that we have taught you when making your purchase. We are sure that you will make the correct choice.

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