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Your dog really is a member of your family. Because you want the best for them, you should take them out for a walks regularly, for their physical and mental health. But sometimes your dog can’t run, walk or keep up the same pace you do. In this case, dog backpacks are a great solution.

Dog backpacks let you take your best friend with you in a safe way so they won’t get lost or injured. Additionally, the bag will not only carry your pet but can also convey other supplies and items you need as you get around. We’ve put together this handy guide so you can learn more about these products and their features.

Key Facts

  • Dog backpacks allow you to carry your pet in a comfortable and very safe way. They are ideal for puppies, dogs with joint issues or to make a trip to the vet. They are also very reasonably priced.
  • There are three types of dog backpacks: traditional, slings (like shoulder bags) and travelers. They are most commonly made from polyester, nylon or polypropylene. Each model has features that meet the different needs your dog may have.
  • You should carefully evaluate the features of each product, such as the size, use and capacity to make the right purchasing decision. We’ll help you to do that by examining every detail in the shopping criteria section below.

Ranking: The best dog backpacks

Whether you look for a dog backpack in a pet store or online, you will find hundreds of different models. Finding the best one for you can be a real dilemma because it can be hard to know which is the most suitable. With this in mind, we’ve put together a ranking of the best dog backpacks in 2023.

Shopping guide: Everything you should know about dog backpacks

It is not only important to be familiar with the best accessories on the market, but also which ones are perfectly suited to your pet. Not all products are the same and not all of them meet your dog’s needs, so it is critical to choose the right product. We will answer the most commonly asked questions about dog backpacks in this guide.

Dog backpacks are very useful when you need to go out and take your dog with you. (Source: Nikolay Pozdeev: 23981885/

What are dog backpacks exactly?

Dog backpacks are an accessory that allows you transport your pet anywhere in a comfortable and very safe way. They give your dog security and comfort, especially in places where there is a lot of traffic. With a dog backpack, you can go wherever you like with ease, whether you’re going for a walk or to the vet.

They are simple and easy to use, since all you have to do is put your dog inside the backpack. Your dog will get used the backpack very quickly, so they can go with you wherever you want. They are commonly used for puppies, small dogs or with pets with joint problems.

What advantages do dog backpacks have?

Often this accessory can make a big difference to your and your pet’s lifestyle. But they also have some disadvantages which should be considered before you buy this product. Find below a table with benefits and drawbacks relating to dog backpacks.

  • They are comfortable for your dog
  • They allow you to take pleasant walks
  • They are reasonably priced
  • They make it much easier to transport your pet
  • Some models are uncomfortable to wear
  • They can attract bad smells
  • They get dirty easily
  • They are not suitable for very large dogs

What features should a good dog backpack have?

First of all, you should be sure the backpack has padding on the back and shoulder straps, which will make it much more comfortable to wear. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. It should be easy to use, and adjustable backpacks that fit different sized dogs are best.

On the other hand, never forget to look at the materials the dog backpack is made from, as this is an indicator of the quality of the product. Backpacks should be soft, so your dog feels comfortable and does not want to get out of it. We also recommend reviewing the manufacturer’s instructions before putting your dog inside.

Backpacks for dogs let you take a walk with your dog with maximum comfort and convenience.
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What types of dog backpacks are there in the market?

Not all products will necessarily meet the requirements of your dog, since not all animals are the same. You should know what models fit your pet because there are different types of accessories with different functions. In the following table, you can see the variety of dog backpacks available on the market.

Type of backpack Characteristics Disadvantages
Traditional Very similar to a school backpack.

Very durable.

Could cause tension or strain in the back.
Sling Has crossed straps.

Lets the dog see at all times.

More elegant.

Less durable.

Easily broken.

Travel Ideal for taking your dog in the car. Takes up more space.

How long can I have my pet in dog backpacks?

It all depends on your pet’s needs because dogs, as a general rule, are not used to this type of accessory. However, if you go for a walk with your pet frequently, the best thing would be to place your dog inside the bag for up to 2 hours so they can get used to it.

If your dog suffers from any disability, for example, a broken bone or a damaged joint, you can use the backpack for as long as you think it is good for them. The idea is to prevent your dog from feeling unnecessary pain. You can take puppies out for a walk with this accessory once a week.

“From time to time, a dog gets in your life and changes everything”.

What materials are dog backpacks made of?

Knowing the manufacturing process is essential to choose an ideal product for your pet. Depending on the material, your dog will feel more or less comfortable. In addition, it can also influence the ease of use of the accessory. For this reason, we present an information table below with the most common materials for dog backpacks.

Material Features Disadvantages
Polyester It is the most popular one.

It is resistant and practical.

Resistant to sun damage.

It is sensitive to dog bites.

They get bad smell quickly.

Nylon It is a very strong material.

It is ideal if you are going to use it a lot.

It gets dirty easily.

It is more expensive.

Polypropylene It does not get hot.

Moisture resistant.

It discolor with continuous exposure to sun rays.

