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THEGOODESTATE is an internationally positioned media company with a focus on digital content. We embrace the idea of a dynamic, decentralized corporate culture that focuses on long-term and solid growth. We are driven by the passion to generate high-quality and entertaining web content, no matter what the topic.

Do you want to gain deep insights into online marketing? Are you in search of digital freedom? Then you have come to the right place!

What makes our digital marketing internship program unique

  • Working and learning via the Internet from any location: You can complete the entire internship from the comfort of your own home – no matter where you are in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Deep online marketing knowledge: Learn how online marketing works in practice from professionals. As an intern, you will also have the opportunity to complete our Online Marketing Academy with exclusive learning content.
  • Responsible and meaningful tasks: You only have to make coffee for yourself. Every task during your internship is important and meaningful. You will also be fully integrated into our team, even though we work in a decentralized manner.

Your responsibilities

We cover various online marketing disciplines including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, and affiliate marketing. During the internship, you will familiarize yourself with different topics and get exposure to a wide range of tasks:

  • WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • On-Page SEO (WDF*IDF Analysis)
  • Off-Page SEO (Linkbuilding)
  • Content Marketing (keyword research, copywriting)
  • Quality Management

Your profile

  • Good proficiency of common Office applications
  • Interest in online marketing – in particular SEO, Affiliate & Content Marketing
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • High commitment & reliability

We offer you

  • Internship certificate/confirmation after completion of the internship;
  • Online internship with flexible time management and location independence;
  • The opportunity to gain a foothold in the online marketing industry after completing your internship;
  • Responsible tasks right from the start.

How to apply

Please write an email to Mr. Johann Dielert (johann.dielert[at] with the following documents: résumé, short letter of motivation, and proof of qualifications by mentioning in the subject.

The internship is suitable for students of all fields and levels of study.

FAQ: What you need to know about the Online Internship

When can I start?

You can start at any time. We will discuss this with you individually during the application process.

How much time do I need?

You can decide whether you want to work full or part time. A full-time position is 40 hours/week and a part-time position is 20 hours/week.

Can I manage my time freely?

You are free to organize your time as you wish. We work with a weekly deadline system. This means that you are given specific tasks and can work on them according to your own schedule.

How does an online internship work?

We communicate via the Slack messenger service and define your goals and tasks at the beginning of each week. You also take part in all relevant team calls. Feedback is naturally important, too!

Is this internship attributable to university studies?

Please check with your university to see if our online internship is recognized.

What are my specific tasks and can I experience different areas of online marketing?

You are assigned to a team and support us in this area. However, you can also get an insight into other areas if you would like.

How do I know if this internship is for me?

Our work is exciting and challenging. We need your full commitment to provide you with the best possible experience in online marketing within a short period of time. You will need to be very curious, a quick thinker, and interested in dealing with unfamiliar topics.

Where is my workplace?

Wherever you want! Our team is located in all corners of the world (USA, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Spain…). You too will live the digital nomadic lifestyle and be completely independent of location.

Who is behind this online program?

We are a team of young and ambitious online marketing experts. Together with all of our stakeholders, we try to take online marketing to the next level.

How does the selection process work?

After we have reviewed your documents, we will contact you via e-mail to arrange a video call with the person in charge.

Do I need to know foreign languages?

You should have a perfect command of spoken and written English. If you know other languages such as German, Spanish, French or Italian, that’s great too!

Internship Digital Marketing: Frequently asked questions

What is online marketing?

If you want to do an online marketing internship, you should first deal with the basics of online marketing. Online marketing is mainly about implementing marketing in online channels.

The central components of a classic online marketing campaign are as follows:

  • Company Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Each of these main components is basically a separate subarea, but they all interact with each other.

What are the job profiles in online marketing?

The online marketing industry is currently growing very rapidly. More and more companies in North America and Europe are allocating their marketing budgets with a focus on online marketing.

This is also why well-trained specialists are becoming very popular in the industry. Online marketing managers usually work in-house at companies and can specialize in one job or even have a holistic scope of work.