How do I know if my pet needs dog backpacks?

In most cases, pets actually do not need a dog backpack. However, there are certain situations when it can be extremely helpful. For example, if your dog is sick, has broken bones or a disability. You can also use a bag like this to take the dog to the vet.

When using it for walks, it is simply an accessory that can be used anytime. It is essential to avoid overusing backpacks because it could create a bad habit in your dog, which would be detrimental to his health. Keep in mind that dog backpacks are not a substitute for a lead and in many cases, you should also take your dog for walks on a leash.

How do you clean dog backpacks correctly?

Proper disinfection and hygiene of dog backpacks are essential to extend their useful life. This way, you will also avoid health problems in your pets, who could suffer from a condition due to germs and bacteria build up in the bag. First, perform a superficial cleaning by scrubbing the bag with a damp cloth and soapy water.

For deeper cleaning, use white vinegar diluted with water in a 50-50 solution in a bottle and spray the bag. This way, you can eliminate strong smells from pet’s fur. In addition, depending on the material, you can put the backpack in the washing machine. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

You can buy a dog backpack at a pet store or online.
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How can my pet get used to dog backpacks?

First, never force your dog to get in the backpack because it will only make them afraid. One of the best strategies is to reward your pet with treats or cookies every time you use the backpack. In addition, it is a good idea to leave the bag in sight, so your dog gets familiar with it.

You can also take short walks, starting 10 minutes up to around half an hour. However, a dog may feel discomfort if spending more than an hour in a backpack. They may also suffer cramps if sitting too long in the backpack. An excellent idea is to alternate between walks with leads and backpacks.

Where to buy dog backpacks?

Dog backpacks can be purchased at any pet store. There are companies specialized in manufacturing specific products for dogs where you can choose the right items. Experts know what the needs of each race are and satisfy them by making bags that provide comfort and safety.

On the other hand, you can also buy them online. There are several suppliers specializing in dog products that offer quite affordable prices. Now, if you really want to buy a reliable product, be sure to check our initial Ranking, since you will find guaranteed quality bags there.

Shopping criteria

At this point, you’re ready to purchase this accessory. But to make a good investment, you must consider several aspects. This way, you can choose a product that correctly meets the needs of your pet. For this reason, we will detail the following purchase criteria:


The first factor we can analyze is the size of both the dog and the accessory you plan to buy. First, think about what dimensions would be comfortable when taking a walk. Obviously, if the place is very small, the dog would feel imprisoned.

On the other hand, your dog could get out or fall if the bag is too large, which could cause real damage. If you want to avoid these inconveniences, you should be well informed about the dimensions of the dog backpack. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to measure your dog from head to toe.

Dog backpacks are very reasonably priced.
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Materials are an essential aspect to make the right choice, especially when talking about quality. The best brands in the market offer products with great elaboration that guarantee a long service life. On the other hand, low category factories usually offer virtually disposable items.

On the other hand, manufacturing materials are directly related to your health. Some components may cause allergic reactions in your pet, both in the skin and fur. Therefore, before buying the backpack, better check its label and talk to the veterinarian.


You must determine the frequency of use of the backpack so you can choose the most convenient one. For example, you do not need to make a large investment if you go for a walk 10 minutes a day or if you only need it to go to the vet. However, if you’re using it frequently, it is essential to choose the best in the market.

You should also consider how many pets you have at home and if they all will use the dog bag. If so, the best option is to buy an adjustable backpack that can be adapted to the size of each dog. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot on different means of transportation for all your furry friends.

Dog breed

Dog breed is closely related to size, since there are strong and very robust dogs. Try to carry a mastiff in your bag and carry all its weight or imagine having to transport a German shepherd. It would be an awkward situation, for both the dog and you, and you may suffer from severe back pain.

You should also consider your dog’s behavior because some of them move a lot with any sign of threat. Most backpacks leave the dog uncovered, therefore its use would not be convenient if your pet has a hard time controlling itself.

Dog backpacks are designed for calm and friendly breeds.

Dog backpacks are designed for calm breeds.


To conclude with this section of purchasing criteria, we will explain why it is important for a dog backpack to have a good accessories capacity. First, if you are going to take a long walk with the dog at your back, you will get tired quickly. Water is essential in this case, so you must have a place to store it.

In addition, your dog may require some snacks or items to eat and drink. On the other hand, in case you’re going to the veterinarian, you will need to bring some items for a correct consultation of your furry friend. In short, the more capacity the backpack has, the better it will be for you and your dog.


Dog backpacks are accessories that allow you transport your pets anywhere in a comfortable and very safe way. They are made of polyester, nylon or polypropylene and each model meets different needs. They are used for walks, to take the dog to the vet or when they have some physical ailment.

It is essential that your pets enjoy their life because, after all, they are also part of the family. Never forget to provide them with good food, bathe them and, of course, take them out for a walk regularly. This way, your dogs will be grateful to enjoy your valuable company at all times.

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