External consultants or freelancers as well as agencies are also enjoying increasing demand. In today’s world, anyone who builds up expertise in an area of online marketing can offer companies enormous added value.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

What are the learning contents of an online marketing internship?

The learning content during an online marketing internship in a company is very much based on their daily tasks and marketing channels.

In the case of an online editorial department, the internship will most likely focus on content marketing. In a company with an online shop, the internship will concentrate on display advertising or even search engine optimization (SEO).

During this particulat online internship, the focus is on content marketing and search engine optimization. Our training contents are therefore suitable for all those who are interested in the organic sector. The online internship helps you to get to know the basics of search engine optimization as well as content marketing.

Content Marketing Internship: Modern and sustainable SEO

We have experimented with various content marketing strategies in the past, which have worked very well for our own projects as well as for client projects. Content marketing is, therefore, a big focus of our online internship. If you want to be visible online today as a company or as a personal brand, there is no way around creating high-quality content.

In our online internship, you will familiarize yourself with a content marketing process that you can then reproduce for any topic you like and know exactly what works in practice.

What training opportunities are there in online marketing?

Unfortunately, there are no or very few official trainings in online marketing, especially in subareas like search engine optimization or content marketing.

Even in study courses, these contents are treated in a very limited way. Online courses or seminars are a good way to delve deeper into the subject matter, but they are often expensive.

Internships at companies as part of a course of study make sense, but conventional internships are tied to a specific location. This  Online Internship establishes itself as an efficient alternative on the market.

Online internships allow interns to gain insight into companies effortlessly.

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Online Marketing Internship: Why does an online internship make sense?

If you want to start a career in online marketing, you are often confronted with new working methods in many companies. It is very common to work online, especially in agencies or small teams.

This working method requires a completely different attitude towards work. During our online marketing internship, you will learn how to communicate effectively and achieve sustainable results with tools like Slack or Asana using the Internet.

Our online internship is also ideal for students in political science, business administration, psychology or law, because it is becoming increasingly important to market yourself or your company or brand online.

References: Not quite convinced yet?

Then read the feedback from our graduates…

Kaufberaterio Expert

I strongly recommend the internship to everyone. I always thought learning on the job was better! You’ll mainly be involved in content marketing and on-page SEO and do a lot of research and writing.

In general, you will learn what you need to know to rank a keyword on Google. You will learn most of this knowledge from video tutorials before putting it into practice. Despite being a fully online internship, I found it very personal and could contact my supervisor at any time.

I really enjoyed the internship and I think it is ideal for every newcomer in online marketing.

Samantha Chan · Graduate

Kaufberaterio Expert

I came across this program while looking for an internship in online marketing.

The three months passed quickly, and the weekly workload was compatible with my current studies.

The supervision was done via Slack and all questions were answered; I also received a lot of constructive feedback. Besides online videos, I also had access to many links to interesting websites in the field of search engine optimization.

The internship is a perfect start to gain a foothold in this industry.

Jack Moore · Graduate

Kaufberaterio Expert

The internship was ideal to make good use of my free time during my studies. I didn’t have much previous knowledge in the areas of SEO and content marketing, and I am surprised of how much I could actually learn.

I am glad to have had this experience, and I am now sure that I want to develop myself in the field of online marketing.

The internship is well structured and I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in online marketing and wants to develop their job opportunities in this sector.

Jessica Robert-Dunfrey · Graduate

Summary: What our internship offers you

  • Flexible and remote time management: Location-independent online marketing internship on the Internet with flexible time management.
  • Responsibilities right from the start: You won’t take out the trash or make coffee for your bosses.
  • Maximum knowledge: Opportunity to complete our online marketing academy alongside your internship and acquire valuable knowledge.
  • Regular Q&A sessions: Take part in meetings with the founders of, where we answer all your questions regarding online marketing.
  • Practical knowledge for your everyday life: Use the internship to put the theoretical contents from your studies in practice.

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